How should the content of the website be updated

Why does

say website content is very important?. Content is king, the chain is emperor. For a website, there is a lot of content is the key to attract traffic. How to update the content of the website, how can let search engine grab, included our content is a problem. How to solve it,


1. to increase the original content, reduce the content of the reprint, it is best not to reprint directly, even if it is reproduced also have to pseudo original. I said the pseudo original, instead of using tools to replace synonyms, etc., is to change the content of thirty percent to their own words, preferably the head and tail of the article. The article is quiet but not much. High quality content is more useful than dozens of hundreds of junk articles. read more

From the takeaway platform was fined to see the 3 difficult dining O2O

[review] U.S. fined, certainly not only the U.S. this unlicensed, filthy, shoddy black catering enterprises, other similar platforms must also exist this phenomenon. Catering O2O platform difficult to do there are three aspects: first, the "food", "catering", "dining", "O2O" platform "out of control"".

from O2O to O2O can be seen on the O2O restaurant, experienced some vulgar development after growth, whether it is BAT or some other O2O plans to do platform company, almost found in their own areas of expertise to operate, while catering to O2O is so frequent and was guies fancy, more reason is the threshold low. read more

Mi Xiaobin talk about the joy and sorrow of domain names

on the domain name, the past two years is easy to think of a larger number of domain name acquisition:

is a cool, cool news now the domain name is, the earliest use of kuxun is The new domain name is a two syllable.Cn domain name. The founder of this cruel dispatch to buy, but the domain name holder should open 800 thousand dollars at high prices.

second is, domain name is Phoenix early English spelling this word, Internet users are allowed to fight, many users are using search engines to, users often complain about the domain name to remember. By the end of 07, Phoenix began using, a domain name that reads like Apple’s latest mobile phone, and the memory is handy, quickly identified by the user. read more

Unique website differentiation skills to share

we used traditional marketing which rarely mentioned differences, to make the difference in the Internet why? We are more commercial in the enterprise management training will mention to avoid the homogenization of competition, to form a difference. We are going to think about a problem: why the Internet over emphasize the difference, and there is actually a lot of traditional rankings, regardless of what the industry will have the first, second, and why the Internet would not be so clear? This is because the traditional industry inside the difference comparison of cost is very high, you online 4 compared to the company or the mall which is better, this increased the difficulty and cost. If you change to the Internet, it is easy to do, we compare the company, the enterprise as long as the search engine input keywords, you can directly analyze the pros and cons, is not very simple?. read more

Novice webmaster website income of 20 a day experience

construction site has a year, at 12 every evening post, every day will take 1 hours to take care of my website (, because of work reasons can not spend too much time to manage it, but every day to write a original is a must, therefore began to close contact with Baidu and Google is normal, Baidu snapshot of the station is also the day I began to update, the title is the star of information network, the keyword is ranked first in Baidu, also get more than 8000 pageviews a day, creating a new site in less than 2 months to break 5000 records, daily income reached 20 yuan at that time, did not know how to contact with advertising, just a simple advertising, if at that time know more friends in advertising, the day income of more than 80 is normal, but did not do it. read more

Webmaster thinking patterns determine how much money you can make by making a website

Cai Wensheng is also do Wangzhuan, Sun Deliang also do Wangzhuan, Wang Tong also has many small owners do Wangzhuan, we eat mixed is do Wangzhuan, but the cause of success, how much money the sky is under.

Cai Wensheng can bring the site to do so much, are qianwanji station, why? He has us ordinary people without thinking and vision, each station is a station, and we? Many webmaster every day to learn those junk Wangzhuan, click, hang up, always color, these have a future? Can do much? Can earn a lot of money?? Xi’an is my marriage nets start to create a small current industry website read more

The three strategy teaches you to run a legendary garbage web site

is the time like water passes quietly. Think of a time when in May 08 is still operating the movie website, the twinkling of an eye to the first 9.5 months. For 1 years, when I look back, I feel I’ve lost too much. First of all, their own garbage film sites have died on the way, and made English stand in the United States for a long time, did not manage him. In short, looking back on 08 years’ experience in running a garbage web site is a failure. Of course, a girl who works hard with me is also living on the garbage website, but others have succeeded. And now a month income of $5000 or so, five strategies for the church below I will share her that you run a legendary junk website. read more

New station is how to be Baidu down right weight recovery

in the "new station is how to drop the right of Baidu" article mentioned in the website, after the right to drop has been unknown, until today, her weight completely restored – a full 2 months. Now in Baidu site home page back to the first, and at the same time do a few key words have achieved better results. During this period, I come to the conclusion that it is easy to say, but it still takes a lot of effort to do well.

when your website is down, please save it from these aspects: read more