Sutton Foster Takes Charge & Breaks Beds in Younger: Episode 4

first_img Sutton Foster Star Files View Comments Liza the Boss Drinks with the GirlsMeanwhile, at the publishing firm, Kelsey has officially signed the Swede! Liza and Lauren join her for celebratory drinks. Liza secures her boss status by expertly working in the phrase “That ain’t no thang” and sipping her margarita like it was legitimately no thang. Unfortunately, it is a thang when Kelsey’s terrible boyfriend Thad shows up and gets Kelsey plastered the night before her big meeting with Anton Bjornberg. Poor thang. Diana’s Statement Jewelry of the Week!This week, Miriam Shor is serving up some Fun Home-inspired “Ring of Keys” realness. Locked out of your apartment? Diana’s got you covered. Tired of your bike getting stolen? Look no further than Diana’s neck. Liza the Boss Lets Kelsey Have ItLiza—like a boss—does what she can to cover for clobbered Kelsey when she doesn’t show up to the Bjornberg meeting the next morning. But even then, Kelsey lashes out by claiming it’s all Liza’s fault. Ugh, millennials. Liza has none of it, and gives Kelsey a spectacular speech worthy of America’s Next Top Model. (Remember when Tyra yelled at Tiffany? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF.) Kelsey then goes off to apologize to Bjornberg, who responds by kissing her. Everyone is the worst! Liza the Boss (Sorta) Tells the TruthWell, not at all, really. Liza manages to have another heartfelt conversation with Josh, this time about her ex-husband and daughter…without ever mentioning her ex-husband and daughter. Of course, the more end-of-episode conversations like this they have, the messier the inevitable reveal will be. Liza, in one final half-truth, tells Josh she’s “all about second chances” before making out with him under the credits. Come on, Liza, tell him! We were all rooting for you! Liza the Boss Plays LinebackerKelsey, thanks to stockbroker/himbo Thad, is a wreck. She’s drunk texting Bjornberg; she’s seeing animated versions of herself; it’s a disaster. Because Liza is mature for a 26-year-old/is actually 40, she takes care of her wasted work friend. But when Kelsey insists on crashing Josh’s tattoo studio, Liza takes full control and threatens to tackle Kelsey. We all know Sutton’s good on her feet. Liza blesses us with the line, “Don’t you make me take you out! I will do it!” Unfortunately, she does not, and instead catches Josh with another woman. You thought last week’s Younger was steamy? Guess again. When we left off, Liza let her Frida come out to play, Kelsey pursued a Swedish author, Maggie gave some stellar pep talks and Diana rocked her golden donuts. In tonight’s episode, Liza proved that while she may just be an assistant at the office, she’s actually the one in charge—at work, on the street and definitely in bed. Here are some of Liza the Boss’s best “I am running things now!” moments.EPISODE 4: The ExesLiza the Boss Breaks the BedHoly crap. Liza’s Frida does not mess around! This week’s cold open is hot. Remember when TV Land used to show reruns of Green Acres and I Love Lucy? Yeah, we’re pretty sure the Ricardos never did this. By “this,” we’re of course talking about the mind blowing sexual acrobatics that lead to Liza and hot tattoo artist Josh breaking the bed. Later, while recounting the deed to Maggie, rewards herself the title “Stealth Cougar Monster.” Wear that badge with pride, girl.last_img read more

Breathe Owl Breathe: Passage of Pegasus

first_imgThe Skinny on Breathe Owl BreatheBreathe Owl Breathe – guitarist Micah Middaugh, classically trained cellist Andrea Moreno-Beals, and percussionist Trevor Hobbs – hail from Michigan and just released their sixth album, Passage To Pegasus, yesterday.  The record is a collection of ethereal folk, endowed with a melodic easiness that borders on hypnotizing.  After just a couple listens to the record, I found it all too easy to fold myself up and disappear amongst the stories and soundscapes of Passage to Pegasus.It is important to note that the album packaging rivals the songcraft contained therein.  Each album cover is a unique piece of artwork, delivered with handset type and copperblock images created by Micah Middaugh.  Both sonically and visually, Passage to Pegasus is a treasure to behold.For Fans OfIron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, The NationalOutside Looking In“I love all the bands I work with and they are all distinct from each other . . . So, Breathe Owl Breathe?  Micah is seriously the real deal, as far as songwriters go.  When asked to describe him to the uninitiated, my easy answer is that he is kind of a hybrid of Bill Callahan and Jonathan Richman – two guys who couldn’t me more different but are similar in that they sing absolutely direct and honest, and from a world that is only their own.  Micah is like that, too – there’s a world when only he lives and his songs take you to that place or describe that place to you.  His perspective is absolutely unique.”– Eric Johnson, producer, on Breathe Owl BreatheOn StageOur readers out in the Colorado high country can look forward to some upcoming shows from Breathe Owl Breathe.  The band will be at the Leon Gallery in Denver on Friday, October 25th, and in Boulder at Kelly’s Barn on Saturday, October 26th.In Their Own Words“Many ways, it’s always a mystery.  We don’t try to understand it.  We just try to let songs have a presence in everyday life, almost like the mystery of who you are going to meet on any given day.  It’s the same with songs.  We’re all finding them, sharing them, reacting to them.  We try to keep songwriting very spontaneous, trying to find that pocket of time where stories and moods can be expressed, like the mysteries of joy, passing, sorrow, and weld them through the expression of music.  Sometimes our favorite moments of songs are before anyone else really hears them.”– Micah Middaugh, of Breathe Owl Breathe, on songwritingOn The Web For more information on the band, tour dates, or Passage of Pegasus, surf over to  Also, be sure to check out “Silent Movie Reel” on this month’s edition of Trail Mix, or listen below:last_img read more

Trail Mix 2020 – Vol. I

first_imgIt’s a brand new year! Here we go again! Trail Mix is back again with the same resolution as always; to turn you on to the best roots music we can find and share with you each and every month! 4:42 Drew Carman, half of the duo The Corduroy Road, one of my all time favorite bands from Athens, Georgia, is also back with brand new music. Since The Corduroy Road dissolved a few years back, Drew has moved to Austin, Texas, and this month returns with Carman A.D., an EP I have been anticipating for quite some time. If you happen to be in or around Austin this week, be sure to take in the EP release party. So glad the Drew is back and making music again. Another interesting tune on this edition of the mix is Lord Invader’s “Auf Wiedersehen.” Lord Invader’s Calypso Travels, from which this tune comes, was initially released in the early 1960s. His album, along with two others featuring African folk music, are being released for the first time on vinyl since their initial pressings by Smithsonian Folkways. If you are a fan of world music, I highly suggest digging into these rereleases. Ride The River Nick Pagliari Good Good Love John Dennis Say You Will Marcus King Nonphysical Moon Hooch 2:19 Auf Wiedersehen Lord Invader 3:07 Changed Carman AD 2:30 2:17 Guitar Man Dallas Burrow 03 World’s On Fire The Lil Smokies 4:48 3:57 3:55 Crazy Boys Futurebirds 3:49 Good Good Man Vance Gilbert 3:34 Audio PlayerMoon HoochNonphysicalUse Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.00:000:00 / 4:32 Love Commits Me Here Tom Breiding 3:48center_img 5:17 Runaway Dustbowl Revival 5:22 4:32 Lady Love Witch’s Wall The Juice (ft. Marcus King) G. Love & Special Sauce 4:32 3:17 2:46 Dawn Fruition Embed 4:22 Little Bit Sweet The Wood Brothers Can’t Get Behind Wood Belly 4:16 And this month’s edition of Trail Mix also welcomes some new friends. Check out the brand new tunes from Vance Gilbert, Ruark, Witch’s Wall, Tom Breiding, Dallas Burrow, John Dennis, Wood Belly, and Nick Pagliari. Armageddon’s Back in Town Drive-By Truckers When You Coming Home Ruark 7:21 Years ago, I caught Drive-By Truckers at the Haymaker Music Festival near Fredericksburg. I didn’t get it. I didn’t dig it. And then I heard Brighter Than Creation’s Dark and I was a changed man. I have been following these purveyors of socially conscious Southern rock avidly ever since. Later this month, the Truckers return with their latest release, The Unraveling, and Trail Mix is happy to feature “Armageddon’s Back In Town” here. Dandelion Hawktail It’s my hope that you long time fans of Trail Mix have discovered a new artist – or lots of new artists – and have gotten out there to track down a record or catch one of those new bands live. If you haven’t, or if you are brand new to Trail Mix, make that your own personal resolution for 2020. Buy this music and support the artists who share their music with you each month on Trail Mix. Copy and paste this code to your site to embed. Be sure to check out new music from other old friends of Trail Mix, including G. Love & Special Sauce, Futurebirds, Hawktail, Marcus King, The Lil Smokies, Fruition, Dustbowl Revival, Moon Hooch, and The Wood Brothers. DOWNLOAD TRAILMIXlast_img read more

It’s back to school for mortgage lenders

first_imgIt’s already back to school time and as the fall season emerges and leaves begin to change color, many businesses will become immersed in 2016 strategic and financial planning. For mortgage lenders, there’s a collective sigh of relief as the spring home-buying season winds down and TRID deadlines are bumped to October. While forward-thinking companies have already implemented the changes necessary to remain compliant in October, those who haven’t should use this time to thoroughly assess resources and prepare. Grab a pen and paper and let’s review a few things to consider during a resource assessment.Cost to Originate According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the average cost per loan to originate is now a whopping $5,238, up more than four percent year-over-year. This equates to a profit difference of nearly eighty percent in some cases. Maintaining this output will continue to be a struggle for industry lenders, even when volume is high during the warmer months. Yet, the fact remains that mortgages are a sticky product and members/customers rely on their trusted financial institution for such a critical loan need. This is a major life stage for millennials as well, who appreciate the expertise, guidance and time spent with the frontline when making this big decision.Compliance Conundrum Average company compliance cost per loan for originations are up to $7,000 (a more than fifty percent increase) over the last few years, according to National Mortgage News. This is the reality lenders are faced with today, but this is the result of many industry trends building up over time. So where do you go from here if you want to keep offering mortgages? The demand will continue to be high even though rates are expected to climb in 2016. The answer is building a compliance infrastructure that can stand the test of time from both a resource and financial perspective. For all these reasons, compliance remains to be a focus and high on our list of considerations during annual planning.Fulfillment Means Staff Resources The name of the game in loan fulfillment is resources, and just as important these days, the state of your technology assets to assist your team with the detail and documentation required to effectively process and close loans. With the evolving steps and added trainings needed to cross the finish line, having qualified, flexible staff is a necessary investment. Keep in mind, developing a thriving company culture and offering competitive pay is the best way to maintain a rock star team without losing top talent when markets fluctuate.While none of these considerations should come as a surprise for financial institutions gauging their ability to offer mortgage loans in 2016, seasonality brings new changes that demand these areas be revisited. Lenders now find themselves in an increasingly regulatory environment with elevated demand. It’s a bit of a catch 22.Before you consider parting ways with mortgage lending for good, explore partnership with a CUSO (credit union service organization). These organizations may offer completely white-label mortgage services to the clients they serve, from origination to closing. With the in-house resources, technology investments, compliance expertise and professional servicing every step of the way, financial institution leaders can refocus their teams on number one- borrowers. While the late summer/early fall season offers a much-needed reprieve, spend some time considering how your organization will enter 2016 with maximum stability and growth potential. 51SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Sherri Smith As Senior Vice President of Business Development & Client Relations, Sherri leads TruHome’s successful client expansion and relationship-building initiatives using her distinctive, thoughtful and prudent approach to ensure each … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Attention pays: 3 strategies to manage technology distractions

first_imgAccording to Scratch Attention survey ‘67% of people said technology is creating new distractions’… obviously! I am surprised it’s not higher!As credit union leaders if we want to have more impact on our team and our members, we need to pay attention to what matters and that may mean managing technology differently.Here are three strategies to manage technology distractions for you and your team at the branch and at home:Use technology to help – I know that sounds crazy … but hear me out. I use AntiSocial app on my mac it’s a distraction blocking app, I love the Moment app on my iPhone to track how long I am on my phone – you can use technology to manage technology. An analogue system might be to put your cell phone in the top drawer of your desk when a member visits so you aren’t tempted to check the notifications. What’s your fave distraction-blocking app?Mute everything – turn off notifications of all kinds! Stop that silly little envelope telling you have email, the Periscope reminders that someone is online and the Facebook notifications. Turn it off! The Harvard Business Review stated that if interrupted, it takes us an average of 23 minutes to get back on track – that’s insane! Think of all the interuptions we have daily with phone calls, team members constantly stopping by for a chat and to ask a question… we can’t mute others however we can manage the technology interuptions.Use devices wisely – put your phone away, turn it to vibrate, use out of office or do not disturb. When trying to complete a strategic project I only allow myself to check social media on my iPad (not my mac), keeps me focused. Could you limit your time on devices so that you can focus on member development or a community outreach project? Could you turn your phone off while you create a strategy to attract younger members or reach out to existing members to share new product offerings? Could you change the way you use your device daily?As a regular reader of this fantastic publication you may know I am obsessed with getting people to accelerate their engagement and pay more attention. Let’s start with technology today.Today as a credit union leader, could you give someone the gift of your undivided attention and avoid those technology distractions? 46SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Neen James Think force of nature. Boundless energy. Timely topics. Laugh out loud fun. Eye opening ideas. Take-aways that ACTUALLY create positive change.  Sound like what YOU’RE looking for? Then Motivational … Web: Detailslast_img read more

CUNA delivers regulatory burden study to overregulation hearing

first_imgCUNA submitted its comprehensive regulatory burden study to the House Small Business subcommittee on economic growth, tax and capital access for the record of a hearing Thursday. The hearing focused on the impact of overregulation on community financial institutions, which CUNA’s study breaks down to a dollar amount.“The study found that the costs credit unions bear as a result of regulation, even with conservative measures, are extremely high and have increased substantially since the financial crisis and Great Recession,” wrote CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle. “The cost of regulatory burden to credit unions in 2014 is conservatively estimated to be $7.2 billion ($6.1 billion in regulatory costs, and $1.1 billion in lost revenue). The $6.1 billion in costs represents 17% of operating expenses of the entire credit union system.”CUNA, with the support of state credit union leagues, commissioned Cornerstone Advisors to analyze the effect of the more than 200 regulatory changes that have followed the financial crisis. Cornerstone conducted an in-depth examination and quantification of the impact of regulations at credit unions of all sizes.“The burden is particularly significant for smaller credit unions since larger credit unions are able to spread compliance costs over a larger asset base. Smaller credit unions are devoting almost half of their staff time to dealing with regulations, taking time away from their members and impeding their ability to expand services and products offered,” Nussle wrote. “When small credit unions stop offering products and services, this limits the choices consumers have, which can be particularly problematic in rural and underserved areas of the country.” continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Bekasi to reassess building permits as part of efforts to mitigate flooding

first_imgTri said the projects damaged areas that once served as green open spaces.Construction projects have cut down on the number of such spaces to just 15 percent of what existed previously.Public Works and Housing Ministerial Regulation No. 5/2008 on spatial planning states that, in urban spatial plans, at least 30 percent of the total area should comprise green open spaces.“One of the factors that contributed to the flooding is [state projects]. We know that five to 10 years ago, there was green open space along toll roads,” Tri said Thursday as quoted by said to replace these spaces, the Bekasi administration needed to control floods by building polders.“We are still entitled to areas such as Situwong and Kempo […] that have yet to be used. We will work on them by turning them into green open spaces,” he added.Read also: Widespread flooding in Greater Jakarta causes chaos for commutersFloods that hit Greater Jakarta on Tuesday killed nine people, including four in Bekasi. They were the metropolitan region’s biggest floods since January, when more than 60 perished in the capital and its satellite cities. (hol) Topics : [RA:Nine die in Greater Jakarta floods: BNPB::]Effendi said the administration would also strictly supervise the waste management of each building, including cracking down on those without a drainage system or those with a poorly built sewerage system. Any violation of regulations on drainage systems would end in the revocation of a building’s permit, he added.The mayor went on to say that the administration would build more water catchment areas.In the meantime, Bekasi Deputy Mayor Tri Ardhianto Tjahyono said the reduced number of green open spaces, which contributed to the flooding, could be blamed on the government’s construction projects, such as the toll road above the Kalimalang River, Indonesia-China consortium Kereta Cepat Indonesia China’s (KCIC) high-speed railway and the LRT. The Bekasi administration in West Java has planned to reevaluate the building permits for malls, apartments and warehouses located in areas that were hit by floods on Tuesday.The administration said a thorough reevaluation of such buildings would help to prevent flooding in the future.“This is not a moratorium. All permits related to vertical and horizontal construction, for example buildings, warehouses, apartments – everything that takes up city space – will be evaluated,” Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi said on Friday as quoted by read more

Looking for a property to rent? Good luck finding something here

first_imgThis unit at 27 Steele St, Holland Park, is for lease. Picture: applications often peak in January as many renters view summer as the perfect time to find a better deal.Ms Conisbee said most people looking to rent were often younger, which might explain the popularity of Fortitude Valley and surrounding suburbs.“It has to do with those areas being very popular with young people,” she said.“These areas are a lot of fun, have a good night-life, restaurants and are close to the city.”Ms Conisbee said the high-demand areas for apartments were suburbs that did not have much apartment stock, such as Camp Hill and Holland Park. This house at 176 Arthur St, Fortitude Valley, is for rent. Picture: This house at 585 Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm, is available for rent.For $330 a week, you can rent a tidy, two-bedroom unit in Camp Hill, like this one at 6/25 Bundah Street.This spacious, two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit at 827 Steele St, Holland Park, will set you back $120 more. ISLAND GEM SELLS Camp Hill is the most in-demand suburb to rent units, according to Picture: Patria Jannides.When it comes to houses, you’ll have a tough time snagging something in Fortitude Valley, with listings in the inner-city suburb receiving more than 1200 online visits in the second half of 2017.It was followed closely by nearby Windsor, New Farm and Newmarket, which all attracted more than 1100 views per listing. OLYMPIC SWIMMER’S FAMILY HOME HITS MARKET Fortitude Valley is the most in-demand suburb for houses to rent. Picture: Jono Searle.The median weekly rent for a house in Fortitude Valley is $465, but jumps to $753 in New Farm.A quick search on reveals there are not many houses for rent in Fortitude Valley, but plenty to choose from if you venture into its neighbouring suburbs.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus22 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market22 hours agoA four-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage at 176 Arthur St, Fortitude Valley, is currently for lease for $600 a week.In New Farm, this three-bedroom Queenslander at 585 Lower Bowen Terrace is available for $625 a week.’s most in demand suburbs for renting units in Queensland.In good news for renters, vacancy rates in Brisbane rose in December from 3.4 per cent to 3.8 per cent, according to the latest figures from SQM Research.They had tightened significantly over the past year.But rents are also rising, with asking rents for houses up 1.1 per cent to $448 a week and units rising 0.6 per cent to $368 during the month.SQM Research managing director Louis Christopher said it was common for vacancies to rise in December due to seasonality.Mr Christopher said vacancy rates in all capital cities rose in December, but the rise in Sydney was larger than expected. Unit 6, 25 Bundah St, Camp Hill, is for rent. Picture: has revealed the most in-demand suburbs for rental properties.DEMAND for rental properties in Brisbane has jumped by nearly 24 per cent in the past year, new figures from reveal.As competition for rentals heats up, the site has also identified the most sought-after suburbs to lease a property in the past six months, within 20km of the CBD.The research shows more people want to rent a house in Brisbane’s inner north than anywhere else in the city, but the southside prevails when it comes to demand for unit chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the site had already recorded 1.2 million searches for rentals in Brisbane in just the first two weeks of 2018.Ms Conisbee said’s rental demand index was up nearly 23.8 per cent in Brisbane compared to the same time last year.“What that typically means is it reflects jobs growth,” she said. “I think it’s good news for Brisbane.“The growth in rental demand is similar to Melbourne but a lot higher than Sydney.” Camp Hill, 6km from the CBD, tops the list for units in the city, attracting more than 820 online visits per property, followed by Holland Park.The median weekly rent for a unit in Camp Hill is $370. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE’s most in-demand suburbs to rent a house in Queensland.last_img read more

Rugby star Saia Fainga’a has scored a cool deal

first_imgSaia Fainga’a has sold his land at Windsor. Picture: Jono Searle.RUBGY star Saia Fainga’a has signed a up for a massive $1.58 million payday, but it’s not what you think.The footballer has signed a contract to sell a block of land at Windsor to a local builder.The cleared land at 10 Rupert St was listed earlier this year through Meaghan Bakker of Ray White New Farm.The new owner has plans for two high-end homes on the site.More from newsNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by Parks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus20 hours agoSaia had intended to build a family home on the land but he is now playing rugby in England, so he decided it was a good time to sell. 10 Rupert St, WindsorProperty development is a keen passion for the footballer and his twin brother Anthony.The pair have also invested in the development of 19 townhouses in Canberra. Saia hoped to turn his focus to property full time at the end of his career and is currently studying project management.“Brisbane is my favourite city, I can’t wait to live back there one day and get stuck into the property and construction field,” he said.Ms Bakker said there was plenty of interest in the land with hundreds of inquiries. She said the block had great views.last_img read more

Carillion fund defies regulatory pressure with ‘alternative de-risking’

first_imgRegulators must relax restrictions on pension funds wishing to diversify investments, according to Robin Ellison, the chairman of trustees at UK construction company Carillion.Ellison, who in addition to chairing the £2bn (€2.5bn) Carillion pension scheme is a lawyer at Pinsent Masons and a former chairman of the UK’s National Association of Pension Funds, said that the UK’s pensions regulator lived “in the 19th century”, pushing funds towards an excessively prudent investment approach which constrains their ability to meet their liabilities. However, speaking at last week’s IPE 360 conference on risk & asset allocation at the London Stock Exchange, he added that accountants and actuaries shared the blame for Carillion’s pension fund having “ridiculous investments”.“Historically they [the investments] have been considered the right thing to do,” he said. The UK construction company’s closed defined benefit scheme’s investments are split nearly evenly between fixed income – mostly government bonds – and equities, with a deficit of around £1bn, according to Ellison.Acknowledging that The Pensions Regulator (TPR) pursued different objectives to pension funds’, he nonetheless bemoaned the pressure that it exerted on UK schemes to invest in government bonds to de-risk. The thinking behind that stance, according to Ellison, was easily explained. “If we go bust it looks better for them [TPR] if we are in government securities.”The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and the OECD are also part of the problem, according to Ellison, noting that the latter had published a guidance note saying it is wrong for pension scheme trustees to seek higher yielding investments.“The regulatory pressures are intense to do the conventional thing, and we think this is a mistake,” he said. “At the moment we think the conventional way of de-risking for us is an foolish and expensive thing to do.”And although “we may be wrong”, he said, the Carillion scheme was therefore moving to what Ellison branded alternative de-risking, which involves diversifying by investing in higher yielding assets such as infrastructure, mezzanine debt, and forestry assets. Source: Thomas Alexander PhotographyRobin Ellison (r) and Philippe Desfossés speaking at the IPE 360 Risk & Asset Allocation conference at the London Stock Exchange on 10 June 2016.“It’s not a perfect solution, but if we have sufficient diversification we think we’ll be in a better position,” he said.Carillion has adopted a philosophy of avoiding “reckless prudence”, added Ellison, a phrase repeatedly used by Michael O’Higgins, the former chair of TPR.“The phrase has resonated with me,” said Ellison. “In other words being prudent to an excessive degree, so prudent that you damage the pensions you are trying to pay.”Other panellists also took aim at regulators, including ERAFP chief executive Philippe Desfossés.“Regulators don’t get it,” said the head of the €23bn French scheme for civil servants, in a reference to the low yield environment and the pressures facing pension funds.He has previously warned of the dangers for pension funds from the European Central Bank’s monetary policy, and re-iterated his concerns that pension funds will not be able to survive unless rates increase.To the extent that pension funds are considered as a sort of pass-through, he said, collecting money today to transfer it far into the future, the sector should be “authorised to invest massively in what contributes to growth, basically productive capital and infrastructure”.Instead, however, his scheme was “encouraged” to invest in government bonds, he said.“The timing could not be more awful,” he said. “They are encouraging us to de-risk our balance sheet by investing in things that don’t pay anything.“We should try to convince the regulators just to change the regulatory framework to make it possible to invest much more in alternative de-risking.”last_img read more