How long can social networking sites be happy

, a web site called "Happy web", suddenly caught fire. First at the party table, I heard a heated discussion about it; then, within a day, I received several emails from my friends. With curiosity, I went up to register. Do not see, do not know, a look startled, but a lot of friends and colleagues are inside. There are several apparently addicted, day and night hang on, simply wait 24 hours online.

What does

do on it? In addition to chatting endlessly with friends, it’s playing games like slave trading, parking spaces, problem quizzes, voting, etc.. On closer inspection, these games are very boring, such as the slave trade between friends is to each other using virtual currency to "buy" to "buy" to "paper wealth, worthy of the name".

with this several small game, can I also doubt that captured the hearts of all beings?. However, happy net can be in the limelight in a short period of time, suggesting that it is a really strange. One day, just to the Qihoo’s CEO and Zhou Hongyi talk about this topic, he said: "we are not in the office, often talk about gossip with colleagues not to the point? In school, students often throw a spitball what’s funny?" his conclusion is: to maintain interpersonal relationship sometimes, just want a form, but the content is not important what.

think it over, Zhou Hongyi really speaks a bit of truth. Happy online games are boring, but they are a bond between friends. It is more fun to chat than just on QQ and MSN. Moreover, relationships are a complex network, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to meet more friends through the "I know you" and "you know him" relay.

I always do not understand

, Facebook, Myspace’s website is not to look for friends, classmates, what can the fire to the limelight behind Google? Microsoft spent 240 million dollars, even only buy a small company Facebook 1.6% stake.

The popularity of

social networking in America has been somewhat unexpected, but not without reason. The Chinese seem to pay more attention to interpersonal relationship than Americans, and pay more attention to the establishment and maintenance of interpersonal relationship. In this sense, social networking sites such as happy nets and school networks are fertile soil for survival in China, as well as great commercial value to be tapped.

now I am most concerned about is that these social networking trend will not like Ma Huateng feared "comes to go"? More than a friend said to me: don’t look at you now so many happy net, look at it, in a week, you will be on the game tired of. In time, please do not want to go up on you.


‘s obsession with social networking sites be three minutes of enthusiasm? It’s really worth worrying about. If happy nets cannot be opened in a short time

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