Novice webmaster website income of 20 a day experience

construction site has a year, at 12 every evening post, every day will take 1 hours to take care of my website (, because of work reasons can not spend too much time to manage it, but every day to write a original is a must, therefore began to close contact with Baidu and Google is normal, Baidu snapshot of the station is also the day I began to update, the title is the star of information network, the keyword is ranked first in Baidu, also get more than 8000 pageviews a day, creating a new site in less than 2 months to break 5000 records, daily income reached 20 yuan at that time, did not know how to contact with advertising, just a simple advertising, if at that time know more friends in advertising, the day income of more than 80 is normal, but did not do it.

then I see less income, I always find some crooked ways do advertising, Trojan horse, but before long, the website IP has dropped to more than 3000, down sharply, Google fired me, Baidu was also fired me, down to the more than 500 page publication status. After earning some money through the Trojan horse, I immediately turned away from it and started the process. Because Baidu was fired, I can not, I will change the domain name, did not think the effect can also be, after 1 months, was included, before the URL can be included, very happy, then I also changed the title, now called the star of privacy exposure, the more, up to more than 9000, but IP is not very high, I have been in the discussion of reasons, estimation is the key problems, my good keywords ranking in the back, not the front, although the daily income is 20 yuan, but feel pitiful. Now sum up experiences and lessons: when the website starts to do, must pay attention to these things, cannot do randomly, content should be updated every day, original is necessary, every day must pay attention to the change of own website. Being a station is like fighting, and minor changes can affect your income. Therefore, I hope you can learn from this lesson. The real can be a successful stationmaster.

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