Baidu did not included before how do we promote the station

is also Baidu Baidu, basically webmaster agree the point! If you don’t accept Baidu, Baidu or K you. You will go very hard! You are not Ma Yun, he had the ability to use Baidu K, pre emptive! But we are weak groups, unable to resist Baidu, don’t say I don’t have a backbone, but wise! Remember that ADMIN5 seemed to attach it to post the application


now new station want to let Baidu included is difficult, and my film and television is kind of, more difficult! I heard that about one month or so to be included in new sites. Even simply do not accept!


but I did not go to the Baidu Post Bar AD, how to do, every day I worked hard with the content, and no one to see, it is not the way to pull people to share my achievement! Friends say mass, I think it is a good way, but I was afraid to my letter corn, spent more than 200. Http:// can not be said to be the largest investment, but had previously been registered one dollar of CN meters, so I must be careful, I think of a way, but not to K but also can pull to the people, I will build a few groups, promote our group, to me the content of TV station group set up promotion before me, send out our group number, but the effect is not ideal, not many people, not many people see estimates, afterwards I have a PM effect, better than expected, at least ten to seven, I the group soon It’s full, and slowly pull people to my website, a few days back, more and more customers! Now, my Tanabata TV network also has hundreds of IP every day! Only in this way, I have the power to continue!


hope all grassroots webmaster to stick to it, the sun will appear!


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