School network code station where is your way

a station fire, often followed by the products it attached will also fire a number of sites. The campus network up ~ " campus network code station " mushroomed in the Baidu appeared on the ~


, QQ and QQ open space Tencent, a series of space station also swarmed, began a territory of their own in the network. But, we say, some things can last, and some things are often just temporary, and the fire has cooled down with the time, ~

maybe even one day those webmasters in the vast network of sea really struggle down will choose to give up, and those who have a website all-powerful also disappeared. Recently heard rumors which QQ space station to how much money transfer online, how much money was acquired by the truth ~ ~ ~ I really admire those people. After all do a website is not easy, and being optimistic is a difficult thing. So what I want to say is that ~ QQ space station survived ~ and the school network code station is different. After all, these two kinds of Web sites are facing different crowds. read more

The website needs to have a business card of its own

just passed the painful thought yesterday, or changed the title of his website, this is the third time to change the title, and the website template has changed two times. Your contact website, contact SEO, in fact, almost a year’s time, also know the big SEO is less dynamic website title, but does not change what can you do, the ranking has been not to go, from the original dozen to more than 70 now, has been hovering, two months time, pain ah.

do is lose weight station, we all know that, now is the overwhelming weight, large and small station, the number of Oh, too many to count, the river’s carp heard……. read more

Yang Wenjian how to survive in the current situation of chaotic advertising alliances

is currently running an advertising alliance, looking for some senior experience in operations, but not search. So I want to record some experience of my advertising alliance and share it with my friends who want to operate advertising alliance later.

advertising alliance advertising forms are mainly CPS, CPC, CPM, CPA and CPV and so on. Operating CPS alliance, mainly by the company to grasp the advantages of products occupied, for example, there are tens of millions of Taobao, the owner of Taobao customers is the largest CPS alliance, a smaller number of Dangdang Union, where customers Union, etc.. These alliances are characterized by their own brand advantages, it is easy to attract Adsense to join the promotion. There are some CPS alliance is the first batch to enter the CPS alliance, to the advantage of preconceived ideas accumulated a large number of webmaster accumulation, to flow to attract advertisers. Several typical representatives is the result of network, and Yiqifa linktech. read more

Talking about the inspiration of stationmaster Guo Jijun’s pioneering story

first look at the inspiration, entrepreneurship story, Guo Jijun "QQ expression" in exchange for 3 million yuan "closely followed.".

revelation 1: to think independently, to find business opportunities, follow the trend is difficult to make big. He made the QQ expression from his own emotional life, and it certainly wasn’t following the trend.

inspiration two: have stronger network communication ability, especially the person that knows "do flow" person. On one occasion, a friend said I brought you some traffic, second days, Guo found that traffic is really much larger. Before, many old webmaster repeatedly stressed the importance of network communication ability, I always disdain, and now finally realize the importance of network communication. My article "do webmaster, you ready?" also stressed the importance of network communication to the webmaster. read more

SNS new station how to improve traffic a novice webmaster experience talk about

SNS is what, I believe we have been familiar with, and I do not here to explain the term, the following straight to the theme:

, the author recently tried to build a game theme SNS website, want to combine the promotion of several days of actual experience, with you to discuss how to improve the new station SNS traffic problems;

according to my personal experience, the network construction has achieved remarkable results in refused to put their own experience to take out and share, there is not much, and SNS novice webmaster, especially just entered the community website webmaster share increase, old Mo laugh: < /p>) read more

The path to blogging for purely commercial behavior may be at an end

said, "independent blog everyone knows, depression, lack of profit model, long cycle of success, and so on, one after another out of the words. We questioned for a long time, I think even the operation of blog webmaster have begun to ask ourselves what they continue to insist that the blog industry can have? After all, WeChat, micro-blog and other cultural products quickly impact, blog shortcomings have also been enlarged. So, at this critical moment, does the blog go in or out?


says how to make a blog, let’s consider the blog. What was it originally used for?. Before social media micro-blog, WeChat and other products listed on the blog as a content platform, mainly carrying similar media, or establish their brand position and seek appropriate orders, or directly into the contents of the product page, and do some construction site you fill in short time and so on, in the blog just the rise of the transformation in the form of a form, but these changes are all based on the content, in other words if there is no base reading groups, the influence of blog will drop a lot. So why is the loss of blogs so fast when social products are coming, read more

Talking about how to enhance user experience

today to a supermarket, a supermarket near Hangzhou, although a small but formal look! You know, almost the same design inside the supermarket, you can look at the RT mart, Auchan, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, usually two floor is the entrance, turn to the first floor can checkout. Of course, you want to come out from the two floor is also feasible. But today I went to the supermarket but not on the two floor, entrance, exit or on the two floor, feeling very uncomfortable, could turn a circle, from the first floor to turn out, but the circle had no way out, had no choice but to go back to the way. Just imagine, if you meet this situation, do you want to come next time, read more

Web design Ten Commandments

recently, invited 14 top experts in Web design to express their views on Web design, and eventually wrote the ten commandment of the Web design.

1. is not to abuse Flash

Adobe popular Web animation technology, Flash, in many places it shows the power of the whole show full of taste from the Nike Flash website, to fill each site Flash Banner advertising, but the technology is easily abused, massive, uncontrolled Flash animation not only bring usability problems, and so overwhelmed by the user’s browser. read more

Tencent QQ domain mail webmaster you opened

September 10, 2009, Tencent QQ domain mail officially opened, as long as the users have their own domain name (of course, bound to the network space), can be their own domain name suffix as the mailbox, free to open their own offices, set the one and only the personality of the mailbox.

as a personal webmaster, see this information after the first time launched its own QQ domain to my mailbox, the domain name as an example, introduce the QQ domain mail new experience.

the first QQ domain mail opened, I believe that as long as have their own domain name, website promotion stationmaster, usually in contact when users will use the 99.9% Tencent QQ, will use the QQ mailbox, operating methods and procedures that apply for QQ domain mail in the mailbox QQ page, is certainly a look that is clear, without much of the. read more

Grassroots webmaster talk about local BBS do station experience

both for the novice webmaster, or Laoniao owners who want to hold a position in a region, then the forum will undoubtedly become the preferred object, then how to operate a local forum? According to the author’s own do stand experience to talk about their own local forum do stand experience.

(a) for a new station owners, before building a forum, you need to consider a few things.

1, is there a forum that has no influence?. This is important because it is the key to the success of your station, if the local has influence on the forum, you’d better consider whether there is no need to do, if the forum is because do stand a long time, accumulated a certain amount of popularity, but the forum by setting the user experience then, you can have the opportunity to do, because you can provide a forum for old nothing to attract popularity. In this way, you may succeed. read more