Web design Ten Commandments

recently, BusinessWeek.com invited 14 top experts in Web design to express their views on Web design, and eventually wrote the ten commandment of the Web design.

1. is not to abuse Flash

Adobe popular Web animation technology, Flash, in many places it shows the power of the whole show full of taste from the Nike Flash website, to fill each site Flash Banner advertising, but the technology is easily abused, massive, uncontrolled Flash animation not only bring usability problems, and so overwhelmed by the user’s browser.

2. does not disturb content,

advertising may be important for the survival of a web site, but usability researchers believe that pop-up ads and full screen ads disrupt the content of the site and challenge users’ confidence to revisit it. Traditional Banner ads might be better.

3. can’t get out of tune,

Web is a great treasure, but a web site that is out of order makes it impossible to access the content. Some of the best websites, including Amazon.com, have always seen the organization of content as the primary design task.

4. should not abuse the reflection effect of glass


to design fashion and cool the known, but some experts say, Apple Design in their products in the picture is a glass reflection effect of imitation, this style will eventually become vulgar.

5. is not allowed to follow

in the name of the site

some clever web owners don’t use any vowel sounds in their website names, or use vowels as much as possible, such as Flickr, Smibs, and Meebo, which can be dated quickly over time. (China website popular vulgar naming including the use of digital homophonic, so we have tens of thousands of 51 what website –


6. should pay attention to text layout,

despite the ubiquity of broadband connectivity, web sites with pure text pages still have an underrated momentum. Examples of such sites include Craigslist, Coudal, Partners, Daring, Fireball. (and the translator’s favorite Alisapart.com)

7. should have the content and experience that attracts users

is not only beautiful, Facebook and YouTube for a class of the station so to attract users, because they have caught the content.

8. should be socialized

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