Cool movie small English station need to pay attention to those problems

, if you’re new,

first to sweep under the blind, do English station, space is abroad, DNS is abroad, the domain name cannot be CN, the whole English program requirements, procedures and "encoding UTF-8 is the best. The original data is to disguise.

for online already appeared content, foreign search engines only guarantee included, generally won’t give you ranking.

pay attention to an English station, where to buy space and domain name,

domain name can buy in the country, but it is better to com/net/org suffix, in the purchase of foreign space, generally will provide a foreign DNS, modify your domain name DNS abroad.

space must be abroad, you can buy on the Taobao, you can also search on Baidu, but Baidu search out generally more expensive. I bought it on Taobao, 200M PHP+MYSQL space, only 6 yuan / month.

notice two. What kind of space do you buy,


Chinese station for a long time, especially some old and new Adsense webmaster, just understand the point of fur, love with the ASP program, but in foreign asp space is extremely expensive, so I recommend to buy cheaper than php space.

foreign space is relatively large, such as the 300G space to thousands or even hundred years, but the general flow restrictions very strict, so the space is not large, enough on the line, if you only put the article, can be less than 100M.

note three, what program should I use?

English station is not necessarily the English program in considering a lot of people do? Wrong, because we can write to the search engine index spider protocol background directory, so I just need a template is English on it. In other words, the program does not matter what, mainly the template and content to be all in english.

many domestic procedures can be used to do English stations, such as dedecmsecmskingcmsverycms, etc., and even some BLOG programs can be used to do English stations, such as sa-blog and so on. WordPress more familiar with this procedure, you can use this program, after all, is the mainstream program in English BLOG program. With domestic procedures, be careful not to use GB2312 coded programs, because GB2312 is simplified Chinese characters, and English stations require English character sets. It is recommended to use UTF-8 in both Chinese and english.

I use sa-blog to do English station, first spent a lot of effort to replace the Chinese characters inside the template, so that the front desk in english.

there are many excellent ASP programs in China, such as kingcmsz-blogpjblog, because ASP space is expensive in foreign countries, >

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