Baidu N K my site

today is Tuesday, and for my station, it’s another day for Baidu to update. Open the statistics in the morning to see, traffic fell a lot. Take a look at the source of traffic, and found that the flow is mainly reduced to Baidu. Open Baidu, site once, really home page disappeared, and then look at a few other key words, ranking is not satisfactory. I didn’t expect to be disappointed, nervous, or miserable……. My site traffic is mainly from Baidu, but since the small station on-line, Baidu has been the first N to my site to start. At first, I was worried, frustrated, and actively looking for reasons. Later, with the increase of the number of Baidu K, I to numb from the pain, then from numbness to awake, can say a panic point. Let the wind and waves, sit back with it! How Baidu toss, I just do my own thing, as in the past to update the website. I’ve rarely looked at statistics, and I’ve rarely used site, and occasionally open statistics to see what keywords the user pays attention to. K station Baidu, many people have been analyzed, the solution also has a lot of prawns share out, so I will say no more, lest scolded! I can only talk about the site 5 months experience, I hope you don’t throw egg


site for the first month, I and many new webmaster, N times every day to open the webmaster statistics, look at the flow, see the source, everywhere promotion, can see the way all tried.

site second months, with Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other major engines included, traffic rising steadily, and the sense of achievement and vanity also rapidly expanding. The next thing is looking around for an alliance and advertising. CPM, CPC, CPA and even popups, all types of try again, wasted a lot of time and effort, and the results did not reach two figures revenue


site for three months, with the Baidu algorithm adjusted and the new policy changes, small flow rate fluctuation in the ups and downs, flow is high excitement, joy, pain, show off, low flow loss, even at night.

site for four months, in the expert’s advice, apply to the GG account, take no other "money" alliance code on the GG, every day eyes on the GG account, look at the changes in the "$" digital, dream of the day "to four digits. I will buy a laptop, grandma! I sat on the bed to update the site


site five months, Baidu frequent changes, N K station, included, like monkey play my website, $GG account to maintain the station operation, I completely awake: 1, do not put all their hopes on the website (person except) 2, don’t put the self; K has the body, there is life, there is hope


AD,   network floor brick; finally I wish all the webmaster friends, flow up every day, daily income increase, this year to buy a house, buy a car next year!

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