do hope the idea of talent network Paizhuan

has been thinking about what I should write before I wrote this article.


think about it or write your own real thoughts. Write something real. Pure something, we hope that the twins


in the Internet work 6, 7 years, has not only said that I can’t write, no one is writing, two is really don’t know what to say, look at the success of others often surf the Internet and look like they make it very easy, in fact, the actual operation, only to find it!

talking about talent Internet bars. A year ago, really want to do a formal point of the local talent network, so registered dozens of talents has a relationship with the domain name, but the overall feeling is not smoothly, this year I see the domain name, suddenly have a feeling of deja vu, so from the chat to cut down transaction after 2 months of time. Finally got it in mid May. Why did you buy this domain name for several reasons?. The first Xiamen talent network in Xiamen has belonged to local monopoly, and a government background, he basically difficult to overtake, but this domain has its natural value, although long, but Xiamen is definitely the first person..

why is the first the first is easy to remember, then help to optimize, we all know that the domain name of the search engine’s weight is very high, so the teeth bought, bought after the revision, the revision of the process have been made to connect several stations. For example, Sina search arc search music 5460

made several big connections, and find a new agricultural Chinese predator strategy are all pr=5 and more than 6 of the station to do the connection, these stations are very good, not only PR important flow of real and high weight (in fact, PR does not necessarily mean high weight), and then the navigation station is included. 114la 123 brothers and help look behind Sogou soso. is included, the promotion of income, on the fourth day, Baidu search Xiamen personnel in Xiamen talent network, ranking to fourth, Google to fifth, daily traffic reached 6000ip, every member of registered enterprises reached 80 50 or so is true to submit information and recruitment individual membership information, every day about 500 registered members, issued more than 1000 copies of your resume. Thanks for their help. I’ll remember you every friend who helped me.

then we will open a forum resume channel, here to talk about why to open forum, the forum held no talent network, HR and job seekers and other activities, I want to try! Why is mainly motivated by several considerations, before I interviewed many people, in the interview process found a lot of excellent person. Is not natural, very nervous a lot of time, and can not express themselves, the enterprise is the loss of job seekers is loss, by the way I want to pull.

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