Mi Xiaobin talk about the joy and sorrow of domain names

on the domain name, the past two years is easy to think of a larger number of domain name acquisition:

is a cool, cool news now the domain name is kuxun.cn, the earliest use of kuxun is kooxoo.com. The new domain name is a two syllable.Cn domain name. The founder of this cruel dispatch to buy kuxun.com, but the domain name holder should open 800 thousand dollars at high prices.

second is ifeng.com, domain name is Phoenix ifeng.com early English spelling this word, Internet users are allowed to fight, many users are using search engines to ifeng.com, users often complain about the domain name to remember. By the end of 07, Phoenix began using Ifeng.com, a domain name that reads like Apple’s latest mobile phone, and the memory is handy, quickly identified by the user.

third should be the acquisition of kaixin.com Thousand Oaks network, anecdotal rumors that the domain name spent a lot of money Chen Yizhou, it was said that thousands of oaks became a big headache, and some people say it is worth the acquisition. The last time I saw Xu Zhaojun’s speech coincided with a thousand happy lines of my own. In the speech, often mentions Cheng Binghao’s happy net, Xu Zhaojun all uses "001" instead; but "happy net" refers to the happy net of thousand oaks.

domain names sometimes bring opportunities to enterprises and sometimes worry. The author also has such an example, there are two domains in Hua Jun software park, one is transliteration of onlinedown.net, and another is free translation of newhua.com, while huajun.com is not in the hands of China software software park. On one occasion, I called the domain holder and asked how much was willing to sell, and the other replied, "240 thousand.".

Pinyin domain name why favored

why English domain names are not recognized by the Chinese people, and the double syllable domain name is sometimes more expensive than the four letter short domain name? I think this Chinese native culture is related.

pinyin is favored, good memory, input speed. The double syllable domain name, everybody actually needs to remember two words can, but four irrelevant Chinese characters, if cannot construct the syllable, is equal to remembers four Chinese characters. Some Pinyin domain names up to 7, can also sell sky high, the reason lies in this. Phonetic domain by domain name that favored local cultural influence, has China has its own characteristics.

double syllable domain name awkward

either kuxun.cn or kuxun, Phoenix ifeng.com, kooxoo and Phenix than before changing to memory, brings convenience to the user indeed. Cheng Binghao’s happy net is facing the embarrassing situation: Binghao early failed to get the best domain name, now in the face of strong offensive competitors, every day in the loss of many users: it is said that in Thousand Oaks bought happy after the domain name, the page is not on the line every day, there are 30 thousand fixed visits.

The embarrassment of

Cheng Binghao shows that a two syllable domain name is in

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