Give up work my miserable history

speaks of how I got into the station, and had to start in May 2007. That day, because the company did not let me travel, I would like to sit in the office as usual, access to the Internet, inadvertently see the article "pipe story", I feel deeply.

believes many friends have read the article. It is about two young people in a small village in England, called a Pabaoluo another name is Bruno. Because there is no water in the village, need every day over a mountain to fetch water, so the mayor would pick the young and strong village two people Pabaoluo and Bruno for this, put a bucket of water to 1 pounds. At first, the two young men were happy, and they made 10 pounds a day. But a year later Pabaoluo feel this is not the way, if one day you are ill or old, you can’t do this work, there is no income. He suggested that Bruno and his work together to build a pipeline, the water from the mountain opposite approach to the village, so there is no need to mention the water, but not in favor of Bruno, which is impossible also hit Pabaoluo. But for this ideal or Pabaoluo began his pipe plan, build a day and night. A year went by, and he received a lot of cynicism. Bruno laughs at him as crazy, because he thinks he’s good at his job, he can earn 10 a day, and he can go to a bar every day. The villagers call him "cloth boss". Can Pabaoluo just smiled, because he believed that one day they will with special respect. He never went back, insisted on his ideal, or every day to connect pipes, digging trenches. Over the past two years, Pabaoluo pipeline finally completed, Everfount water from the pipe flow to the village, no matter whether he is sleeping or playing water, never stop flow to the village, the village is no longer a water shortage, the village people proud of him! The village constantly gave him money to reward him for his village’s contributions. Pabaoluo soon became the richest man in the village! Bruno due to mention a few years barrels, looked old and thin.

this story inspired us: short-sighted, will not accomplish great career.

has another meaning is that most people are playing the role of work such as bucket, like every day in the pail, who provided the more pay more. The leader pays more than you, that’s because he carries a barrel bigger than yours, so you don’t have to envy him. Finally, one day when he is ill or old, he has no income.

it to my deep feeling, feel every day in the bucket, when it has its own


Internet to achieve a lot of pipe dream, I want to now adhere to the webmaster, many have such feelings. Because your station is successful, whether you sleep or travel, as long as the operation is good, the money will continue to flow into your pocket. Ma Yun, do not know a computer, can build up his Internet empire, seem to understand the technology will not IT ah! It reminds me of Henry Ford’s famous saying: whether you think their own line or not, you are right. I’m a IT. Why can’t I?

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