Tencent QQ domain mail webmaster you opened

September 10, 2009, Tencent QQ domain mail officially opened, as long as the users have their own domain name (of course, bound to the network space), can be their own domain name suffix as the mailbox, free to open their own offices, set the one and only the personality of the mailbox.

as a personal webmaster, see this information after the first time launched its own QQ domain to my mailbox, the domain name www.taobao581.cn as an example, introduce the QQ domain mail new experience.

the first QQ domain mail opened, I believe that as long as have their own domain name, website promotion stationmaster, usually in contact when users will use the 99.9% Tencent QQ, will use the QQ mailbox, operating methods and procedures that apply for QQ domain mail in the mailbox QQ page, is certainly a look that is clear, without much of the.

I use

domain name open QQ domain mail, first established the administrator account mailbox: [email protected], found by experience that the QQ domain mail password is completely the same with the QQ password, and QQ personal mailbox password as like as two peas with a QQ number, and the domain mail and QQ messages within the mailbox exactly the same. That is to say, the QQ domain name mailbox and the QQ mailbox that http://s.mail.qq.com login through http://s.domain.mail.qq.com have only different interfaces, both of which are the same contents and can be switched with each other.

even so, QQ domain name mailbox for personal Adsense also has its positive significance. Here is some of my humble opinion, please master guiding.

1, QQ domain name mailboxes are better suited for daily work or business use than @qq.com suffix

in a formal routine or serious morning activities, if you need to use Email to send data such as if, in order to facilitate the direct to say their QQ mailbox, the other would not professional, a non mainstream, idiotic like, so at least now @qq.com suffix is not suitable as a business email mailbox. And with QQ domain name mailbox, with their own domain name for the mailbox suffix, with the outside world for business activities, it seems more formal, although e-mail can still be carried through their own QQ mailbox.

two, you can use the name of the mailbox you wish to use without worrying about having been registered with

, for example, my QQ domain name mailbox, I can use any mailbox name, admin, master, Sina and so on, and whatever you want, isn’t it fast,


three, the use of QQ domain name mailbox to enhance the effect of website promotion

currently, the main tool for webmasters to communicate with the outside world is QQ and QQ mailbox, which is the convenience of these two tools

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