Talking about how to enhance user experience

today to a supermarket, a supermarket near Hangzhou, although a small but formal look! You know, almost the same design inside the supermarket, you can look at the RT mart, Auchan, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, usually two floor is the entrance, turn to the first floor can checkout. Of course, you want to come out from the two floor is also feasible. But today I went to the supermarket but not on the two floor, entrance, exit or on the two floor, feeling very uncomfortable, could turn a circle, from the first floor to turn out, but the circle had no way out, had no choice but to go back to the way. Just imagine, if you meet this situation, do you want to come next time,


so I thought we should do the website. The station is actually the same, not behind closed doors, not the pursuit of more offbeat. Maybe the supermarket owner is considered to let everyone back to a circle, increase consumption! This idea is excusable, but if only for this purpose and ignore the customer shopping experience, it will be at least for me The loss outweighs the gain., is no longer so troublesome to the supermarket. Everyone has been exposed to the pop-up ads, many ads make you sick, and, if you don’t click on the pop-up, will not continue to browse, this approach is no different from rogue. This should also be the webmaster’s taboo, not only the immediate interests. The core of the site is to attract users and enhance the user experience. People feel good, you can often come to your site, you have the opportunity to make their website bigger and stronger. More users, no window, wealth naturally rolling. You can look at Baidu, Tencent and other more arrogant website browsing will not make you feel hate, although they will let you turn the dazzling, but you can easily find the exit. I’m sure you’ll come to visit their website next time. This is the user experience,


as a webmaster, how can we enhance the user experience,


number 1: website speed

site speed is a fatal factor for web site survival. Many owners in order to save money, a lot of people sharing, resulting in opening speed is very slow. Everyone’s time is precious, your home web site can not open, users naturally switch to other homes. Can you still have the market? Everybody can see the website such as Baidu souhu, the speed that opens is very fast. Of course, most webmasters don’t have that much money to rent a server individually, but before they buy, be sure to test the speed of the host, and you can make a compromise between price and speed.

second: page design

web page design to pursue beautiful, natural, clean. Like beautiful women, nose eye brow, each organ looks harmonious collocation, is cool! But, if a woman with too much lipstick or wipe too much perfume, even with facial features is again good, you will have a feeling? So a good grasp of the degree in the design process to the page. For example, an article stand, you want to add some pictures for the sake of beauty. So how do you add? Where to increase?

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