The three strategy teaches you to run a legendary garbage web site

is the time like water passes quietly. Think of a time when in May 08 is still operating the movie website, the twinkling of an eye to the first 9.5 months. For 1 years, when I look back, I feel I’ve lost too much. First of all, their own garbage film sites have died on the way, and made English stand in the United States for a long time, did not manage him. In short, looking back on 08 years’ experience in running a garbage web site is a failure. Of course, a girl who works hard with me is also living on the garbage website, but others have succeeded. And now a month income of $5000 or so, five strategies for the church below I will share her that you run a legendary junk website.

, the theme of the garbage site must be chosen.

as the saying goes, a ship without a direction will always feel the wind in the sea. So you have to choose the theme of a good web site. When I was making a junk web site, I made a Affandi movie network, a movie network and a donkey movie network. At that time, I chose the theme is closer to the color film, please do not laugh at me ah. Oh, life is pressing. Considering the fact that many people like to watch some color movies, I collect all these resources all day long. However, the result was not good, he is very worried about not at any time by the national information industry closed, or the police to catch me. As a result, 3 Movie websites have been running for about 1 months, earning 3 yuan in advertising fees, earning an average of 1 cents a day. But I am a girl friend’s movie website, he selected the subject is QVOD resources, movies, QVOD ethical film. You don’t say, with the publicity in China QVOD player, QVOD seems to restore a generation, and, usually, a men’s love for the player, but also very clear. Therefore, she manages the movie website day IP average to be around 8000, although not as many as yours, but earns 5000 yuan a month is not the question.

two, garbage sites must be frequently updated, ground publicity, pay attention to.

although nominally garbage sites, but the treatment of waste sites seem to enjoy the same as regular sites. I operate 3 websites, mainly by collecting, collecting every day, hey, at that time very impatient, we all know that the acquisition is the most failure of a method, because I am lazy, do not go to add their own movies. So, for 1 months, Baidu or only included a home page, but also basically do not update snapshot. Look at the flow of statistics every day, the 20 people around, ah, very sad ah. But the girl met her from last April, and now she works in front of the computer almost every day. Life is very regular. I wonder, she didn’t go to work for others, by operating several broken spam sites can maintain the life of 1 years? But now I understand, people every day rely on manually add movies, modify the contents of the film, then everywhere posts, QQ group, and then at any time to note whether there are movie resources Station >.

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