Camp Čikat from Lošinj won the award of the largest German association DCC

first_imgCamp Čikat from the portfolio of the company Jadranka camps from the island of Lošinj was awarded the prestigious DCC Europapreis 2018 by the DCC (Deutcher Camping Club) for the first time.The DCC Europapreis Award has been presented by Germany’s largest association for the promotion of camping tourism since 1996, and was presented by Stefan Thurn, President of the German Automobile Club ADAC, Alvaro Joao Pereira, President of the International Campers Association (FICC) and Thomas Kufen, Mayor of Essen. as part of the Reise & Camping trade fair in Essen, Germany.In addition to the luxury offer of the camp, which is complemented by new superior pitches and elegant mobile homes, and a comprehensive entertainment program, Camp Čikat was awarded for quality management, openness to innovation and timely recognition of guests’ wishes, according to Camping Club DCC. “The DCC Camping Club Award is a confirmation that we have been moving in the right direction in our 70-year business. This direction was recognized by the profession, but also by our guests, who give us the wind in our sails to continue investing and improve their offer and services, in order to achieve even more significant progress in camping tourism in Croatia.”Said Dean Jakovljevic, director of Jadranka camps.Photo: Camp ČikatCamp Čikat is part of the company Jadranka kampovi within the Jadranka Group, which has been operating successfully on the islands of Lošinj and Cres for 70 years. The camp spreads over 30 hectares in the bay of the same name surrounded by a dense pine forest and is ideal for family vacations and enjoyment. In addition, Camp Čikat bears the title of “friend of children” and within the camp is the first Aquapark on the Croatian islands. In addition to Camp Čikat, the companies Jadranka Camp and Camp Slatina manage three other camps – Bijar, Baldarin and Slatina, whose total accommodation capacity can accommodate 9.300 guests.last_img read more

Open applications for annual CNTB / People in Tourism awards

first_imgCroatian tourist agency and this year awards annual tourism awards as a special recognition for the exceptional contribution of individuals, companies and institutions in the development of Croatian tourism. Applications and nominations for annual awards “Anton Štifanić” i Lifetime Achievement Award are received by natural and legal persons do August 31, 2018 by fulfillment online form. Also, nominations are accepted for the award “Man – the key to success, employee of the year” and then to July 27, 2018. Candidates for the selection of employees of the year can be submitted by tourist boards, ministries, professional associations, companies and local self-government units through online form. As of this year, the Croatian National Tourist Board has introduced a new concept and categories as part of the award “Man – the key to success, employee of the year.” So far, this award has been given in 26 categories, and as of this year it is awarded in a total of 14 well-defined and comprehensively defined categories: agency employee; tourist animator; tour guide; an employee in a hotel facility or camp; an employee in a catering facility (chef, waiter, pastry chef, sommelier, etc.); private landlord; host of a tourist peasant household; police officer; firefighter; maritime transport worker; air transport employee; road transport worker; seller; employee in landscaping and maintenance. Last year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner was Niko Bulić, while he won the Annual Award “Anton Šifanić” Ante Mrvica. The 2016 award winners were Selimir Ognjenović for life’s work and Ivan Srakovčić i Zvonko Šupe as the winners of the “Anton Štifanić” award, while City of Đakovo for 50. Đakovo embroideries and Diacro for Restaurant Mala Hiža in Čakovec were also the winners of the award “Anton Štifanić” in the category of companies, institutions and associations. More information on the awards ceremony can be found at official site Croatian National Tourist Board.All winners will receive the award at the Days of Croatian Tourism, which are being held this year on Hvar on October 25th and 26th.last_img read more

The Šokačko kolo received the status of an intangible cultural asset

first_imgAs stated in the explanation of the Decision, the skill of performing it is still transmitted orally. Osim njega, mogu se susresti i nazivi taraban, drmeš, samo šokačko ili samo kolo. “Danas je uvriježen naziv šokačko kolo koji ovaj ples na kružnici jasno razlikuje od plesova istog tipa. Sva ostala kola, plesovi na kružnici, nazivaju se najčešće po prvom stihu pjesme uz koju se izvode poput ‘ajd na livo, Jaši baba dorata i dr., dok je za ovaj ples dovoljno reći kolo i svima je jasno o čemu se radi. S obzirom na povezanost tog plesa s Hrvatima Šokcima, koji žive u Hrvatskoj i izvan nje, najpogodniji naziv je upravo šokačko kolo jer se njime referira na cijelo područje na kojemu žive Hrvati Šokci. U granicama Republike Hrvatske to je područje Slavonije, Baranje i Srijema”,, napominje pomoćnik ministrice kulture Davor Trupković. To the Šokci Croats from the area of ​​Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, the favorite traditional dance, ie the Šokac kolo, was granted the status of an intangible cultural asset by the December Decision of the Ministry of Culture, Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage . The process of creating new popcorn is no longer so lively, so you can hear mostly their older variants in the shock circle. U prošlosti se izvodilo uz tradicijske instrumente poput gajdi ili tambure samice, da bi se tijekom 20. stoljeća razvila praksa izvođenja uz pratnju tamburaškog sastava. Kao društveno događanje šokačko kolo je do sredine 20. stoljeća bilo važno za život zajednice, okupljalo se za seoske svečanosti te o pokladama, a neizostavni dio bilo je upravo plesanje šokačkog kola, u užem smislu značenja. Naziv šokačko kolo uvriježio se tijekom 20. stoljeća uslijed scenske primjene te je i danas na terenu poznat pojam ne samo među Hrvatima Šokcima, nego je znatno rasprostranjeniji, opće prihvaćen. Photo: Vinkovci Autumns He adds that ZAKUD plans to organize seminars, workshops and similar educational programs, where interested participants could learn all about the Šokac circuit, but also other original dances of Vinkovci and the surrounding area. The holders of the property are the Association of Cultural and Artistic Activities of the Vukovar-Srijem County, the Association of KUDs of the Đakovo Region and the Brod Folklore Ensemble, writes the portal. He also notes that the ten-line verses of the Šokac Circle have today been almost equated with the Bečar, so you can often hear texts that follow current social events. Source: Spontaneous performances involve dancing, ie playing the shock wheel in various ceremonies such as weddings, religious ceremonies or informal gatherings when the wheel is performed to mark a special moment in a social event. The biggest shock wheel in the world? Photo: Vinkovci Autumns, Darko Puharić In this way, their long-term initiative to declare the Šokac circuit an intangible cultural asset was crowned. In this case, it was not possible to specify only one settlement to which the intangible cultural property would be connected, but to go to several of them, and by definition, the Šokačko kolo is a traditional dance performed with song and instrumental accompaniment. “In the last ten years, maybe even longer, we have been working intensively on preserving the originality of our traditional dances and customs, and this is certainly a big step towards that. It is invaluable to leave a legacy to the younger generations, something specifically documented and preserved, because in this way we preserve these dances, but also the songs and tunes of this area. This is a confirmation that the shock wheel is something that is good and of good quality and that needed to be protected. My great wish is that we now transfer this dance to schools, that is, that children in primary schools, through, say, folklore, learn about the traditional dances of their region. Of course, we teach children such things in cultural and artistic societies, but I think that this education should be expanded, and this status of the shock circle is proof of that.”, Points out the head of the State Festival of Original Croatian Folklore Danijel Šota, for last_img read more

Croatian gin declared the best in the world!

first_imgThe story behind Old Pilot´s Gina is phenomenal to say the least, as is their final product. The distillery with the symbolic title “Spirit in a bottle” produces craft gin, which is a completely Croatian product using local aromas such as olive leaves, pine from Otočac, sage, lavender, angelica and orange peel.  Croatian “Old Pilot’s Gin” pilots Hrvoje Bušić and Tomislav Anadolac, won a gold medal at the World Wine and Distillates Competition (IWSC) in London, reports Jutarnji list. Find out more about the best gin in the world here Although in recent years we have become accustomed to our wines and olive oils winning numerous world awards, this time Croatia can boast, ie be proud to have the best gin in the world. These are two friends and lovers of distillates and heights, Hrvoje Bušić and Tomislav Anadolac, who met at the Academy for Military Pilots about twenty years ago, while distillates have always been their common passion. The passion for gin prompted them to take on a new adventure through craft gin production, and the aforementioned success is further proof of how best it is when we combine our passion with work. Source: Good food / Jutarnji list / Photo: Ghost in a bottlelast_img read more

Foreign bloggers, journalists and youtubers promote nautical – Croatia, Full of Islands to Discover

first_imgAccording to the CNTB, this year’s program includes, among others, journalist Eleanor Rudd, an associate of the British portal, which is followed by more than 54 million readers a month. French journalist and photographer Gregory Gerault will also sail along the Croatian coast, describing his experiences in a report in the daily newspaper Le Télégramme and the magazine Le Monde du Camping-Car. Among the participants is the American youtuber with the British address Evan Edinger, who is followed by almost 700 thousand followers on YouTube channels dedicated to general topics and travel, as well as the Hungarian youtuber Fruzsina Viszkok who is active on social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where she is followed by about 480 thousand fans. . “This is a successful project that has achieved excellent promotional effects in its previous editions. For this reason, we continued with its implementation, and this time the focus is on the sites of the Šibenik archipelago. Nautics is one of the main Croatian image products that emphasizes the most beautiful that Croatia has, and this is confirmed by the results achieved this year in the nautical charter segment, where we recorded almost 3 million overnight stays, an increase of 3 percent over the same period last year.”, Said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that the promotion of nautical is carried out through appearances at specialized fairs and through marketing and PR campaigns. The travel program includes a tour of the national parks of Krk and Kornati, the islands of Murter, the city of Sibenik and Prvic Luka, and as part of the tour of individual locations will be presented attractive localities, customs and gastronomic offer of this part of Croatia. Photo: HTZ The project “Croatia, Full of Islands to Discover” is a continuation of promotional activities carried out by the CNTB this year with the aim of further promotion of nautical products, and even stronger market positioning of Croatia as an ideal nautical destination. center_img The promotion is focused on reports in newspapers and magazines and posts on blogs and social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where the participants of this unique experience will share their impressions with numerous readers and followers. For the third year in a row, the Croatian National Tourist Board is implementing the project “Croatia, Full of Islands to Discover”, which aims to promote nautical as a tourist product, or positioning Croatia as an attractive and quality nautical destination. As part of the project, 12 well-known bloggers, YouTubers and journalists from Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland and Japan will discover the islands of the Šibenik archipelago from September 7 to 11. last_img read more

Croatian island products deserve a much better way of promotion

first_imgBy the way, the Croatian Island Product (HOP) is an excellent project aimed at promoting original island products, and was launched 12 years ago. As these are authentic island products, each with its own unique story, I enthusiastically quickly clicked to watch the new promotional video. But let’s go in order… But the enthusiasm quickly faded and turned into disbelief. Disaster is a mild word for the new HOP promotional video, which certainly deserves much better promotion and interpretation. In order to come to life on the market, a quality label must have strong visibility and recognizability, especially of the local population who must live with it and recommend and communicate to tourists about the importance and quality of HOP. The promotional video, if it can be called that, in accordance with new trends in production, was made in Croatian and English. As they point out from the Cluster, to agree that on all ships, catamarans and ferries of Jadrolinija in passenger salons the promotional Video Hop will be released and the video will be forwarded to all Tourist Boards, Croatian Tourist Board and CNTB branches abroad, all for promotion unique brand “Croatian island product”. So far, more than 300 manufacturers have received the HOP label for almost a thousand products from 24 islands (Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Pag, Krk, Lastovo, Dugi Otok, Rab, Cres, Losinj, Prvic, Ugljan, Mljet, Solta, Zirje, Pasman, Iz, Murter, Olib, Kornat, Rava, Silba, Zlarin) and the Pelješac peninsula. Unfortunately, the video is anything but promotional, so the question is how is it even possible, today in 2019, for someone at that level to record a video of such low quality and without any story. It would be interesting to find out what the cost of video production is. Croatian island products, as I mentioned above, each has a unique and authentic story – therefore, storytelling at its strongest. But… On the other hand, Jadrolinija connects the islands and it is impossible to reach the islands without them. Therefore, they are an excellent medium because tourists have to wait to reach the island by ferry. The key words are: they have time and we have their attention, and they have nothing to do. However, in addition to broadcasting the mentioned promotional video, it might be more efficient to find brochures and posters about HOP, as well as for Jadrolinija to sell HOP products, and not to sell mostly foreign products within the cafe on the ferry. Every tourist who comes to the island must see the sign of HOP on the ferry and get acquainted with the story. Island products on which he runs and rides. By the way, during the year HOP organizes fairs on the waterfront as well as on the main square in Zagreb. But, unfortunately, it has not yet become a recognizable brand on the market, especially for foreign tourists. Just one banal example, on arrival on the island there are no signs, banners, billboards, etc.… ways of communicating, branding and connecting with the sign of HOP. Like threads in destinations. Here, the landlords have a big role, so that those who are in direct contact tell the story to the guests, and if they have a bed & breakfast, to offer one of the HOP products. center_img HOP products are a story we should be proud of and this is exactly what tourists want to experience and taste. This is our comparative advantage and added value of a tourist product. Of course, in addition to the tourist segment, it should certainly be emphasized that the local economy on the islands is encouraged, employs local residents, which directly affects the rest of the population on our islands. In the wilderness of the Internet, today I was attracted by the news about a new promotional video for the project Croatian Island Products – HOP. These are food (wines, brandies, liqueurs, olive oils, cheeses, desserts, fish, salad marinades, jams, honey), cosmetics and clothing products, as well as souvenirs and intangible heritage. I emphasize once again that this is a great project, but unfortunately it is a miracle that in Croatia we do not know or do not want to, because we certainly have the knowledge to sell great stories and create added value. In today’s time and global market competition, where everyone is fighting for the attention of every guest, it is simply inadmissible to make such a production bad mosaic promotional video, which has long been overtaken by time and trends. Business Cluster Association “Croatian Island Product” in cooperation with “Art Film” from Matulji, under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds that co-financed the production of a new promotional video. Also, Jadrolinija was the sponsor of the video, and the realization of the same was helped by the Tourist Board of the City of Korčula. Find out more about Croatian island products here Source / Photo: otocniproizvod.hrlast_img read more

We’re missing out on collecting gravel

first_imgIt’s the time of year that as I travel, with the low water levels in the river and streams, I see the “beds” with their gravel filling the reservoir.I recall the time when that gravel was reclaimed for construction bases during this low-water season that has passed, Now that it’s Spring, these beds will be filling up.With a little rain, it seems it will need not to be extended rainfall, we hear warning of minor flooding (excluding the results of ice jams). The water reservoirs are filled with good construction gravel that the running streams deposit each annual cycle.We have stopped cleaning the beds of a valuable source of this grade of gravel.Les HassanEsperance More from The Daily Gazette:Local movie theater operators react to green lightEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidation Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Don’t take benefits on loss of spouse

first_imgSome of us are paying what we did 40-plus years ago by being taxed as single. It’s not our fault, but the government is taking from us a great deal of the money we need to live on. I’m not eating cat food yet.Social Security gets cut also, because we lost our life partner, who each of us helped and depended on with our monetary and everyday needs. That money is now taken away.Our representatives have salaries and retirement benefits that are probably at least eight times more than a middle class retired person’s. I’m convinced they don’t pay taxes, as we the common folk do, due to their loopholes.We are widows and widowers who believe we should get a break from the single tax — maybe 50 percent less tax — because we previously were married. Most of us who can get out do vote.Raymond Charles JacobsSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Troopers: Schenectady pair possessed heroin, crack cocaine in Orange County Thruway stopFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusSchenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musicSchenectady High School senior class leaders look to salvage sense of normalcy The government says we, the over-the-hill group, have some pull. I hope that’s true. We’ve all gone through a year with an administration that said it was fixing the tax codes for middle Americans. That remains to be seen. I don’t hear a thing about how they will help the widows and widowers. We now get it stuck to us. Due to the loss of our life partner, which we had no say in, we’re stripped of Social Security, a tax deduction and possibly a pension because we are now classified as “single.”  Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Foss: Allow alcohol in movie theaters?

first_imgCategories: News, OpinionI once drank beer at a movie theater and, no, I did not sneak it in. I was in Portland, Oregon, where movie theaters are permitted to serve alcohol, and I’m happy to report that it was a pretty uneventful experience. No public drunkenness, no alcohol-fueled brawls. Forty-four states permit alcohol to be sold in movie theaters, but New York isn’t one of them. At least, not right now. A new proposal from Gov. Andrew Cuomo would relax the state’s prohibition on alcohol at the cinema, allowing movie theaters throughout New York to sell beer, wine, cider, mead and spirits. Another proposal, from Assemblywoman Pat Fahy, D-Albany, would legalize the sale of beer and wine at movie theaters. But I’m highly skeptical that simply allowing theaters to serve alcohol will cure what ails these theaters. Some might be better off transitioning to a non-profit model, where support from the community sustains the theater. Under Cuomo’s proposal, alcohol would be prohibited from movies rated G, and customers could only purchase one drink at a time. Those are reasonable restrictions. But I’d recommend requiring theaters to have a certain number of dry screenings for films rated PG-13 and R. The movie theater should be a space that welcomes people from all walks of life, and that includes people in recovery from substance-abuse problems. I enjoyed the beer I had at that movie theater in Portland, Oregon. But I don’t view alcohol as a great boon to the movie-going experience, or a silver bullet that will save the movie industry. Which is doing just fine, and doesn’t need saving. Reach Sara Foss at Opinions expressed here are her own and not necessarily the newspaper’s. More from The Daily Gazette:Crossgates mall sues for $20M-plus as Lord & Taylor shuts downEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Toys for Tots announces drive-thru collectionsCutbacks to Schenectady code enforcement would lead to longer wait times, shift in priorities I’m not opposed to selling alcohol in theaters, though I’ve mostly given up drinking beverages of any kind at the movies, mainly because I don’t like cutting out to use the restroom. But I’m not strongly in favor of it, either. Cuomo and Fahy have both portrayed their proposals as a way to help struggling movie theaters at a time when more people are staying home to watch films via streaming services such as Netflix. That’s certainly well-intentioned, but I wonder how rooted in reality it really is. If people have truly stopped going to the movies — more on that in a moment — the movie industry needs to take a good, hard look at why. All too often, streaming services are cited as the cause, despite evidence to the contrary. One study, commissioned by the National Association of Theater Owners, found that people who go to movies in theaters more frequently also consume more streaming content. “If the study’s findings are accurate, it would appear that the two forms of entertainment consumption are more complementary than cannibalistic,” an article in the trade publication Variety noted.  center_img Before I go any further, let me just say that I reject that notion that movie-going is in some kind of death spiral. It’s true that U.S. box office revenue fell 4 percent in 2019, and that a number of high-profile films flopped. But moviegoers still spent a whopping $11.45 billion at movie theaters, which is a whole lot of money.Again, I’m not opposed to allowing alcohol in movie theaters. But the movie industry’s struggles shouldn’t be cited as justification for doing so, because the reality on the ground is far more complex. People are still going to the movies, and the industry is still making money. When I hear Cuomo talk about how Millennials staying home to watch Netflix is killing the movie industry, I cringe, because it just isn’t true. This doesn’t mean some theaters are struggling.Smaller, independent theaters, in particular, are more likely to face challenges.last_img read more

What’s cooking?

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