Talking about the inspiration of stationmaster Guo Jijun’s pioneering story

first look at the inspiration, entrepreneurship story, Guo Jijun "QQ expression" in exchange for 3 million yuan "closely followed.".

revelation 1: to think independently, to find business opportunities, follow the trend is difficult to make big. He made the QQ expression from his own emotional life, and it certainly wasn’t following the trend.

inspiration two: have stronger network communication ability, especially the person that knows "do flow" person. On one occasion, a friend said I brought you some traffic, second days, Guo found that traffic is really much larger. Before, many old webmaster repeatedly stressed the importance of network communication ability, I always disdain, and now finally realize the importance of network communication. My article "do webmaster, you ready?" also stressed the importance of network communication to the webmaster. read more

SNS new station how to improve traffic a novice webmaster experience talk about

SNS is what, I believe we have been familiar with, and I do not here to explain the term, the following straight to the theme:

, the author recently tried to build a game theme SNS website, want to combine the promotion of several days of actual experience, with you to discuss how to improve the new station SNS traffic problems;

according to my personal experience, the network construction has achieved remarkable results in refused to put their own experience to take out and share, there is not much, and SNS novice webmaster, especially just entered the community website webmaster share increase, old Mo laugh: < /p>) read more

The path to blogging for purely commercial behavior may be at an end

said, "independent blog everyone knows, depression, lack of profit model, long cycle of success, and so on, one after another out of the words. We questioned for a long time, I think even the operation of blog webmaster have begun to ask ourselves what they continue to insist that the blog industry can have? After all, WeChat, micro-blog and other cultural products quickly impact, blog shortcomings have also been enlarged. So, at this critical moment, does the blog go in or out?


says how to make a blog, let’s consider the blog. What was it originally used for?. Before social media micro-blog, WeChat and other products listed on the blog as a content platform, mainly carrying similar media, or establish their brand position and seek appropriate orders, or directly into the contents of the product page, and do some construction site you fill in short time and so on, in the blog just the rise of the transformation in the form of a form, but these changes are all based on the content, in other words if there is no base reading groups, the influence of blog will drop a lot. So why is the loss of blogs so fast when social products are coming, read more

Talking about how to enhance user experience

today to a supermarket, a supermarket near Hangzhou, although a small but formal look! You know, almost the same design inside the supermarket, you can look at the RT mart, Auchan, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, usually two floor is the entrance, turn to the first floor can checkout. Of course, you want to come out from the two floor is also feasible. But today I went to the supermarket but not on the two floor, entrance, exit or on the two floor, feeling very uncomfortable, could turn a circle, from the first floor to turn out, but the circle had no way out, had no choice but to go back to the way. Just imagine, if you meet this situation, do you want to come next time, read more

Web design Ten Commandments

recently, invited 14 top experts in Web design to express their views on Web design, and eventually wrote the ten commandment of the Web design.

1. is not to abuse Flash

Adobe popular Web animation technology, Flash, in many places it shows the power of the whole show full of taste from the Nike Flash website, to fill each site Flash Banner advertising, but the technology is easily abused, massive, uncontrolled Flash animation not only bring usability problems, and so overwhelmed by the user’s browser. read more

Tencent QQ domain mail webmaster you opened

September 10, 2009, Tencent QQ domain mail officially opened, as long as the users have their own domain name (of course, bound to the network space), can be their own domain name suffix as the mailbox, free to open their own offices, set the one and only the personality of the mailbox.

as a personal webmaster, see this information after the first time launched its own QQ domain to my mailbox, the domain name as an example, introduce the QQ domain mail new experience.

the first QQ domain mail opened, I believe that as long as have their own domain name, website promotion stationmaster, usually in contact when users will use the 99.9% Tencent QQ, will use the QQ mailbox, operating methods and procedures that apply for QQ domain mail in the mailbox QQ page, is certainly a look that is clear, without much of the. read more

Grassroots webmaster talk about local BBS do station experience

both for the novice webmaster, or Laoniao owners who want to hold a position in a region, then the forum will undoubtedly become the preferred object, then how to operate a local forum? According to the author’s own do stand experience to talk about their own local forum do stand experience.

(a) for a new station owners, before building a forum, you need to consider a few things.

1, is there a forum that has no influence?. This is important because it is the key to the success of your station, if the local has influence on the forum, you’d better consider whether there is no need to do, if the forum is because do stand a long time, accumulated a certain amount of popularity, but the forum by setting the user experience then, you can have the opportunity to do, because you can provide a forum for old nothing to attract popularity. In this way, you may succeed. read more

A half a year to do nothing webmaster experience

I now have my own shopping website, which I paid for. To tell you the truth, when I do the website, I really don’t understand it. When the website was built, I thought I didn’t have anything, just waiting for someone to buy something for me. One day, two days passed, one month, two months passed, one did not ask. My heart began to angry. What’s the matter? Start consulting your friends, then you know that the website is to promote and propagate. Otherwise, your website is not looked at at all. How can someone buy your things?. But how to promote it? Friends told me to go to the forum posting, but I posted the post is not deleted, that is the membership number was blocked, people do not call advertising. Oh, why is it so difficult?. To tell you the truth, I have my own thoughts. Until today, a friend told me that you go to the Admin5 network to see, there are a lot of articles on promoting their website, very good. Open the Admin5 I only see light suddenly, it turned out that there is so much knowledge! Can you really want to Study hard, his own website run! Thank my friend! Thanks Admin5! Really thanks for the exchange of experiences and methods of local read more

How to improve the conversion rate of the guest website

was the first to say what is the conversion rate, the domestic webmaster don’t usually ignore this, are obsessed with thinking to get IP, seo. What is the rate of conversion? = conversion rate (with purchase flow / total visitor flow) *100% the concept is actually very simple, but it is of great significance, in the foreign affiliate friends should be familiar with this, but also very concerned about, the conversion rate is always thinking of ways to improve.

The conversion rate of

: what does it mean? It means the ratio of output and investment, domestic guest station, because the traffic is through the search engine, and most of them are free, so much invested in the search engine on the money less, almost No. Because most of the traffic is free, so I don’t care about it. read more

Give up work my miserable history

speaks of how I got into the station, and had to start in May 2007. That day, because the company did not let me travel, I would like to sit in the office as usual, access to the Internet, inadvertently see the article "pipe story", I feel deeply.

believes many friends have read the article. It is about two young people in a small village in England, called a Pabaoluo another name is Bruno. Because there is no water in the village, need every day over a mountain to fetch water, so the mayor would pick the young and strong village two people Pabaoluo and Bruno for this, put a bucket of water to 1 pounds. At first, the two young men were happy, and they made 10 pounds a day. But a year later Pabaoluo feel this is not the way, if one day you are ill or old, you can’t do this work, there is no income. He suggested that Bruno and his work together to build a pipeline, the water from the mountain opposite approach to the village, so there is no need to mention the water, but not in favor of Bruno, which is impossible also hit Pabaoluo. But for this ideal or Pabaoluo began his pipe plan, build a day and night. A year went by, and he received a lot of cynicism. Bruno laughs at him as crazy, because he thinks he’s good at his job, he can earn 10 a day, and he can go to a bar every day. The villagers call him "cloth boss". Can Pabaoluo just smiled, because he believed that one day they will with special respect. He never went back, insisted on his ideal, or every day to connect pipes, digging trenches. Over the past two years, Pabaoluo pipeline finally completed, Everfount water from the pipe flow to the village, no matter whether he is sleeping or playing water, never stop flow to the village, the village is no longer a water shortage, the village people proud of him! The village constantly gave him money to reward him for his village’s contributions. Pabaoluo soon became the richest man in the village! Bruno due to mention a few years barrels, looked old and thin. read more

Cool movie small English station need to pay attention to those problems

, if you’re new,

first to sweep under the blind, do English station, space is abroad, DNS is abroad, the domain name cannot be CN, the whole English program requirements, procedures and "encoding UTF-8 is the best. The original data is to disguise.

for online already appeared content, foreign search engines only guarantee included, generally won’t give you ranking.

pay attention to an English station, where to buy space and domain name,

domain name can buy in the country, but it is better to com/net/org suffix, in the purchase of foreign space, generally will provide a foreign DNS, modify your domain name DNS abroad. read more

do hope the idea of talent network Paizhuan

has been thinking about what I should write before I wrote this article.


think about it or write your own real thoughts. Write something real. Pure something, we hope that the twins


in the Internet work 6, 7 years, has not only said that I can’t write, no one is writing, two is really don’t know what to say, look at the success of others often surf the Internet and look like they make it very easy, in fact, the actual operation, only to find it!

talking about talent Internet bars. A year ago, really want to do a formal point of the local talent network, so registered dozens of talents has a relationship with the domain name, but the overall feeling is not smoothly, this year I see the domain name, suddenly have a feeling of deja vu, so from the chat to cut down transaction after 2 months of time. Finally got it in mid May. Why did you buy this domain name for several reasons?. The first Xiamen talent network in Xiamen has belonged to local monopoly, and a government background, he basically difficult to overtake, but this domain has its natural value, although long, but Xiamen is definitely the first person.. read more

Also tell me about my experience and summary


in 2000 for the first time to contact the Internet, then Bihaiyinsha chat or more famous, then made a Heilongjiang female netizen, also letters for a long time, referred to as " and ".

; haha

I was making earlier contact ", will have to do the Internet just interested in it, but it was a personal homepage, remember that the more famous free homepage or 8U8, I believe there are a lot of people still miss 8u8, ha ha, but the later some reason do stop, then I bought a com domain name of 68 yuan, but also do not know the domain name and website can be tied together, really halo ah, ha ha, when the domain name is used to do the steering, oh, buy a 10M static space, have formed my personal website, oh, every a page is hand HTM, hao123 is not very famous, always pop up window settings for the home page, so I’m not really love it. read more

Baidu N K my site

today is Tuesday, and for my station, it’s another day for Baidu to update. Open the statistics in the morning to see, traffic fell a lot. Take a look at the source of traffic, and found that the flow is mainly reduced to Baidu. Open Baidu, site once, really home page disappeared, and then look at a few other key words, ranking is not satisfactory. I didn’t expect to be disappointed, nervous, or miserable……. My site traffic is mainly from Baidu, but since the small station on-line, Baidu has been the first N to my site to start. At first, I was worried, frustrated, and actively looking for reasons. Later, with the increase of the number of Baidu K, I to numb from the pain, then from numbness to awake, can say a panic point. Let the wind and waves, sit back with it! How Baidu toss, I just do my own thing, as in the past to update the website. I’ve rarely looked at statistics, and I’ve rarely used site, and occasionally open statistics to see what keywords the user pays attention to. K station Baidu, many people have been analyzed, the solution also has a lot of prawns share out, so I will say no more, lest scolded! I can only talk about the site 5 months experience, I hope you don’t throw egg read more

Baidu did not included before how do we promote the station

is also Baidu Baidu, basically webmaster agree the point! If you don’t accept Baidu, Baidu or K you. You will go very hard! You are not Ma Yun, he had the ability to use Baidu K, pre emptive! But we are weak groups, unable to resist Baidu, don’t say I don’t have a backbone, but wise! Remember that ADMIN5 seemed to attach it to post the application


now new station want to let Baidu included is difficult, and my film and television is kind of, more difficult! I heard that about one month or so to be included in new sites. Even simply do not accept! read more

Are the consequences of the operation and the Golden Lotus four days and zero or one nights

[Abstract] I went to work, all kinds of ideas on the way of operation that is paved and come, I feel like running the community where the problem I can finally. I remember it was the end of 2011 March. That rotten peach seems to have accidentally opened my two pulse. I think I should be free to play, and can no longer let the leadership control.

I rarely read inspirational articles, and I don’t think people will read inspirational articles. Which Chengxiang in a micro signal operation project with inspirational content successfully on a net increase of the number of fans from negative to positive; I never thought I would get sick, and had never been in hospital, but a serious illness let me refresh history. So, during the period of hospital stay, I won the Chinese man’s favorite reading novel "Jin Ping Mei", intended to rely on it through this period of time. At this time, next to the hospital bed came up a girl, called "Golden Lotus"… read more

s site site really hard to do right now

Hello, I am a novice, with the current level of technology can not be called "webmaster", can only be said to be a web enthusiast, has never touched the Internet before, but then gradually fell in love with. Love a chat on the network, love the world is wonderful, but also love the site, a year ago I even don’t know what FTP is, on the initiation of a dream, a web site, as a webmaster, originally thought to do a webmaster really envy, have their own the website has a huge advertising costs. Determined after the beginning of operation, all free download procedures, do not ask around in exchange for program testing, all day, ignoring the most basic operation, I love the station area. Love your charm area go forward, to do a local service platform, service local small, large service website visitors, but the first to have a position, I chose to do business starting point for me, because businesses are faced with consumers, consumers can include businesses all the people, who are consumers, businesses are also people, this category contains all large, small to a person. Positioning, and determine the Outline: to shops as the main body, the image of merchants display, discount information, transaction information, members of the gift information, interactive plate. In fact, very simple, is a platform, businesses and consumers between the organic combination, convenient for businesses to advertise, to facilitate consumer access to effective information. In this way, my site, shops, built up,, at the same time, my operation plan also attracted many regional users together to develop together, and I did it. It’s not a success, it’s a hope. read more

How long can social networking sites be happy

, a web site called "Happy web", suddenly caught fire. First at the party table, I heard a heated discussion about it; then, within a day, I received several emails from my friends. With curiosity, I went up to register. Do not see, do not know, a look startled, but a lot of friends and colleagues are inside. There are several apparently addicted, day and night hang on, simply wait 24 hours online.

What does

do on it? In addition to chatting endlessly with friends, it’s playing games like slave trading, parking spaces, problem quizzes, voting, etc.. On closer inspection, these games are very boring, such as the slave trade between friends is to each other using virtual currency to "buy" to "buy" to "paper wealth, worthy of the name". read more

How should the content of the website be updated

Why does

say website content is very important?. Content is king, the chain is emperor. For a website, there is a lot of content is the key to attract traffic. How to update the content of the website, how can let search engine grab, included our content is a problem. How to solve it,


1. to increase the original content, reduce the content of the reprint, it is best not to reprint directly, even if it is reproduced also have to pseudo original. I said the pseudo original, instead of using tools to replace synonyms, etc., is to change the content of thirty percent to their own words, preferably the head and tail of the article. The article is quiet but not much. High quality content is more useful than dozens of hundreds of junk articles. read more

From the takeaway platform was fined to see the 3 difficult dining O2O

[review] U.S. fined, certainly not only the U.S. this unlicensed, filthy, shoddy black catering enterprises, other similar platforms must also exist this phenomenon. Catering O2O platform difficult to do there are three aspects: first, the "food", "catering", "dining", "O2O" platform "out of control"".

from O2O to O2O can be seen on the O2O restaurant, experienced some vulgar development after growth, whether it is BAT or some other O2O plans to do platform company, almost found in their own areas of expertise to operate, while catering to O2O is so frequent and was guies fancy, more reason is the threshold low. read more