SNS new station how to improve traffic a novice webmaster experience talk about

SNS is what, I believe we have been familiar with, and I do not here to explain the term, the following straight to the theme:

, the author recently tried to build a game theme SNS website, want to combine the promotion of several days of actual experience, with you to discuss how to improve the new station SNS traffic problems;

according to my personal experience, the network construction has achieved remarkable results in refused to put their own experience to take out and share, there is not much, and SNS novice webmaster, especially just entered the community website webmaster share increase, old Mo laugh: < /p>)

1.SEO starts from scratch,

in the website can have independent and stable user base, before, SEO homework is not to do, the new station traffic mainly from search engines, mainly has the following experience:

(1) website included how many and keywords ranking directly determines the flow level

a good website optimization, the corresponding keywords in the search engine queries every day can flow and equivalence, for example, a web site, there are three key words in Google ranked first, the total traffic volume of the three query keywords is the site of the day.

(2) traffic into the website, how to translate into PV, it depends on the content of the site,

SEO is important to the SNS site, ready to hand the content itself is extremely important, is the site based user acceptance, user queries are with purpose, and if the optimization for a keyword is not well suited to the content of a page, PV is very low, PV it is SNS as the core is the Webmaster Station, often referred to as the user viscosity.

(3) new station has three less, the chain less, less included, less users, but the chain is the essence of

SEOThe chain

of a website is the core of Google PageRank value, because the algorithm itself is outside the chain of quality based ranking, so new webmaster friends if you want to quickly improve website ranking, to make the chain and included, the chain should have not only, more important to have quality, find PageRank and the web link exchange is a good way.

on the one hand can increase the chain, in addition, if the exchange station flow is big, can also bring some IP flow. The author of the station has not found a lot of links to exchange, but also take into account the quality of the chain. Find two PageRank friends for 5 sites, a PageRank4 station to exchange, also on the Internet to buy some links to PageRank3, the black chain (similar to a class of pioneer, dark horse) although not what the actual value, but included:), the price is very cheap, well after a link each search engine submission page to submit your URL, and then search.

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