The path to blogging for purely commercial behavior may be at an end

said, "independent blog everyone knows, depression, lack of profit model, long cycle of success, and so on, one after another out of the words. We questioned for a long time, I think even the operation of blog webmaster have begun to ask ourselves what they continue to insist that the blog industry can have? After all, WeChat, micro-blog and other cultural products quickly impact, blog shortcomings have also been enlarged. So, at this critical moment, does the blog go in or out?


says how to make a blog, let’s consider the blog. What was it originally used for?. Before social media micro-blog, WeChat and other products listed on the blog as a content platform, mainly carrying similar media, or establish their brand position and seek appropriate orders, or directly into the contents of the product page, and do some construction site you fill in short time and so on, in the blog just the rise of the transformation in the form of a form, but these changes are all based on the content, in other words if there is no base reading groups, the influence of blog will drop a lot. So why is the loss of blogs so fast when social products are coming,


one, contrary to the fast-food culture of modern society. Based on a good blog, with longer words made a point of view, convey certain value, and in order to ensure quality, bloggers often cannot achieve information high yield, which have a certain market in Internet products developed in information, but when the real circulation, blog content is long, show in the form of single and update frequency let the reader slowly began to abandon it. Although in terms of quality, micro-blog push is not nutritious, but fresh is really a terrible thing, it has prompted the reader transfer, every day dozens of news blog really lost its appeal.

second, the blog gradually lost its marketing value. In the past, the webmaster do blog, there is a purpose, that is to set up their own brand image, enhance professionalism. After all, blogs are more flexible than the official website. But when WeChat and micro-blog are on the rise, people will find that professionalism is often proportional to attention. WeChat, micro-blog easily tens of millions of fans directly to Misty blog, since to do brand why not choose a high traffic platform? So the blog marketing value lost, lost business sense products destined to lose a large part of the impetus, the rapid decline of the blog to illustrate this point, no one with no one to push, the blog should have seemingly failed.

third, it is commonplace profit problem. As a webmaster, we do blog is bound for commercial purposes, but a careful observation of the blog liquidity, you will find that there are not many ways to choose. The soft, advertising, product promotion and so on, there seems to be no more appropriate means, this is not to say that the owners do not have the profit of the mind, but the blog itself show unique way of direct limit we pursue the profit target, the entire site is with the content of success, if not turn.

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