Webmaster thinking patterns determine how much money you can make by making a website

Cai Wensheng is also do Wangzhuan, Sun Deliang also do Wangzhuan, Wang Tong also has many small owners do Wangzhuan, we eat mixed is do Wangzhuan, but the cause of success, how much money the sky is under.

Cai Wensheng can bring the site to do so much, are qianwanji station, why? He has us ordinary people without thinking and vision, each station is a station, and we? Many webmaster every day to learn those junk Wangzhuan, click, hang up, always color, these have a future? Can do much? Can earn a lot of money?? Xi’an is my marriage nets start to create a small current industry website

okay, I start not to join those so-called Wangzhuan, because I know that is not long, may also earn the money is almost. Know the SEO and the auction, this is plainly, earn a little money industry and ideas, the current bid price products is nothing more than to rely on information asymmetry, market management confusion and deceive the people earn money, offensively is cheat money. This is not what the future market norms, do things that may not have so huge profits, it is difficult to make money, the electronic commerce regular point like every guest that it has been very good, but every day to burn, smashing advertising to increase sales, money equivalent to our small station that is very high, can also be long term development, bigger and stronger.

but Sun Deliang mentioned many friends may not be familiar with, there are a lot of friends know, that is the webmaster webmaster, an industry website, annual profit easily tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and the money by electronic commerce B2C that is too easy. The boss earn money, earn money business money that make good, but those who are the top smart people can not easily give you money, you want to earn more money for them to build a better platform, they will give you the money, you can also give you much money, this money is convenient the. To start, we must think of what good can bring to others, for others the money comes naturally, I personally optimistic about the future of the industry service website, but the industry to choose a good market more difficult, many of them have been those insightful people away, but we can change the angle and form for the services industry, also can make money, such as first name card, car auto parts industry itself is relatively mature, and certainly many people do, but they choose the form of name card for the industry, of course, money is relatively simple. All these can inspire us to start an undertaking on the internet.

you can think again, three kinds of simple, three kinds of network selection model to make money, how much money, the degree of difficulty, it is clear, so to make money online friends advice, not detours, think about what the industry what business can become bigger and stronger, can really create a success enterprise, do not earn a hundred thousand every day thinking about it, the Internet is a risk, maybe one day you can not eat a meal, for a long time to consider.

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