Yang Lin how to get more share of Shanghai dragon chain

we all know the chain site release is not included, is not increase the chain, then we did not work hard, there is a lot of hair outside the chain have been deleted, delete said, in the hair, but if that is the love of Shanghai came right or be K, it is not worth it the.

Hello, I’m Yang Lin, and today I want to share with you is a problem we have been very concerned about: how to get more of the chain. The chain has always been a great trouble to our webmaster, so I would like to share my experience. read more

Web site operators not only Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng not only ranking

water so that: Shanghai Longfeng do Guan Jian word ranking is only a part of the website operation, must not only for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, provide useful things for the user is a website should focus on doing things! The original address: 贵族宝贝 www.cuihonghai贵族宝贝/2011072474.html

I am

now I know that I was not just Shanghai dragon optimization only understand Guan Jian word ranking optimization, a good site of Shanghai Longfeng factors include many other aspects, such as content quality, user experience and so on, but I didn’t pay too much attention to these, because of the many sites are on the way up. Because the power without the support of read more

Dai Renguang Taobao experience gained by Hangzhou Railway Station at Wulin Conference7 ways of self

this sentence of this meeting is to hear more, I also wrote a blog, called "stationmaster profit: advertising or the content, only in the line between", roughly speaking, if you can put advertising information into useful information, then profits would not have to worry about. This meeting, mogujie and beautiful say all gone, such sites, I am very optimistic about the advertising information can become everyone likes and never tired of sharing information. So pure Taobao customer API site, Taobao rely on access to information is not their core competitiveness, and the use of a simple web site advertising revenue, the effect is not very good, can put Taobao off into the content, to become part of the content, Taobao customers can achieve long-term sustained profitability. read more

Effect of web code optimization

search engine optimization industry website, the website ranking of the most are some simple layout, reasonable layout, clean and tidy page website, if you want to get good rankings page optimization effect, then the page code more concise. Remember to use the page code optimization bloated code structure. The following example of code to the page from the start.

illustrated: the picture above is to remove the copyright code "ranked in the first place, in the second row is the copyright code page. read more

Network optimization need to return the value of the times

With the increase of

any industry from rise to strong metropolitan experience a transition, that is from the beginning of the chaotic late in order, network optimization is no exception, from 2003 introduced from abroad Chinese is regarded as magical technology, through some optimization strategies can affect search engine rankings, to spend a small force earn a lot of money effect. Optimization technology was in its infancy stage, many personnel engaged in network optimization is through the Internet a lot of exposure sites to improve the search engine’s attention, so as to improve the ranking. The site only needs a large number of collected articles and sending spam chain can be recognized and simple so that the cost of some of the early Shanghai dragon also attracted more build up the family fortunes, and eager to share, then the owners feel mysterious and is very arrogant occupation. read more

On Christmas Eve 2013 PR update again you update


PR update to the extent that the firm confidence in the webmaster do stand, although PR plays a more and more small, but for a good web site, the PR value will directly affect the value of the site.


by the small press time before, the PR update range is not big, often only for the original update site updates, which also shows that the noble baby PR update more attention to quality rather than quantity, on the other hand the nobility baby but also to remind the webmaster, PR has never been out of the market just gradually dilute the market. Let the webmaster website not to concentrate on doing PR station. read more

Do you still work or start a business Four factors need to be consideredReverse O2O mode Micro print

When should

as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t even have any idea or plan when I quit. Work is wasting my energy and I know it’s the right decision to quit. No mortgage and no children really made my decision easier, but after three years and a lot of failed products, I began to rely on my own ideas for income. At the same time, I provided consulting services for other companies to make ends meet, which gave me the freedom to go to work when I needed to earn money, while others focused on my product. read more

How much do you know about Guizhou Shanghai dragon optimization grey black and white hat


as the word "white" gives us the general feeling, Shanghai dragon is fair use white hat means normal, they by most search engines approved guidelines to optimize website. It is the industry that is an important reason why the best method is that it avoids confrontation with the search engine release policy, to avoid the possible risks, is the highest standards of ethics and related practitioners.

gray hat Shanghai dragon

Guizhou high was about Shanghai Longfeng optimization search engine optimization, is essentially a kind of Web site optimization by adjusting the technical means to improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords and attract more customers to visit. The technology itself is not bad, but the people who use the technology of different technology itself also created a totally different ending, so how to classify Shanghai Dragon Technology read more

Google dig on effective advertising bidding learning Shanghai worthy of love

click on the non target area, mainly for the love Shanghai promotion system minimum prparation is accurate to the provincial level, and it is accurate to put our city level.

also developed a solution called ActiveView that aims to show advertising rating, to distinguish not displayed online advertising, it will remain a small investment for advertisers.

sometimes, competition is a mirror, people can distinguish between advantages and disadvantages. We see that due to the addition of 360 search, has let love Shanghai has a sense of crisis, phoenix nest system is also in constant change, such as re design, icon by preferential price and competitive differentiation underline natural ranking, the healthcare industry hype containment. read more

Analysis analysis of the effect of love Shanghai bidding landing page

love Shanghai bidding investment / landing page = cost effective dialogue. The cost of our cervical landing page is 7306 / 77 = 94.88 yuan.

first, first landing page to spend the money, how we love the hospital statistics? Shanghai accounts inside, a plan corresponds to a landing page, this is easier to statistics, as shown below, our hospital in cervical spondylosis of this plan in this month a total invested 7306 yuan, showing 30506 times.

A few days ago,

some hospital more than one plan corresponding to a project or a different plan inside the different unit corresponds to a landing page, this case should find the landing page from consumer search word statements. The following diagram. read more

Analysis of the effective way to enhance the Shanghai Dragon Technology in 2016

the arrival of the new year 2016, whether novice or veteran we do in the process of Shanghai dragon in all have to upgrade their Shanghai Dragon technology, time so many optimization technology is not a short duration of time can be completed, so in my opinion is the best way is to enhance the ability through our work and the daily study carried out in 2016, and how fast we let oneself grow up? These channels are my own learning methods have been used and introduce.

first, improve my ability in work. Well, most of the time we are at work every day, work process is to create value for the enterprise is the process of their exercise capacity, so we said work more troublesome, work will encounter various problems, how can we improve ourselves? We know that learning is the easiest way to have a professional the teacher helps us to optimize the training guidance, such as participating in some online and offline, it can also improve myself, but I think this way just propaganda, some basic knowledge of basic industries, to enhance the ability of their real value is actually very limited take charge as chief of the work, enhance the ability is our master’s has become the only way which must be passed, for example website ranking drop, website content included the chain quality decline, low degree of said problem may be a lot of problems A few days are endless, in fact we don’t require to enhance their perfection in the work, making a good way to deal with a problem one by one each to digest and solve each solve a problem in your own capacity will have been improved, and the work experience than books or training theory are many, don’t be afraid of difficulties in the process of solving the problem, the difficulty is inevitable, to solve a problem you encountered in a variety of ways, you will find a very correct solution. read more

Combined with the reflections of Shanghai Longfeng work philosophy

should respect the objective law.

Every time the "reform"

Shanghai Longfeng work is not one or two months will be able to see the effect, but also in the optimization process, will also appear such problems, such as accidentally website by K, website instability and so on. There is no effect to the site before, many practitioners Shanghai dragon gave up, not even for his work with Ning Shanghai dragon. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng work is long, you know the road is tortuous, the future is bright, have a positive and optimistic attitude to face. read more

Analysis use love map of Shanghai to create ranking method

two: the Shanghai question or answer know love plus enterprise love map of Shanghai, must know and love in the love of Shanghai map of Shanghai.

or sex website map of Shanghai ranked junior tennis dream to heart, insist to do to be successful! Recently, people often ask young dream Taobao owner, why I love Shanghai map up, after two months ranking and then down! I immediately asked him, are you not always in my way, he said. I just said no matter what to hold on, you start up, you should always do it! Because you relax, your competitors are still not hard, your efforts will be longer than you. read more

Analysis of page link weight and height of the web site optimization process

it is well known that Shanghai dragon website operation optimization process, the connecting role is very great, there are many websites classification connection types, common website internal links, external connection, friendship connection etc.. According to the analysis of web page layout connection weight? How to judge a page weight level? Is our optimization staff have to face the problem, because the connection weights of the analysis judgment, can help us to determine what is the website of high quality connection? Those are low quality web links and so on, these operations for our analysis website connection the advantages and disadvantages and the improvement has played a very important role, this website weights in the web page is judged on how to make a simple analysis, and we hope to share. read more

Er Shanghai is with the Dragon talent demand Change

3: Shanghai dragon to profit as the main purpose of

in twenty-first Century, especially in China, whether it is e-commerce website model or traditional enterprise website, the requirements and the Shanghai dragon has slowly changed. This is good for us to have Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon’s market demand for more and more big, the market also will be growing in Shanghai dragon. The market of our Shanghai dragon Er requirements improve. The Shanghai dragon Er should learn with the changing needs of timely Change thought. This is an inevitable trend. The following the author will elaborate from several aspects. read more

Five new network marketing reverse Zac

Technology: the first new email marketing


Xingtai Shanghai dragon network is built to create top Shanghai dragon studio team. After years of network marketing on the top of the studio, Shanghai dragon website optimization study, practice and experience, have unique ideas in strategy and execution of Shanghai dragon aspect. The present work focus on the development of the Xingtai area website optimization, based in Xingtai, as the center, have the whole world in view.

Zac teachers believe that the benefits of email marketing: read more

China website alliance information Daquan channel openedStartups Quirky financing for 68 million th

Quirky has introduced more than 200 products, many of which are sold in retail stores. Popular products include Pivot, Power, Cordies, and Crates. The company has paid more than $2 million in licensing fees to inventors, with 260 thousand users participating in the site.

Quirky makes it easy for people to change their creative ideas into products in real life. People upload their ideas for $10, and then readers choose which one is the best. If an idea is selected, Quirky will produce the product and pay lifetime licensing fees for the product. read more

Commemorate the 18 months of initial Entrepreneurship essential qualities of entrepreneurshipSummari

starting my own business, I’ve been looking for good business partners and good people. In other words, I have been on the side of the people are not satisfied with the state, this is not satisfied in many aspects: not satisfied with their work efficiency, not satisfied with their working attitude, even not satisfied with their personal life.

because I was only looking for a ready-made solution, so I didn’t care much about it. Unfortunately, after a few days of searching, I didn’t search for a ready-made Growth Hack solution for 1 products, but this sentence came up from time to time in my mind. read more

The ultimate guide to my Wangzhuan thoughtSpecial six rooms online advertising network

there are some people, they provide space, for people Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tools such as foreign currency exchange. Start a new Wangzhuan can only at the first level, because you have no experience in technology trade. The couple do Wangzhuan have a very easy mistake is what the project is doing, from to, and the more the better, more perfection.

data returns: real time return.      
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if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback read more

sh419 commission payment notice JanuaryThe 100P earned 3 in experience

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://s.union.sh419

2 the post office remittance address is unknown. The list of members is as follows:

Financial information

try to choose the relatively high price, like exchange weight etc, the content of the website to do as much as possible to highlight these keywords, such not only can improve the shlf1314 advertising price, but also can improve the keywords ranking, website of SEO is also very helpful, if your site has been established, and want to change the theme of the site that you can improve your shlf1314 advertising revenue increased by method of motor rate, many methods to increase the click rate, which is the most effective optimization of advertising position, let shlf1314 advertising your website and you fully integrated, and also the prominent advertising links. I did a station , it reached 100IP, earn 2 to 3 U. S. dollars. read more