Algeria Courts Trump Administration Seeking to Edge Out Morocco

Rabat – With a recent diplomatic visit to Washington, Algeria has set its eyes on strengthening its relationship with the Donald Trump administration.Algeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra, visited the US last week, meeting with the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and various members of Congress to discuss Algerian-US relations, security issues in Libya and the Sahel, and the North African country’s interests in the Western Sahara.The Algerian official also advocated his country’s position vis-à-vis the question of Western Sahara, in an attempt to influence the US stance of the issue. Algeria is Polisario Front’s major, and has always been accused by Morocco as a party in the conflict. Lamamra, former Algerian ambassador to the US, will probably try to use his contacts in Washington to lobby for his country’s interests. Since these interests collide with those of Morocco, this means the competition between the Moroccans to influence US decision making is going to intensify. The Algerian minister sought to promote his country’s experience in fighting terrorism, which he said is based on “legitimate self-defense,” as well as the national reconciliation program launched by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in 1999 with the aim to get armed opposition forces to give up arms in exchange of amnesty.During his meetings with US officials and congressmen, the Algerian minister presented an image of his country as a” stable and reliable” partner in North African and the Arab world, trying to convey a message that Morocco is not the only model for peace in the region.The Algerian minister presented his country as a valuable security partner for the US, especially as the Trump administration has expressed its concerns over the situation in the Sahel region. Fighting terrorism is an area in which Morocco has become a major ally for the US and European partners such as France, Spain and Belgium.Lamamra’s visit also focused also on economic cooperation, meeting with the congressional Algerian caucus members to talk about the “investment climate” in the country. Algerian officials are courting American businesses in hopes of attracting investment for their country’s struggling economy.Algeria’s economy has been largely dependent on oil revenues for decades, and the crash of oil prices since 2014 has led the government to look for ways to diversify the country’s revenue sources.The minister said that economic cooperation needs to be strengthened, pointing to sectors which have expanded, like agriculture and pharmaceutical industry.Algeria could be looking to strengthening relations with the White House to counter Morocco’s friendliness with Europe, as well as to capitalize on the defeat of Hillary Clinton, who was seen by some as “pro-Morocco.”How much Algeria is really attractive to the current US administration is yet to be seen.The country benefits from its strategic geographical position, where it shares borders with six African countries, as well as experience in dealing with terrorism. But recent attacks, including on a gas site in 2013, and the country’s opaque political system and the deep economic crisis threatening social peace all prove that Algeria is not as stable as it tries to present itself.It also one of Africa’s main oil exporting countries, but the policies of the national oil company, Sonatrach, have on many occasion driven investors out of the country. read more

Three arrested for hooting at John Amaratunga in Wattala

Three people were arrested for hooting at Minister John Amaratunga in Wattala during an event over the weekend.The Minister was in Wattala to lay the foundation stone for a new school. Some residents of the area objected to the land being taken to construct the school. A protest was staged while some people hooted at the Minister as he spoke at the event.The Minister said the construction of the school will go ahead despite the protest. (Colombo Gazette)

Ending historic session UN Assembly adopts Declaration of Commitment on HIVAIDS

The 16-page Declaration, entitled “Global Crisis – Global Action,” addresses a wide range of issues: leadership; prevention; care, support and treatment; HIV/AIDS and human rights; reducing vulnerability; children; alleviating the disease’s social and economic impact; research and development; HIV/AIDS in conflict and disaster-affected regions; resources, and follow-up.”The HIV/AIDS challenge cannot be met without new, additional and sustained resources,” states the Declaration. It calls for reaching, by 2005, the overall target of $7-$10 billion annual expenditure on the epidemic in low and middle-income countries and those experiencing or at risk of rapid expansion. The text also supports the establishment of a Global HIV/AIDS and Health Fund “to finance an urgent and expanded response to the epidemic based on an integrated approach to prevention, care, support and treatment.” The Declaration calls for the adoption of national strategies and financing plans for fighting HIV/AIDS by 2003. Also by that date, HIV/AIDS priorities should be integrated into the mainstream of development planning. Prevention “must be the mainstay of our response,” the Declaration states. It calls for the establishment of national goals for reducing HIV prevalence rate among people aged 15-24 by 25 per cent by 2005. Prevention targets should be in place by 2003, as should universal precautions in health-care settings to prevent HIV transmission.The Assembly also pledges to ensure, by 2005, “that a wide range of prevention programmes which take account of local circumstances, ethics and cultural values, is available in all countries, particularly the most affected countries.” Those should include education encouraging responsible sexual behaviour, including abstinence and fidelity, as well as expanded access to essential commodities, including condoms and sterile injecting equipment.By 2005, at least 90 per cent of all young men and women aged 15-24 should have access to education and services necessary to develop “the life skills required to reduce their vulnerability to HIV infection.” Also by mid-decade, the HIV prevalence rate among infants should be reduced by 20 per cent. In addition, the Declaration calls for strengthening health care systems and addressing the affordability of HIV-related drugs, including antiretrovirals, by 2003. Concerning human rights, the text calls for legislation to eliminate all forms of discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS and members of vulnerable groups by 2003, and outlines a number of measures geared towards the empowerment of women.On vulnerable groups, the text calls for national strategies, by 2003, to help those at greatest risk to new infection, “as indicated by such factors as the local history of the epidemic, poverty, sexual practices, drug using behaviour, livelihood, institutional location, disrupted social structures and population movements.”In its section on children orphaned and affected by HIV/AIDS, the Declaration sets out a series of measures to help them, including counselling, school enrolment, access to food, shelter and social services, and protection from abuse.The socio-economic impact of AIDS should be addressed, according to the Declaration, through the implementation of national poverty eradication plans which deal with the impact of the pandemic on livelihoods, families and communities. “With no cure for HIV/AIDS yet found, further research and development is crucial,” the Declaration states, calling for increased investment in the search for a vaccine. It also advocates stepped-up research to improve prevention and treatment.Noting that conflict and disaster contribute to the spread of the pandemic, the Declaration calls for AIDS programmes for people destabilized by armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters. On follow-up, the text calls for national periodic reviews of progress towards achieving the commitments set out in the Declaration. It also requires the Assembly to consider such progress for at least one full day during its annual sessions. “We recognize and express our appreciation to those who have led the effort to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to deal with its complex challenges,” states the Declaration. “We look forward to strong leadership by Governments, and concerted efforts with full and active participation of the United Nations, the entire multilateral system, civil society, the business community and private sector.” read more

Afghanistan UNESCO chief horrified at suicide bombings targeting of media

“The killing of civilians is completely unacceptable and the targeting of media professionals is particularly reprehensible as it aims to undermine the fundamental human right of freedom of expression and communities’ right to obtain the information they require for the exercise of their democratic rights,” said Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).Abdul Qodus, a cameraman for the privately-owned TV station Aryana, and a driver employed by the same company, were killed when a Taliban suicide bomber caused an explosion shortly after a first suicide bomb attack in the same location.“I am particularly horrified by the cynical tactics of the bombers who waited for a crowd to gather on the spot of a first attack before unleashing a second explosion. The use of bloodshed to suppress information and human rights is particularly heinous,” added Mr. Matsuura.UNESCO is the only UN agency with a mandate to defend freedom of expression and press freedom. read more

Goodman helps high school students pitch ideas to local business

For Benny Li and Jordan Crowther, a recent marketing project was about more than getting a good grade, it was about helping a local business.While competing in a term-long marketing activity through Brock’s Goodman School of Business, the Grade 11 District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) students fronted rival teams that each pitched solutions to marketing challenges faced by local independent health food store The Peanut Mill.Students from A.N. Myer and Sir Winston Churchill secondary schools heard directly from the St. Catharines business about marketing challenges before teams from each class were paired with members of the Brock Marketing Association to help fine-tune their pitches.After completing in-class presentations, two teams from each school, including the ones headed by Li and Crowther, were selected to present to Peanut Mill staff members and Goodman representatives at Brock on Thursday, May 16.The teams of A.N. Myer Secondary School student Benny Li and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School student Jordan Crowther tied for first place during a marketing exercise that partnered local high school students with members of the Brock community and The Peanut Mill health food store.Li, a 17-year-old student at A.N. Myer in Niagara Falls, said the experience of analyzing a business and then preparing a marketing presentation allowed him to take part in a different type of learning than he normally encountered in the classroom. His team focused on a new hashtag for the company’s social media platforms.“Working with Brock and The Peanut Mill has been a great way to learn real-world marketing skills, and to manage finances and improve presentation skills,” he said.Crowther, a 16-year old student from Sir Winston Churchill in St. Catharines, said the exercise would pay dividends in her career journey as well. Her team focused on growth in the area of online meal planning resources and promoting in-store consultations.“It’s a really great program. This has been the best assignment,” she said. “We learned a lot about how to make people like our presentation and get them on our side. I want to be a real estate agent, and this has been really great practice.”When the presentations came to a close, Crowther and Li’s teams finished in an unprecedented tie for first place, which Li said showed the quality of the work from both sides.“It felt great knowing that we tied with a team who set such a high standard,” he said. “The result showed us what a great job we did and that our hard work paid off.”Peanut Mill owner and General Manager Jason Sebeslav said the result reflected the overall quality of every presentation.“This was our first time participating in this marketing challenge with high school students and it was a real pleasure and an honour to have all of these young, creative minds focused on our business,” he said. “It was very difficult to choose a winning group because all of them had some great ideas and presented them professionally.”David DiPietro, Experiential Education Co-ordinator in Goodman, said the exercise allowed students to participate in the type of immersive activities that have made Brock a leader in experiential learning in all seven of its Faculties. Goodman has worked with local organizations and high schools to stage the activity four times in the last two years.“It’s a reality of what they will face in their post-secondary studies as well as the workplace,” he said. “Exercises like this, that partner students with real local clients, help them to get an early jump on developing skills they will use for the rest of their lives.”DiPietro was also encouraged by the final projects the students delivered.“After seeing the presentations, it’s clear that the groups from both schools would be ready to take on University-level projects in the Goodman School of Business,” he said.Cristina Greco, Goodman’s Recruitment Co-ordinator, said that in addition to showing students they could succeed at Brock, the exercise also served as an important recruiting tool.“It helped to develop a great rapport with the local high schools and to provide a touch point for students as they prepare for post-secondary learning,” she said. “By working with our team, we can serve in a type of mentorship role as well as offer familiar faces the students already know when they decide to study here. We also build lasting connections with teachers, who will then communicate what Brock is doing for their students.”While the teams wrapped up their projects, Sebeslav said their presentations meant his staff could get to work further examining the students’ suggestions.“There are a lot of good ideas to think about and sift through,” he said. “It’s hard to say right now which of those we’ll act upon, but the students’ presentations have certainly got the wheels in our heads turning.” read more

New roof bolting plant to strengthen successful Minova operation in China

first_imgMinova has continued to raise the pace of its business development in China and it is now set for further growth with the establishment of a roof bolt production plant in Tai’an.  Since its formation in late 2005, Ruichy Minova has experienced increasing demand for its products from the Chinese mining authorities as they continue their drive for improved safety throughout the country’s vast mining industry.  Ruichy Minova is now widely recognised by the Chinese mining industry as a leading supplier of strata reinforcement and ground control technology for enhancing underground safety and increasing productivity.Located in Beijing, Ruichy Minova offers, through its regional service network, rapid response to mine customers when they experience problems in underground operations such as roof cavities and unstable ground. Minova International says the key to the company’s success in China has been the ability to adapt its “technologies and products and to deliver local solutions which suit the specific demands of the Chinese market. Combined with a strong management team, local product development and manufacturing and a well-trained sales force, the China operation has now become a major contributor to the Minova Group.”The company’s Beijing factory manufactures a wide range of resin products including Bevedol, Bevedan, Carbofill and also Minova blended cement grouts such as Tekseal and Tekflex sprayable membranes. All the application pumps and associated equipment are designed specifically to meet the demands of individual customers and produced in China.Ruichy Minova is due to open the new roof bolt production plant in Tai’an, situated in the western Shandong province centred round Mount Tai, in March 2009. It follows on from the success of products such as Carbofill, Geoflex and Tekfoam for a number of applications including stabilisation and cavity filling. When this new manufacturing facility for roof bolts and steel components is up and running, Ruichy Minova will be able to provide a full range of ground support technology products to China’s mines.last_img read more

Donaldson UltraWeb filters available for offroad applications

first_imgDonaldson Company, the worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, recently released more than 50 Donaldson Endurance air filter sizes that are now available for off-road applications. Manufactured using Donaldson’s advanced Ultra-Web nanofibre technology, these air filters are described as “the best choice for off-road applications as they help reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment uptime.” Donaldson Endurance air filters protect engines and help them last longer by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media.The company states that off-road customers will see several advantages including ultra-long filter life. With the use of ultra-web nanofibre technology, submicron contaminants load on the surface of the filter media instead of dispersing throughout the depth of the filter where there is less area for air to flow. This high dust-holding capacity promotes longer filter life. Other advantages include ultra-high efficiency and ultra-engine protection – Donaldson Endurance air filters reach 99.97% efficiency quicker than conventional cellulose filters and have an overall efficiency up to 99.99%. As a result, Ultra-Web filters for off-road equipment provide improved engine protection and can deliver increased power and lower life cycle costs, according to Donaldson.last_img read more

VIDEO Is this the ultimate in dog shaming

first_imgEVERYONE’S FAVOURITE INTERNET dog Maymo has been at it again.Is there no depths to the levels of dog shaming his owners will go to? Here’s a montage:YouTube/CrackRockCandyIf you want some more dogshaming, look no further. A taster:VIDEO: This dog is an excellent thief>Tumblr of the Day: Dogshaming>last_img

The 5 at 5 Wednesday

first_img By Adam Daly Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share1 Tweet Email Source: ShutterstockEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five biggest stories of the day.1. #BREXIT: Donald Tusk has told the European Parliament that its members “should be open if the UK wishes to rethink its British strategy”. UK politicians are expected to vote on eight motions in the House of Commons later today. 2. #CORK: The baby whose mother was found dead at Cork University Maternity Hospital has also died.3. #SHAEN: Gardaí in Laois are investigating an aggravated burglary at a home in Portlaoise carried out by four masked men which left one man seriously injured.4. #CLARE: The funeral of Laura Brennan – a leading HPV vaccine campaigner – has taken place in her home county of Clare today.5. #SHARIA LAW: Adultery and gay sex in Brunei in Southeast Asia will be subject to death by stoning from next week, authorities have said. Mar 27th 2019, 4:59 PM Wednesday 27 Mar 2019, 4:59 PM 6,051 Views 1 Comment Short URL The 5 at 5: Wednesday Five minutes, five stories, five o’clock…last_img read more

Europa League showed their identity – Rodgers

first_imgThe former Liverpool boss praised players and fans for playing their part in “a proper victory” over Bundeliga high-fliers RB Leipzig.An early goal from Kieran Tierney and a late goal from Odsonne Edouard earned a 2-1 win over the Bundesliga side and boosted Celtic’s hopes of qualifying from their group.Rodgers has seen his side show impressive domestic form in recent weeks and he felt the team brought that form to Europe.“It was a proper victory for us this evening,” he said, according to Stv Sport.“Everyone knows the level that Leipzig are playing at week in, week out, and where they sit in their domestic league. We saw over there what a good side they are.“But everyone involved with Celtic deserves a huge amount of credit. The players were outstanding. I think we brought our true face to the game tonight in terms of how we’ve been playing and with our pressing.Leicester City, Manchester UnitedMatch Preview: Manchester United vs Leicester City Boro Tanchev – September 13, 2019 Old Trafford is the venue for the Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Leicester City, which kicks off at 16:00 (CET) on Saturday.“We brought our identity to the game.”Rodgers also praised the effort of the fans and that the support from the stands for the team’s victory.“The players knew they had to work hard defensively,” Rodgers added. “They were aggressive, fought for every ball and then they showed the quality when they had it.“And then obviously the supporters were absolutely magnificent.“It’s always very emotional here at Celtic Park but that synergy between both [players and fans] brought us the result“It was a fantastic three points for us.”last_img read more

Lowrisk wildfire season predicted for Northwest

first_imgBOISE, Idaho (AP) — National wildfire experts are predicting a busy and costly fire season this summer in parched states like Texas and Colorado, where hundreds of square miles have been charred in a region struggling with the worst drought conditions in decade.But the annual wildfire report issued by the National Interagency Fire Center on Friday forecasts lower fire potential for other regions of the West and Midwest that are benefiting from average or above-average snow and rain during the winter.The report, compiled by wildfire managers and weather and climate specialists, forecasts a normal wildfire season for California, and a low-risk, late-starting wildfire season for states in the Pacific Northwest, northern Rocky Mountains and the Dakotas.The report blames an intensified La Nina pattern for adding to the drought conditions that have dried out Texas, much of New Mexico and eastern Colorado and made portions of western Kansas, Oklahoma and southern Arizona high-risk candidates for a hectic, damaging and early-starting wildfire season. La Nina’s effects on climate this year, cited in the report as the strongest since the mid-1970s, have also put portions of Hawaii and a swath in central Alaska in the higher risk category for early season fires.So far this year, fires have charred more than 2 million acres in Texas, forced thousands to evacuate homes along Colorado’s Front Range and scorched nearly 400 square miles in New Mexico, costing state and federal governments millions of dollars in a year of tight budgets.last_img read more

Newspaper Magazines Get Nod as Best Launches

first_imgAmerican Profile was selected because of the breakthrough in marketing strategy that PGA used in introducing a magazine back then to the C and D counties, a market that was ignored for years by this genre of magazines… It became a big hit with the newspapers and in turn with the newspapers’ customers, the readers.  When Relish was launched, it was launched with 6 million circ. (now almost 15 million) and Spry with 9 million circ.  Who in their right mind nowadays launches a new magazine with millions of circ.?  It is for this gutsy move and the rebirth of old channel of distributing magazines that I honored all three titles. Innovation in print at its best.  On a side note, can you imagine the print budget for those magazines, where the majority of new magazines average 70,000 circ.? I was looking over Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni’s report this week on new magazine launches during the first half of 2010 (there were 56, he says) when I clicked through to another of his recent posts—his list of the 25 most notable launches over the last 25 years. Appropriately, 25 magazines made his list.Scrolling through it, Husni has included some of the obvious and most deserving launches, including Men’s Health (1986), Martha Stewart Living (1990), Wired (1993), O the Oprah Magazine (2000) and The Week (2001). With a list of only 25 titles spanning as many years, it’s easy to assume that the larger publishing companies would dominate Husni’s list. And they do. Time Inc. publishes five, Bauer has three, Conde Nast has two, etc.What was somewhat surprising, given the limited number of picks over so many years, was that Husni selected American Profile (launched in 2000), Relish (2006) and Spry (2008)—all three newspaper magazines produced by the Publishing Group of America. I shot Husni an e-mail to find out why more than 10 percent of his list is devoted to these publications. Here’s his response: last_img read more

Physicists demonstrate 100fold speed increase in optical quantum memory

first_img In a new study, a team of physicists, Klaus Reim, et al., from the UK, US, and Canada has focused primarily on increasing the bandwidth of an optical quantum memory. The researchers have achieved data rates that exceed 1 GHz, which is more than 100 times greater than the speed of existing quantum memories. Although other areas still need improvement, these high-speed memories will likely form the basis of tomorrow’s photonic quantum information processors. In their experiments, the physicists use a hot cesium vapor cell as the storage medium. They overlap a signal pulse containing several thousand photons (the information) with a strong write pulse, and send both pulses together into the cesium vapor cell. The vapor induces a Raman interaction, mapping the signal pulse with the write pulse into a collective atomic excitation called a spin wave. This information can then be stored in the cesium vapor cell for 12.5 nanoseconds, after which the information is retrieved by sending a strong read pulse into the cell. The read pulse converts the spin wave into an optical signal that is measured by a detector. “There are a few steps that are required [to achieve high bandwidth], but the main approach is to use atoms with a higher energy storage state, and to apply more sophisticated control pulse methods,” coauthor Ian Walmsley of the University of Oxford told achieving bandwidths up to 1 GHz, the new quantum memory offers data rates that are an increase of a factor of more than 100 compared to current quantum memories, which are limited to a few megahertz. Moreover, the researchers noted that the bandwidth was limited only by the response time of the detector; theoretically, the quantum memory could be capable of even larger bandwidths. In addition, the method offers long coherence times of several microseconds. One area that still needs work is the overall efficiency, which was about 15%. The cesium vapor could store 30% of the incoming signals, half of which could later be retrieved. The researchers plan to improve the efficiency by changing the signal pulse’s attributes. The physicists also noted that this Raman-based quantum memory scheme can be broadly applied to other storage media besides hot cesium vapor, such as cold gases and solid-state systems. Also, in addition to quantum computing, quantum memories like this one will be important for quantum repeaters for long-distance communication. “Our plans are to demonstrate the operation of the memory at the quantum limit, using an external source of nonclassical light,” Walmsley said. “Challenges for the future in general are to increase the number of bits the memory can store and the readout efficiency of the memories to the point when they can be used in applications such as quantum communications links.” More information: K. F. Reim, et al. “Towards high-speed optical quantum memories.” Nature Photonics. Doi: 10.1038/NPHOTON.2010.30 ( — As with today’s computers, future quantum computers will require more than just quantum information processing; they will also require methods to store and retrieve the quantum information. For this reason, physicists have been studying different types of quantum memories, which are capable of controllably storing and releasing photons. However, these memories still face several challenges in areas including storage time, retrieval efficiency, the ability to store multiple photons, and bandwidth. Explore further In the optical quantum memory, a signal containing the information and a write pulse are sent together into a cesium vapor cell. The vapor turns the pulses into a spin wave, and the information can be retrieved by a read pulse that converts the spin wave into an optical signal. The memory can achieve data rates that exceed 1 GHz. Image copyright: K.F. Reim, et al. Long-distance quantum communication gets closer as physicists increase light storage efficiency by an order of magnitude Citation: Physicists demonstrate 100-fold speed increase in optical quantum memory (2010, April 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay Moloy Ghatak hold prep review meeting ahead of Gangasagar Mela

first_imgKolkata: State Power minister Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay and Public Health Engineering minister Moloy Ghatak held a high level meeting with the senior officials of various departments at the Vidyut Unnayan Bhavan on Wednesday, regarding the preparation of Gangasagar Mela.The state Power department has been making all necessary arrangements in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the Gangasagar Mela. According to a Press statement issued by the state Power department, modernisation work has been undertaken to increase the capacity of the 33/11 KV substation at Rudranagar area. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIn order to ensure that the pilgrims do not face any inconvenience, the Power department has decided to ensure power supply to 54 points. In the previous year, the department had supplied power to 40 points in the Mela and its adjoining areas. Laying of underground cables is being conducted between Kachuberia and Rudranagar areas. If there is any problem in any area, the power supply would be done by automation through DG system. There will be adequate power arrangement at Bangabasi ground adjacent to Mohunbagan ground, so that the pilgrims do not face any inconvenience during their short stay in the area. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe Power department officials have been instructed to make adequate arrangements to ensure that there is no incident of power cut in the area. Arrangements would also be made to ensure the security of the EHV substation in Kakdwip, as well as meeting the extra demands of power. The state Power minister also urged all other departments to maintain better coordination during the days of Gangasagar Mela. The officials of various departments will visit the venue to assess the preparations ahead of the grand event.last_img read more

Property worth crores gutted in Vedic Village fire none hurt

first_imgKolkata: A major fire broke out at the Vedic Village resort in Rajarhat on Monday night. A big portion of the resort was damaged due to impact of the inferno. It is said property worth crores reduced to ashes but no one was hurt in the incident.Twelve fire tenders doused the flames almost after battling for about eight hours. According to sources, Vedic Village resort authorities claimed that around 10 pm, on Monday, a lightning struck the cottages, which were made of hay. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataIn no time the fire started spreading fast because of the strong winds. At the first, the staff members of Vedic Village tried to control the fire by arranging water from their underground reservoir. But as the intensity of the fire was high, they were not able to control the inferno. Immediately, the fire brigade and the Rajarhat police station was informed. Soon, five fire tenders were pressed into action. Later, seven more fire tenders were called in as the intensity of the fire was increasing. It is alleged when the fire started media personnel, who went to cover the incident, and a few firefighters were not allowed to get into the resort. Later, the police intervened and resolved the matter. Question arises if the Vedic Village authorities had no flaw on their part, why the media and fire fighters were restricted. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateA source informed that the reception, godown and the office burnt into ashes as these structures were made of hay. Though the Vedic Village authorities claimed that the fire broke out due to lightning but the actual cause is yet not confirmed. It is suspected that fire had occurred due to a short circuit. Within an hour, the fire took a bad shape as it raged up to almost 25 feet. Guests in the cottages and the residents of various apartments within 100 metres got panic-stricken due to intensity of the fire. All the guests were evacuated and taken to a safe place. Later, fire minister Sujit Bose went to the spot and supervised the firefighting operation. According to Bose, it is not clear if any firefighting measures or license were in place at the resort. Around 3 am, on Tuesday, the fire was brought under control. Later, cooling process went on till early morning. Till Tuesday night no complaint was lodged by the Fire department. The cause of fire is yet to be ascertained.last_img read more

Colin Cavs blowout loss against the Raptors has zero impact on the

first_imgThe Cavs were run off the court in a 34-point blowout against the Raptors. Things got ugly, and even featured LeBron James yelling at teammates during a timeout. It was Cleveland’s second loss by 25 or more points, and this morning some critics were already out burying LeBron’s chances in the playoffs with this roster.Colin isn’t panicked over the loss, and thinks the meltdown has zero long-term impact on the playoff picture. January struggles are nothing new to LeBron teams, and it’s typically the time where he teaches lessons to teammates and the organization. But every year, for the last seven years, James ends up in the Finals. Bet against Cleveland if you want, but Colin always bets on LeBron figuring things out. He’s been right for the last seven years.“What happened last night has zero impact on the playoffs, his relevance or his legacy.” — @ColinCowherd isn’t worried about LeBron and the Cavs— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) January 12, 2018last_img read more

RedHat contributes etcd a distributed keyvalue store project to the Cloud Native

first_imgYesterday, at the ongoing KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018, RedHat announced its contribution towards etcd, an open source project and its acceptance into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Red Hat is participating in developing etcd, as a part of the enterprise Kubernetes product, Red Hat OpenShift. etcd is an open source, distributed, consistent key-value store for service discovery, shared configuration, and scheduler coordination. It is a core component of software that comes with safer automatic updates and it also sets up overlay networking for containers. The CoreOS team created etcd in 2013 and the Red Hat engineers maintained it by working alongside a team of professionals from across the industry. The etcd project focuses on safely storing critical data of a distributed system and demonstrating its quality. It is also the primary data store for Kubernetes. It uses the Raft consensus algorithm for replicated logs. With etcd, applications can maintain more consistent uptime and work smoothly even when the individual servers are failing. Etcd is progressing and it already has 157 releases with etcd v3.3.10 being the latest one that got released just two month ago. etcd is designed as a consistency store across environments including public cloud, hybrid cloud and bare metal. Where is etcd used? Kubernetes clusters use etcd as their primary data store. Red Hat OpenShift customers and Kubernetes users benefit from the community work on the etcd project. It is also used by communities and users like Uber, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Red Hat. etcd will be under Linux Foundation and the domains and accounts will be managed by CNCF. The community of etcd maintainers, including Red Hat, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon, etc, won’t be changed. The project will continue to focus on the communities that depend on it. Red Hat will continue extending etcd with the etcd Operator in order to bring more security and operational ease. It will enable users to easily configure and manage etcd by using a declarative configuration that creates, configures, and manages etcd clusters. Read more about this news on RedHat’s official blog. Read Next RedHat shares what to expect from next week’s first-ever DNSSEC root key rollover Google, IBM, RedHat and others launch Istio 1.0 service mesh for microservices What Google, RedHat, Oracle, and others announced at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018last_img read more

WATCH Keylor Navas makes incredible save against Bayern Munich

first_imgThough Keylor Navas’ future with Real Madrid is very much up in the air, the Costa Rican football star continues to show why he’s one of the elite goalkeepers in the world. His latest highlight came with a beautiful save in Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Bayern Munich during the Audi Cup Wednesday. Munich looked to have a sure goal when Douglas Costa broke free and kicked a gorgeous cross pass to a wide-open Mario Götze on the back post. But the ultra-aggressive Navas barreled through another Bayern attacker to make the save.Off the pitch, rumors continue to swirl regarding Navas’ fate with Real Madrid. The club is expected to pursue Spaniard David De Gea, despite his seven-figure buyout clause at Manchester United. That potential move could lead to a switch in goal for both clubs, as British papers are reporting that Man U has heavy interest in signing Navas away from Madrid.Following his dominant 2014 World Cup performance, San Keylor, as he’s affectionately referred to in Costa Rica, moved to Real Madrid after the high-rolling club bought out Navas’ contract at Levante for a reported 10 million euros ($10.9 million). Facebook Comments Related posts:Keylor Navas allows four goals as Barcelona crushes Real Madrid WATCH: Real Madrid star Keylor Navas makes Tico teen’s wish come true WATCH: Keylor Navas makes unbelievable save off set piece strike La Sele announces 23-man roster for Copa América tournamentlast_img read more