Also tell me about my experience and summary


in 2000 for the first time to contact the Internet, then Bihaiyinsha chat or more famous, then made a Heilongjiang female netizen, also letters for a long time, referred to as " and ".

; haha

I was making earlier contact ", will have to do the Internet just interested in it, but it was a personal homepage, remember that the more famous free homepage or 8U8, I believe there are a lot of people still miss 8u8, ha ha, but the later some reason do stop, then I bought a com domain name of 68 yuan, but also do not know the domain name and website can be tied together, really halo ah, ha ha, when the domain name is used to do the steering, oh, buy a 10M static space, have formed my personal website, oh, every a page is hand HTM, hao123 is not very famous, always pop up window settings for the home page, so I’m not really love it.

then went to college, Baidu’s technology is not good, a casual discovery, the original Baidu can cheat, ha ha, until now, it was found that Baidu can still cheat. But it’s not that obvious,

has always been in touch with computers, and do his personal home page, and as a result, hao123 has become famous. Baidu is famous, and its website is gone. It’s gone by Baidu K.

then realize a reason, insist + method + technology, must be successful, successful people, one from my side is what I stand up, then slowly back down, why?? 8 years, it was successful, there are still people don’t move. I’m just interested in a website, but I don’t insist on it. I don’t think it’s the same thing. I wonder what day I can be famous, but is it possible? Without effort, will it pay off?

how much effort do you have on the website? How much do you pay for it? Did you concentrate on it?

some people say that as their children do one, some people say do as to his girlfriend a, whether it’s a child, or a girlfriend, to his heart, with energy to care for her website, only one is enough, as long as you can do a good job, for example. Baidu, hao123, people have done many websites, ask you how much energy of two minds, like to manage her, you one night only with a wife to sleep, if you sleep with 10 or 8, it may be exhausted and death. It’s impossible to give birth to a high quality child.

so, I only do a website, because Baidu is not included, so please leave a live one.

finally, I’m talking about a professional website. I’m a high school chemistry teacher, so I’ve done a high school chemistry lesson plan for my major

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