How should the content of the website be updated

Why does

say website content is very important?. Content is king, the chain is emperor. For a website, there is a lot of content is the key to attract traffic. How to update the content of the website, how can let search engine grab, included our content is a problem. How to solve it,


1. to increase the original content, reduce the content of the reprint, it is best not to reprint directly, even if it is reproduced also have to pseudo original. I said the pseudo original, instead of using tools to replace synonyms, etc., is to change the content of thirty percent to their own words, preferably the head and tail of the article. The article is quiet but not much. High quality content is more useful than dozens of hundreds of junk articles.

2. pay attention to the independence of the content, each page must have certain differences, at least not less than thirty percent. That is, each page must have at least thirty percent different. Better more. Originality alone is not enough. For example, the daily attendance of such pages, is not original, absolutely yes, but the content is almost the same. Therefore, the content of the difference is also very important. You can reduce page repetition to improve page differences. For example, each page of the article archiving, and some people still on the right, classification, and so on, each of these pages have something, and can delete it, delete it. You can also increase page differences.

3., the content of the corresponding segmentation, resources should naturally make full use of the specific number of words segmentation, according to the content of their own pages. Usually between 300 words -1000 words. Section can increase the original content page, increase the web page included, natural also will have a lot of benefits to the weight. Just natural.

4. content relevance, we write articles must write and website theme related content. Is it written Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, is a public welfare write, if it is to teach Wangzhuan site, you often write to write the political, military website is certainly influential.

5. regular updates, pay attention to regular updates, timing, quantitative, step by step, it is best to update every day. If a long time updates, will be the search engine as a zombie station, dead station, the future site snapshot update speed will have an impact.

two tips for increasing the speed of updating each page

Each page on the

1. site adds a section of the latest article, so that every time the site has a new article published, all the pages of the station are updated. My website page in the sidebar of the latest articles is an example.

Each page on the

2. site adds a "new message section" or "randomly recommended section", so that every page has a new message, and all the pages are updated. This is also added to my website’s sidebar.

do the above points, general content updates will be no problem, snapshots can keep up with. But here’s a question. New sites and high weight site, new sites may be updated every day, original also don’t receive >

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