s site site really hard to do right now

Hello, I am a novice, with the current level of technology can not be called "webmaster", can only be said to be a web enthusiast, has never touched the Internet before, but then gradually fell in love with. Love a chat on the network, love the world is wonderful, but also love the site, a year ago I even don’t know what FTP is, on the initiation of a dream, a web site, as a webmaster, originally thought to do a webmaster really envy, have their own the website has a huge advertising costs. Determined after the beginning of operation, all free download procedures, do not ask around in exchange for program testing, all day, ignoring the most basic operation, I love the station area. Love your charm area go forward, to do a local service platform, service local small, large service website visitors, but the first to have a position, I chose to do business starting point for me, because businesses are faced with consumers, consumers can include businesses all the people, who are consumers, businesses are also people, this category contains all large, small to a person. Positioning, and determine the Outline: to shops as the main body, the image of merchants display, discount information, transaction information, members of the gift information, interactive plate. In fact, very simple, is a platform, businesses and consumers between the organic combination, convenient for businesses to advertise, to facilitate consumer access to effective information. In this way, my site, shops, built up, http://s.demo.shop8.org/, at the same time, my operation plan also attracted many regional users together to develop together, and I did it. It’s not a success, it’s a hope.

site area has its own characteristics, but many webmaster write code for what? For the money, in order to interest, I believe that most of it is for the former, so why a majority of owners ended in failure, I think they are too concerned about the program perfect. One mind tied to the program, thinking that only the program is perfect, powerful, it will make a profit. But the fact is not like that, and some webmaster also regard traffic as the most important, flow has also make a profit. Not necessarily, the key depends on how you operate. How to change the traffic into money, how to manage the site this platform is good, good development, operation well?.

wants to do an area station. First, to investigate the local cultural environment, consumption concept, custom features, but I also mentioned the effect of alliance, in fact a good model also needs group support, so I chose the National League, my shop www.shop8.org out, combination of various regions of the country to do, is the first an alliance is a brand effect, we will combine many detours, also can show the effect of combination of organic union, can build the site area and the site, the use of local people run the local station promotion platform to achieve the National Union, special products area can be extended to the whole country can also have a choice "through the station

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