Webmaster thinking patterns determine how much money you can make by making a website

Cai Wensheng is also do Wangzhuan, Sun Deliang also do Wangzhuan, Wang Tong also has many small owners do Wangzhuan, we eat mixed is do Wangzhuan, but the cause of success, how much money the sky is under.

Cai Wensheng can bring the site to do so much, are qianwanji station, why? He has us ordinary people without thinking and vision, each station is a station, and we? Many webmaster every day to learn those junk Wangzhuan, click, hang up, always color, these have a future? Can do much? Can earn a lot of money?? Xi’an is my marriage nets start to create a small current industry website read more

The three strategy teaches you to run a legendary garbage web site

is the time like water passes quietly. Think of a time when in May 08 is still operating the movie website, the twinkling of an eye to the first 9.5 months. For 1 years, when I look back, I feel I’ve lost too much. First of all, their own garbage film sites have died on the way, and made English stand in the United States for a long time, did not manage him. In short, looking back on 08 years’ experience in running a garbage web site is a failure. Of course, a girl who works hard with me is also living on the garbage website, but others have succeeded. And now a month income of $5000 or so, five strategies for the church below I will share her that you run a legendary junk website. read more

New station is how to be Baidu down right weight recovery

in the "new station is how to drop the right of Baidu" article mentioned in the website, after the right to drop has been unknown, until today, her weight completely restored – a full 2 months. Now in Baidu site home page back to the first, and at the same time do a few key words have achieved better results. During this period, I come to the conclusion that it is easy to say, but it still takes a lot of effort to do well.

when your website is down, please save it from these aspects: read more