How to improve the conversion rate of the guest website

was the first to say what is the conversion rate, the domestic webmaster don’t usually ignore this, are obsessed with thinking to get IP, seo. What is the rate of conversion? = conversion rate (with purchase flow / total visitor flow) *100% the concept is actually very simple, but it is of great significance, in the foreign affiliate friends should be familiar with this, but also very concerned about, the conversion rate is always thinking of ways to improve.

The conversion rate of

: what does it mean? It means the ratio of output and investment, domestic guest station, because the traffic is through the search engine, and most of them are free, so much invested in the search engine on the money less, almost No. Because most of the traffic is free, so I don’t care about it.

and foreign affiliate friends, many are relying on Adwords to get traffic, to real money, so we want to put a piece of, earn back two yuan, or even more. So all think of all kinds of ways to improve the conversion rate, and strive to a flow, harvest an income, for this purpose, a variety of skills are used.

in the domestic Taobao off these rookie webmaster, you know around the post, and gather data, doing similar garbage station. Amoy website with the flow does not know how to optimize and improve the conversion rate, every day is a waste flow in vain, repeated labor, income is very small. Few webmaster really to study conversion rate, to analyze their website data. Think this kind of stationmaster, really still might as well go to learn to repair closestool or change window screen. I met a change window of the old man, a steady income of 3000+, and work freely and easily. I think most of the Amoy class webmaster, estimated that few can get so much income from the website.

you get more traffic, the conversion rate of odd bottom have what use, still not to earn money, my autobloglink every day was 7, 800 of the average income PV will have $50, you can do it? See ah, I said is PV, not ip. Do you think I’m bragging? I’m sure most people say so. No way. Stand on your head. That’s all. Who makes you stand on your feet,


well, I’m also critical of the criticism and how to improve the conversion rate.

everyone do Amoy garbage station, so naturally most of the traffic from search engines. These traffic from search engines are very expensive. Maybe you are the first to hear me say that! Why? Because traffic from search engines are highly targeted, you think, why visitors are searching for a word in a search engine? It is because he has a purpose, search a word, find your website, click after entering your website. Since you do Amoy class website, then there is a strong relationship between words and the natural Taobao search commodity visitors, the visitors have a >

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