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we used traditional marketing which rarely mentioned differences, to make the difference in the Internet why? We are more commercial in the enterprise management training will mention to avoid the homogenization of competition, to form a difference. We are going to think about a problem: why the Internet over emphasize the difference, and there is actually a lot of traditional rankings, regardless of what the industry will have the first, second, and why the Internet would not be so clear? This is because the traditional industry inside the difference comparison of cost is very high, you online 4 compared to the company or the mall which is better, this increased the difficulty and cost. If you change to the Internet, it is easy to do, we compare the company, the enterprise as long as the search engine input keywords, you can directly analyze the pros and cons, is not very simple?.

why do we study differentiation,


to put it bluntly, research differentiation is the research ranking. For example, I do the catering industry, and I will go to the best restaurant to do the experience, service is outstanding, or taste better, compared with their own, they can find their own shortcomings. The main purpose of our investigation is whether we want to make our stores bigger and better, so our goal is to study rankings. We are on the Internet is the same road, who does the best differentiation of the site, who will be better site rankings. The question is, who has really studied the sites that our peers do well? In fact, the root cause of our poor web site rankings is that we don’t know how to do differentiation.

how do we do differentiation,


, for example, take content quality: relative to your peers, your keywords want to do the front page of the position, then your page content quality should be improved. When we cannot improve the text of the advantage, we can develop a new user requirements, new user requirements will become our core strengths, so that we can have a space for one person in the home page keywords ranking. If the other party is to take advantage of the text top, if I still want to go beyond the text on the efforts of others, is not so easy, that he and I avoid text on the rush, I start from the audio and video, text as such is not can match him. Thus, before we do differentiation, we should analyze the competitors and find out the high-level requirements that have not yet been resolved to achieve this content upgrade. This is the original music as SEO http://s.leshiseo.com/ original.

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