Grassroots webmaster talk about local BBS do station experience

both for the novice webmaster, or Laoniao owners who want to hold a position in a region, then the forum will undoubtedly become the preferred object, then how to operate a local forum? According to the author’s own do stand experience to talk about their own local forum do stand experience.

(a) for a new station owners, before building a forum, you need to consider a few things.

1, is there a forum that has no influence?. This is important because it is the key to the success of your station, if the local has influence on the forum, you’d better consider whether there is no need to do, if the forum is because do stand a long time, accumulated a certain amount of popularity, but the forum by setting the user experience then, you can have the opportunity to do, because you can provide a forum for old nothing to attract popularity. In this way, you may succeed.

2, you have a good personal mentality; even if no local influence of the forum, if a webmaster can not stick to the original do stand determined that it is best not to do, because in a short time, the forum will not succeed. Now, apart from publicity and promotion, on the webmaster mentality, this is also the station to do before the station to consider things, but also the most important thing.

(two) set up a forum of its own. The so-called "reasonable" means: 1. select appropriate forum system, a good forum is a normal and healthy development of the forum premise; 2. set reasonable forum, webmaster build a forum, be sure to set up section, do not arbitrarily change the best, do stand when you can settle down, otherwise it will affect the the search included, the forum set to meet the forum users commonly used functions.

(three) appropriate publicity and promotion. Of course, there are many ways of publicity and promotion, but for the webmaster, can do what, to publicize and promote appropriate. A little money station, but the appropriate burn some money, no money webmaster can only spend more mental and energy to do the most stupid propaganda. In fact, the most effective publicity is through the local QQ group publicity. Rich webmaster can contact QQ group, give appropriate compensation, the main requirements in the group announcement hung in the forum and the address of their own, no money webmaster can only use the relationship, can also be carried out in QQ group, but the author is not recommended, objectionable.

Content quality of

(four) forum. Patient, we must always clean up their own garbage forum posts, the contents of the forum to ensure their own health, don’t let these spam affect your potential user experience.

above is the author according to their station experience to write, we can see the author of the Xiaoshan forum, the author is willing to and local BBS webmaster do friendship connection.

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