Eastport Home Invasion Murder Suspect Nabbed

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Paul BattersonAn East Moriches man has been arrested for allegedly shooting a 45-year-old man to death during an Eastport home invasion last month, Suffolk County police said.Paul Batterson, Jr. was charged Saturday with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Francisco Pirir.Police said the 22-year-old suspect and a second masked gunman who has yet to be apprehended broke into the victim’s house on East Moriches Boulevard, announced a robbery and fatally shot Pirir at 3:24 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 8.A second man in the home was also shot. He was treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the hand.Batterson will be arraigned Sunday at First District Court in Central Islip.Pirir is the fifth person to be gunned down this year during a home invasion on Long Island, a tally that includes a Medford man in August and a Flanders man in January. A Nassau County cop also shot a home invasion suspect and his hostage, a 21-year-old woman, near Hofstra University in May.last_img read more

Are you communicating results with your credit union team?

first_img 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Amanda Thomas Amanda is founder and president of TwoScore, a firm that channels her passion for the credit union mission and people to help credit unions under $100 million in assets reach … Web: www.twoscore.com Details You can include Return on Investment (ROI) for any campaigns that are currently running or have just ended, showing direct bottom line benefits to the credit union.Including performance of all marketing tactics not only communicates all of the ways you are marketing the credit union, but it also helps you to identify opportunities and make adjustments to the plan if necessary.You are already the expert, but a snapshot report like this will affirm to your boss and/or the board your important role within the credit union to drive its growth efforts and transform positive change across the organization.It can be the basis for any regular communications you have with the entire credit union so that everyone knows they are marketers and see the results of their efforts. This is a vital step in creating a culture of teamwork and empowerment throughout the credit union.Lastly, a marketing report is a great time for you to communicate what is working well, what isn’t working well, and why. If the phone is ringing off the hook from members calling to ask about loans, but loan growth is slow, this is a great opportunity to talk about what might be happening from a service or process standpoint to impede the success of your marketing efforts.We work with many small credit unions across the country on their strategic marketing plans and execution, and each one of them is different from what they want to know.  For some, it’s the perfect amount of information, while others want to customize their reports for exactly how they prefer to receive information and data.  If you don’t currently write a marketing report, start by including as much of what you can from the list above and then ask for feedback about items to include for next time. There’s nothing worse than working your fingers to the bone and then having your boss, CEO, and/or the board question the value of the credit union’s marketing efforts.  You know your marketing is successful because you can see the growth numbers, but are you really doing everything you can to communicate your results and show the value of marketing at your credit union?Marketing budgets are typically the first to go when cuts need to be made.  A lot of the time, this is because everyone isn’t made aware of the direct ways in which marketing has grown and transformed the credit union.  To keep this from happening to you, consider adding a marketing report to your monthly to-do list.A marketing report has many benefits:It is an easy way for you to recap and highlight your main priorities for the month tied directly to the credit union’s organizational goals.The report is a perfect stage for several key growth metrics that will quickly shed light on marketing successes:Current growthAnnualized growthYear-over-year trendsProgress toward growth goalslast_img read more

3 keys to a better strategic planning session

first_img 13SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr It’s hard to believe, but summer is behind us and fall is here. Kids back at school, Friday night football, homecoming, the whole kit-and-caboodle.Fall is also typically bank and credit union strategic planning session season. All over the country, banks and credit unions, large and small, gather in boardrooms and off-site locations to cuss and discuss the future.With this season in mind, here are three keys to a better strategic planning session:Think about implementation before you even plan. That’s right — think about implementing your plan before you even really know what it is. Why? Because many banks and credit unions do a great job coming up with a strategic plan but fail miserably when it comes to actually implementing it. They failed to take into account the people, time and other resources required to fulfill the lofty goals of a strategic plan. By thinking about implementation before you plan, you put yourself in the right frame of mind to develop achievable directives and goals rather than “pie-in-the-sky” feel-good drivel. continue reading »last_img read more

Watt reiterates need for legislative reforms to housing finance

first_imgFederal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt told members of the Senate Banking Committee Thursday that Congress needs to make legislative reforms to government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, saying their “conservatorships are not sustainable.”In his opening statement, Watt said “these conservatorships are not sustainable and they need to end as soon as Congress can chart the way forward on housing finance reform.”NAFCU’s priority in any reforms of the housing finance system remains to ensure credit unions’ access to the secondary mortgage market. The association has also urged that Congress put into place safeguards that will prevent discrimination based on institution type or asset size.Of note, Sen. Cortez Masto, D-Nev., asked Watt about the potential for community lenders being effectively boxed out in housing finance system reform. Watt said his intention is to treat large and small lenders the same. continue reading » 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

The Roman Empire called. They want their notary stamp back.

first_imgAt the 2019 CUNA Council Conference, I sat down for an interview with Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast. The goal was to help eliminate some the confusion around new terminology springing up as the digital mortgage and home equity lending grows in popularity. We talked about the need for clarity as the industry looks to legalizing remote online notarization (RON) in states throughout the country. It’s something we picked up on in meetings with our own state’s governor as LenderClose COO Ben Rempe and I helped lead Iowa in becoming the 10th state to pass a RON bill. (By the way, Senate File 475 will go into effect July 1, 2020.)In the CU Broadcast interview, Lawson and I chatted about the fact that credit unions that aspire to be on the leading edge of lending’s digital transformation have to be aware of the definitions around four technologies in particular: eNotary, RON, eSignature and eRecording. Here’s a quick definition for each… eNotary: A lender’s notary public and the borrower are in the same room so the borrower’s ID can be validated in person and per state guidelines. However, the signature is realized electronically, and the notary stamp is done digitally, rather than with a physical stamp.Remote online notarization (RON): Parties are not in the same room, as the RON occurs via a recorded video conference. That conference includes the notary, the borrower and a witness and/or another party the transaction may require. Rules around ID validation vary by state and include specific measures that ensure validation is done properly. In most cases, the borrowers’ ID is validated through a Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) method.eSignature: An eSignature transaction is completed on an electronic device, such as a tablet (think: DocuSign). Signing electronically or clicking to sign is as legally valid as a handwritten signature, sometimes referred to as a “wet signature.”eRecording: When a lender has closed a real estate loan, a deed of trust or mortgage document has to be recorded. Rather than snail mail the documents to the county recorder and wait four to seven days for it to be recorded, eRecording allows the documents to be submitted securely and electronically. The LenderClose platform has eRecording functionality built it. Our users upload their lending documents, hit submit and get them recorded electronically in minutes.The impact of new technology on credit unions lendersLending industry processes haven’t meaningfully changed since the 1930s. When notarization becomes available in all 50 states, it will open the door to what’s next for the industry.Each of the digital technologies listed above brings a greater degree of both speed and convenience – essential for lenders to stay relevant and attract the next generation of borrowers. Today’s borrower is looking for easy Having to come into a branch office to sign paperwork may prevent some borrowers and some businesses from doing business simply because they are too busy; others have physical restrictions that make it difficult to get in to see a lender. New advancements in technology provide the perfect opportunity for lending institutions to improve the client experience and streamline business processes.Early adopters who integrate digital technology – and are able to talk about it intelligently with borrowers and colleagues – have an opportunity to set themselves apart and ultimately attract more business. 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Omar Jordan Omar Jordan is CEO of fintech CUSO LenderClose. With API connections to every vendor it takes to originate a mortgage or HELOC, LenderClose gives loan officers immediate access to a … Web: https://www.lenderclose.com Detailslast_img read more

Don’t take benefits on loss of spouse

first_imgSome of us are paying what we did 40-plus years ago by being taxed as single. It’s not our fault, but the government is taking from us a great deal of the money we need to live on. I’m not eating cat food yet.Social Security gets cut also, because we lost our life partner, who each of us helped and depended on with our monetary and everyday needs. That money is now taken away.Our representatives have salaries and retirement benefits that are probably at least eight times more than a middle class retired person’s. I’m convinced they don’t pay taxes, as we the common folk do, due to their loopholes.We are widows and widowers who believe we should get a break from the single tax — maybe 50 percent less tax — because we previously were married. Most of us who can get out do vote.Raymond Charles JacobsSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Troopers: Schenectady pair possessed heroin, crack cocaine in Orange County Thruway stopFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusSchenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musicSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcy The government says we, the over-the-hill group, have some pull. I hope that’s true. We’ve all gone through a year with an administration that said it was fixing the tax codes for middle Americans. That remains to be seen. I don’t hear a thing about how they will help the widows and widowers. We now get it stuck to us. Due to the loss of our life partner, which we had no say in, we’re stripped of Social Security, a tax deduction and possibly a pension because we are now classified as “single.”  Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Jokowi’s traditional attire draws attention to forced eviction of indigenous group

first_imgVarious organizations condemned the East Nusa Tenggara administration’s “repressive” approach toward the Besipae indigenous community, who refused to give up their customary land in Pubabu forest, which the administration claimed as its own. Djemi Amnifu contributed to this story from Kupang. To celebrate Independence Day on Aug. 17 at the Presidential Palace, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo wore an indigenous outfit from Timor Tengah Selatan regency, East Nusa Tenggara. His choice of attire has brought attention to a land dispute that after years has resulted in the forced eviction of an indigenous community in the regency.Several media outlets ran headlines drawing a connection between the outfit the President wore on Independence Day and the forced eviction, which occurred one day later. The Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) said in a statement that joint personnel from the police and public order agency had destroyed dozens of Besipae community settlements built within the Pubabu forest in Linamnutu village of Manuban Selatan district, Timor Tengah Selatan.The incident took place on Tuesday, causing 37 families to lose their homes.”The security personnel verbally and physically abused the community during the forced eviction. They particularly targeted women and children. Witnesses heard three gunshots along the way,” the statement said.AMAN secretary-general Rukka Sombolinggi condemned the incident, calling it “a violation of human rights”. She urged the administration to use a persuasive approach rather than a repressive one.center_img The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) released a statement after meeting the community about the dispute recently. Komnas HAM commissioner Beka Ulung Hapsara vowed “to soon arrange a visit to the site” to help find a solution to the case.The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) separately explained that similar violence had also occurred in February, in which joint security personnel forcibly expelled three families living in a building claimed by the East Nusa Tenggara administration as its asset.The dispute had apparently lasted for years, after logging in Pubabu forest had depleted the clean water source of the community, a document from Walhi said.The Besipae community on Aug. 17 in Timor Tengah Selatan, East Nusa Tenggara. (Courtesy of ITA-PKK/-)In 2013, when an agreement between the community and the East Nusa Tenggara administration regarding use of the forest ended, the conflict escalated.In 1987, the Besipae community, which had inhabited the forest for generations, gave authorities permission to use the land as a cattle farm, under a collaboration with the Australian government. The agreement was supposed to end in 2012.Two years before the expiry date, however, local authorities proposed an extension. It was rejected by the community, which wanted to return the forest to its “Nais Kio” (prohibited area) status. Nais Kio, according to the Besipae group’s customs, is intended as a habitat for wildlife and should not be managed by anyone. Hunting is prohibited on the land.The administration issued in 2013 a certificate of right of use over a 3,780 hectare area in the forest, which eventually triggered a conflict with the community. Authorities then intimidated the community before forcing them to leave the land, Walhi said.East Nusa Tenggara head of regional revenues and assets, Zeth Sony Libing, told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday that the administration had provided 800 square meters for the 37 families to use.They planned to use 3,780 ha to cultivate moringas and keep cattle. “The administration holds a land certificate to use this land,” he said, claiming that the 37 families had “squatted” on the land.Besides the 800 sq m, East Nusa Tenggara Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat had permitted the 37 families to work on the 3,780 ha as long as they did not claim ownership of it.Sony claimed that the 37 families were “newcomers” who wanted to profit from the land. He also claimed that the administration had the right to use the land after an indigenous figure, Raja Nabuasa, gave the land to the administration. Raja Nabuasa is dead now.The Walhi head in the province, Umbu Wulang Tanaamahu, told the Post that the families were members of the indigenous community, not newcomers occupying the land like Sony claimed. Topics :last_img read more

Quarantine passes not for sale – DILG director

first_img“Angguidance lang natin sa department ay it should be free of charge at kung idi-distribute ‘yan, there should be social distancing,meaning ipadala nila sa bahay-bahay,hindi papuntahin sa barangay hall angmga tao na hindi na-observe ang social distancing,” said Iglesia. Iglesia issued the clarification in answer toqueries that his office received regarding the passes that allow one personfrom a household to leave the house to buy food and medicines, or travel due tonecessity. The barangay captain must designate barangaycouncilmen and the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team to do thedistribution to households, he added. “Actually,” said Iglesia, “the generalguidance is that naka-home quarantinetayo so it the local government unitsthat decide. Option ‘yan ng LGU if mag-decide sila na mag-issue ngquarantine pass.” In Iloilo City on March 21, Mayor Jerry Treñasalso announced that a quarantine pass is needed if people – only one perhousehold – want to go out to buy food or medicines, and the pass would beissued by barangay councils. According to Mayor Mediatrix Fernandez of SanEnrique and president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP)Iloilo Chapter, the enhanced community quarantine pass may be used by people togo out to: In Iloilo province, starting yesterday LGUsthrough their barangay councils issued uniform “enhanced community quarantinepasses.” This city and all provinces in Panay Islandare under an enhanced community quarantine to prevent the spread of thecoronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Limiting the movement of people aims to slowdown if not prevent COVID-19 transmission.center_img * buy basic household essentials Mayors agreed to have a unified quarantinepass during a meeting with Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. Defensor sought for a uniform pass to avoidconfusion and facilitate the movement of people between towns and to IloiloCity after noting that each local government unit has its own format of thepass. * buy medicines/health essentials  * go to work or do business in line withExecutive Order (EO) No. 080 of Defensor (“An order enforcing an enhancedcommunity quarantine over the entire province of Iloilo for stronger protectionagainst the coronavirus disease 2019).” ILOILO City – The quarantine passes that localgovernment units are issuing to people through various barangay councils arefree and not for sale, stressed Director Ariel Iglesia of the Department ofInterior and Local Government (DILG) Region 6. Iloilo City has 180 barangays./PNlast_img read more

Lady Bulldogs VB Team At Ben Davis Invitational

first_imgBatesville goes 1-3 at the Ben Davis Invitational.Batesville over Martinsville: 25-12, 25-11McCutcheon over Batesville: 19-25, 7-25Ben Davis Over Batesville: 11-25, 18-25Muncie Burris over Batesville: 16-25, 18-25Batesville is now 8-8 on the season and will get back to conference play with two away matches. The first being Tuesday evening 9/23/14 @ Rushville witha 5 PM JV start. Then Thursday at South Dearborn.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Jody Thomas.last_img

Lady Cardinals Split Games With Lady Bengals

first_imgThe St. Louis 5th Grade Girls Basketball team took to the floor Thursday night against Greendale at Greendale.. The team played with an aggressive effort. The Cardinals lost with a score of 10 to 42. Their record is now 3-4. Scoring for the Cardinals were Lucy Abplanlp with 1 point, Kenzie Maple with 2 points each, and Veronica King with 7 points.The 5th Grade Lady Cardinals are back in action again Monday February 12, 2018 against St. Lawrence at Home.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Rob King.The St Louis 6th Grade Lady Cardinals extended their winning streak to 5 games on Thursday night with a come from behind victory against a tough Greendale Lady Bengals team. Down 8 points at the start of the 4th quarter the Cardinals outscored the Bengals 10 – 1 ultimately pulling out the win with a score of 26-25. This was a solid test for the Lady Cardinals and their mental toughness and teamwork paid off extending their record to 6-1 on the season.The Cardinals are in action again next week with two games against St Lawrence at home on Monday and at Laurel on Tuesday. Go Cardinals!Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Andy Saner.last_img read more