Are the consequences of the operation and the Golden Lotus four days and zero or one nights

[Abstract] I went to work, all kinds of ideas on the way of operation that is paved and come, I feel like running the community where the problem I can finally. I remember it was the end of 2011 March. That rotten peach seems to have accidentally opened my two pulse. I think I should be free to play, and can no longer let the leadership control.


I rarely read inspirational articles, and I don’t think people will read inspirational articles. Which Chengxiang in a micro signal operation project with inspirational content successfully on a net increase of the number of fans from negative to positive; I never thought I would get sick, and had never been in hospital, but a serious illness let me refresh history. So, during the period of hospital stay, I won the Chinese man’s favorite reading novel "Jin Ping Mei", intended to rely on it through this period of time. At this time, next to the hospital bed came up a girl, called "Golden Lotus"…


at the end of August at noon, I played 1 hours of table tennis, five in the afternoon, I was busy doing an article, wrote the excitation, suddenly the lung pain, the right half of the body can not move, breathing difficulties. I feel a little bad, early work ran home, halfway up the sweat stream with a cough is piercing, lovelorn feeling.

subway to the last second stops, and finally a girl found my strange, give me a seat, and then she got off. For the first time someone give me a seat, moved to tears! I just sit down, not to adjust posture, the car arrived.

didn’t go home. He went straight to the hospital and hung up the emergency room. The doctor asked. "I said I had a pain in the lungs. It seemed like I smoked too much.". The doctor said, "what do you smoke?" I said diamond. The doctor said: blue smoke! Very energetic, is too cheap, only 5 yuan 5. I said I was smoking a cigarette and suggested that I smoke more than 10 cigarettes later. Smoke friends meet, especially cordial. I am going to talk to him about the Beijing tobacco control incident, in essence, several major tobacco companies kidnapped an economic department engaged in a business value maximization activities. The doctor cut off my question: take a piece to.

I slipped my eyes at his work card: Yanagishita Megumi.

"all right, Doctor Liu. When I finish filming, come back, let’s talk about the price hike,"

night, I arranged directly to respiratory hospital in two, the night hung bottle. "It’s serious," Dr. Liu said. "At least 20 days in the hospital because there’s a shadow in the lungs.". The hospital bed is a double room, next to the hospital bed is an old man, more than 90 years old. There is a 50 year old woman in bed, I smiled to



When Dr.

told me I was serious, I had a premonition that something was wrong and I was cranky all night. At 4 o’clock to sleep. Have dizzy spells, I was awakened by a burst of rapid footsteps, eyes seam a look, beside the old man seemed to have a fever, the girl stood there.

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