A half a year to do nothing webmaster experience

I now have my own shopping website, which I paid for. To tell you the truth, when I do the website, I really don’t understand it. When the website was built, I thought I didn’t have anything, just waiting for someone to buy something for me. One day, two days passed, one month, two months passed, one did not ask. My heart began to angry. What’s the matter? Start consulting your friends, then you know that the website is to promote and propagate. Otherwise, your website is not looked at at all. How can someone buy your things?. But how to promote it? Friends told me to go to the forum posting, but I posted the post is not deleted, that is the membership number was blocked, people do not call advertising. Oh, why is it so difficult?. To tell you the truth, I have my own thoughts. Until today, a friend told me that you go to the Admin5 network to see, there are a lot of articles on promoting their website, very good. Open the Admin5 I only see light suddenly, it turned out that there is so much knowledge! Can you really want to Study hard, his own website run! Thank my friend! Thanks Admin5! Really thanks for the exchange of experiences and methods of local


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