Lee on line on the first stage outside the chain of tools and Scindapsus algorithm to answer

2) of the user experience has very good promotion extending high quality reading, to a certain extent is supported; citation link is a respect for the original attitude;

March 8th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform webmaster [Lee on line] the community to carry out the first stage — to the chain tools and algorithms Scindapsus answering activities. Lee will focus on "rejected outside the chain of tools" and "green" algorithm to interact with the webmaster. As of 3.15 PM 14:00 activity, the activity is still continuing. read more

Love Shanghai know that you can not be so tough

2, in order to improve the user experience, all users of

for users to consider, "decoration" not only in the search results, and polymerization of "decoration contract" and "Feng Shui decoration" and other common knowledge classification. The problem of on line, in order to provide to the user, retain users. In fact, the user experience is high website, search engine is more love.

related to the subject of the page

in the "relevant content" on the basis of added four sets, will undoubtedly enhance the viscosity and related website internal links. For example, in the search for "love Shanghai know ZTE V880", then under the relevant content to recommend other products ZTE content, enhance the theme of the web page. read more

Let the elephant ant shake website ranking optimization of thousands of holes in the set

for the formal a rule which is the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the title words appear to follow the natural and reasonable. However, part of the webmaster website to love all the words are added to the title, the standard title words is 80 characters, 40 Chinese characters, master Leng is filled with 40 Title Chinese characters or more before they feel comfortable. In fact, to create their own brand website is very negative, because users do not see the name of your web site, only 30 Chinese characters title display properly, the natural ellipses represent. The title and keyword stuffing seemingly can increase keyword density is conducive to improve the ranking, in fact, the search engine for the optimization of the title cheating judgment is very strong, and keyword stuffing in the title for the search engine to see obvious signs of optimization. So, the title do not stack keywords, everything is comfortable and can stop, go with the flow. read more

Love Shanghai Substantial revision and noble baby pictures similar

love Shanghai image search interface screenshot

love Shanghai image search page increases the classification index, users can directly from the specific classification directly find the picture. The picture index includes high quality picture album, love Shanghai Philharmonic live a number of partners to provide, greatly convenient for users to search for the specific content of the picture.

enthusiasts love Shanghai (Baiduer贵族宝贝.cn) news picture is always love Shanghai love sea many products one of the most popular user products concern, love Shanghai image search engine is the largest Chinese image search engine, Shanghai love all kinds of pictures from the 800 million Chinese Webpage extraction, the content of tree construction included a more comprehensive Chinese picture library. "Ape" and love in Shanghai are also trying to improve and continue to explore, and hope to bring a better user experience for the majority of users. In July this year, Shanghai people love picture search results change, increase the love Shanghai Encyclopedia pictures. From the top of the menu screen is moved to the left side of the page. In September 25th, Shanghai love pictures once again quietly revised. read more

How will the PC site into a beautiful mobile station what to do optimization

after reading the above, you know how to optimize the PC station early? The old saying: a negative wood workers. Similarly, hope and share all the webmaster.

ah! 2, do not use flash

6, the website is using the Html5 language, Google has now revised support HTML5, what are you waiting for?

1, the resolution should be adaptive to the website. The web page can adapt to the size of the window, when the window becomes small page can zoom, rather than the horizontal scroll bar. Just imagine: in the mobile phone pages need to use your finger to drag the page to see the full content, this experience I believe no one will love you. read more

Three setting methods of the construction of the chain in the forum signature

we all know, the general content of the thread name is normal, not bold without special effects, so we put their signature using the BOLD effect can be very good and content separately, but also easier to let users see, and not only to the site to increase the chain, but also can increase the exposure rate of the site, and this method is much better than the first one.


character signature shown above, so show special text >

if you look carefully, you will find some high level forum signature membership is a good reference object. For example, in the A5 forum, the grade of membership to A5, its signature word is unlimited, then we can put their own personalized signature, which let users can see at a glance the contents of my signature. Figure: read more

To investigate whether there is pure text links to enhance the site weight function


if the pure text links no use, then you can answer these two questions?


1, why there are many webmaster or chain publisher in the forum signature or posting content in earnest to their own web site to write up

2, not to say that the online submission can bring a lot of the chain? This paper will not be reproduced? Well, you’ve seen a few links appear in the form of hypertext, since most are pure text, why are there so many people in the A5 and Chinaz web site submission (of course do not rule out some really share the experience of the read more

Only five strokes fun love Shanghai promotion space

therefore, a good article, through love Shanghai space can get unexpected results.

many friends have been popularized on video, such as movie station, is the most.

love love Shanghai Shanghai space is one of the three interactive products, as well as know, Post Bar, love Shanghai’s own products promotion is the webmaster has been keen on the way. However, although Shanghai is a space of love in the eyes of everyone a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, "blog promotion", has a unique value in my eyes. One is the love of Shanghai for their product preferences, and promotion of the second to know Post Bar more flexible way. Today is to share their love in Shanghai space experience. read more

How to use fast through the observation period love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology


website introduced by the major search engines of the new baby aristocracy, sites are usually enter the elite baby sandbox, in the sandbox, the search engine is usually a period of observation on the new site, so the site is the new ranking is low.

Then the corresponding

first, the site to determine the type of site and direction, site title, target keywords on the front line, do not modify the site included in. Or do other station optimization (site of the internal connection optimization has a direct impact on the ranking), for example, 404 pages (404 error page included good help website), robots, URL static, etc.. read more

The problem is the most difficult time to optimize your website

is the most bitter, want to quickly the new ranking is not no chance, is rarely, so do the content in a comprehensive angle do a website is appropriate to do construction inside and outside the chain, is a must. This is the basic skills, basic does not seem so shortcut, search engine to give some new sites to do the ranking is not a lot of opportunities.

3, but the search engine does not give a shortcut, only do a good job of basic skills.

2, the optimization time is long, there are views of customers; read more

Share the love of Shanghai Memorial know account was banned hands on examples of Shanghai Dragon

this evening (2011-1-24), login Shanghai know my love, an account to help people start eliminating confusion again, found that the account has been banned in the know to speak, are a little puzzling, but think about it, but also the value; in order to commemorate the two days, share own optimization keywords, attract flow experience (the content below, veteran can float).

online shopping guide

these days have been thinking about how to improve the site traffic, at least to do so to the facade, the forum friends saw a lot of members registered in our station, through the Internet to find information, global forum, and began to carry out my plan: first search the most recent hot love in the sea hot list in the movie, and find the movie download link, and personally tried to link any better (not very good friends, in my opinion suggestion forum " " page, I tell you, ha ha), then in my forum movie recommendation forum hair cloth, and set to link hidden (back visible) Shanghai; and then to love to know the latest film needs (such as: love in the end, the new Shaolin Temple) friend replies, post roughly wrote (because of copyright issues, such as * * the latest movie is impossible Online play, some are false, you must download the love for Shanghai, not to send a link, say how to find * * HD version of the download page: in search of Shanghai love love to share online shopping forum – forum is a movie recommendation. Because) I love to share online shopping forum this keyword already do love Shanghai second, Google was the first to find my station, so search the word, these days from the background observation, there are two or three people through the online shopping forum to search love to share my station every day, but also an increase of three from 6 members 29 days ago to now, and in the love of Shanghai search " online shopping forum; ", I love to share online shopping forum " ", in the relevant search has been ranked first. Is really one! Ha ha read more

Application platform play or not to play

professional name: APP interactive entertainment platform, there are a lot of practical small procedures, and then look at the application platform renren贵族宝贝:

the answer whether or not, think of those who sell traffic, do traffic station, traffic is not what station itself is the value of the site, not to mention the user experience. The second is the selection in the flow of the user experience, or selection in the content of the user experience. It can be said that now most of the webmaster friends selection in the flow of user experience, user experience drawbacks of this approach is a must to establish a stable keywords ranking, once the site of Shanghai Longfeng problems, will soon lose a lot of traffic. But if you choose the effect on the content of the user experience, in fact, the essence of a website is the content and mode of operation. If the goal of the website to grasp the psychology of the masses, the need to continue to explore, continue thinking. When your website has become a brand in the target audience psychology, user trust your website, then you can say that you have been successful. For example: Love Novels in the online netizens, certainly love novels full of more novel website, and if free. Hate the most is looking at the novel pop up from time to time an advertisement. read more

How can we say that Shanghai dragon will perish

about Shanghai dragon will die this topic, I can not help but want to say a few words, search engine and Shanghai dragon is a complementary relationship, no matter how search engines of development and change, he always cannot do without the website to do practitioners, to optimize the user experience, to help users better search engine trust the result display page.

in recent days, several of my friends asked me to do Shanghai dragon, they say a lot about "love Shanghai in the fight against the Shanghai dragon" topic to see online, and said Shanghai dragon soon to die, I directly told them, as long as the search engine, does not exist Shanghai dragon will disappear. I also read a lot of Web1.0, Web2.0, Web3.0, web on this a few points, I am not very clear, but I know that the Internet is now in the Web2.0 era, others predict the upcoming Web3.0 will make the search engine’s effect gradually weakened, I don’t think a person, I will only think at that time, Shanghai will no longer be called love love Shanghai, and will be on a line with Web3.0 search engine will come out. read more

Talk about love Shanghai statistics to solve the inaccurate site command


4 site, the station itself, a large part of his heart is to make a bottom, can replace get more accurate value it is feasible to use a script, and I can flow through the statistical background to realize the effective inspection. But it may be you to ignore, site spent most of the places are not occupied, but when the exchange Links used. Estimation of specific data of a very small part of the people will exchange a friendship to use scripts to detect other site index, this one, how to better solve? The index number is certainly not the site in the search engine index rating of a web site. This is very. read more

The enterprise website optimization promotion only five simple steps

second: select the

website to adjust the structure of

content released by keyword The first point:

in the development of the Internet today, basically every door enterprises have established their own websites, but the enterprise should to do the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, I believe that many companies are not very clear, do not have their own special Shanghai dragon optimization team in many enterprises, many of the search engines in fact, whether it is confused, Shanghai dragon to the enterprise website or the enterprise sales is very good, the site of Shanghai Longfeng enterprise more and more important. read more

The application of search engine Quixey financing 60 million lead investor Softbank Ali

The application of

in June last year, Quixey in mountain view, rented a 56 thousand square feet (about 5203 square meters) of the office building, the total number of employees 130 people. (Yu

before this round of financing, Quixey has accumulated $74 million 900 thousand of financing. The company CEO · Tangmo; Kagan (Tomer Kagan) and chief scientific officer Lilun · Shapira (Liron Shapira) 2009 co founded the company, designed for large manufacturers, operators, search engines and web application search function application. read more

Small and medium sized business website to enhance the flow of law Shanghai Longfeng detailed optimi

electronic commerce website now innumerable few success, failure, the majority. Through the way of optimization of the flow of Shanghai dragon is various, especially some small and medium-sized business website, there is a certain degree of difficulty in the optimization: 1, small and medium-sized electrical products usually small in number; 2, targeted keyword expansion difficult; 3, the lack of website content. These are the problems encountered in the Shanghai dragon Er when optimizing.

two: good user experience read more

Personal webmaster do optimization the monthly income of over a million is not a dream

I think, now, as a novice webmaster you may also have the same problem. I want to put forward some suggestions and experience to help more friends to improve traffic, increase revenue, truly with "white fat own website".

website theme selected, then to build a website, because now the search engine rankings, more and more consideration to the user experience.

the second website before, must do the theme of the optimization, the selected topic is a big problem, I remember that in the site, the theme is to choose "Studio Classroom", the word daily love Shanghai index less than 300, even if it is to achieve the ultimate, with a long tail keywords, day flow but also over 500, so the monthly income is only a few hundred yuan. Later, in order to solve this problem, I chose the word "listening", the word competition is very large, although there are tens of thousands of daily search volume, but I do not do this for nearly a year, finally gave up. You should see it to understand what I mean, when selecting a theme, the choice of a degree of competition is not too large, for individual webmaster, choose a love in the words of the 3000-6000 Shanghai index as the theme is more appropriate, so that in the six months to a year, you can go to the first word optimization ranking page, the fastest growth rate. Then I do the English learning website, the theme is "VOA", the word spent half a year, to reach fifth, daily site traffic there are about 1700 to a half of the site, the data is really reliable. read more

Search engine optimization how to improve the conversion rate of website content

there are a lot of companies are not to pay attention to such a point, the content of the website is aimed at web site keywords to update, even if your ranking is very good, can not cause the attention of the customer, let them sleep to check the quality of your website content is not real, or false original article. So the website conversion rate is relatively low, the success rate is very small.

do some high quality content, such as the original content, it can bring traffic to the site which is a good thing, but it wants to spend too much energy, your article in to get traffic from search engines, in order to convert traffic to customers. Therefore our purpose is not to flow in, but the customer, you can bring the user experience. read more

Take over the new station to do a good optimization scheme

As for the structure optimization of

early this optimization scheme, the most important three points: comprehensive analysis, clear thinking, self-controlled. A comprehensive summary of the whole optimization, is a reflection of your optimization ability, generalization is more comprehensive, more can reflect your site for the Shanghai dragon’s ability to control, it will make the company more trust in you; clear thinking will show your ability to show you the details of the actual operation ability; be and this is very important, in the optimization scheme, not clear your optimization will have what kind of effect, because it can not guarantee anyone, you just a vague description of a general, let the company know about what progress can be. read more