Talking about the inspiration of stationmaster Guo Jijun’s pioneering story

first look at the inspiration, entrepreneurship story, Guo Jijun "QQ expression" in exchange for 3 million yuan "closely followed.".

revelation 1: to think independently, to find business opportunities, follow the trend is difficult to make big. He made the QQ expression from his own emotional life, and it certainly wasn’t following the trend.

inspiration two: have stronger network communication ability, especially the person that knows "do flow" person. On one occasion, a friend said I brought you some traffic, second days, Guo found that traffic is really much larger. Before, many old webmaster repeatedly stressed the importance of network communication ability, I always disdain, and now finally realize the importance of network communication. My article "do webmaster, you ready?" also stressed the importance of network communication to the webmaster.

revelation three: to have their own resources, it is best to unique resources, it is also a competitive advantage. Guo Jijun first QQ expression, well done, influential, at that time, other people do not know how valuable this QQ expression, in fact, Guo Jijun did not know. From the Internet to buy QQ expression, to the net selling expression shirt, once again reflects his independent thinking, independent ability to tap opportunities. QQ expression, selling facial expression shirt, Guo Jijun competition advantage at that time.

Apocalypse four: do a convenience service website that is only used to guide traffic, fast code network. This Li Xingping’s ip138 has the same trick. Fast code does not have direct revenue, or even take money, but the indirect benefits it brings are enormous.

five: the Enlightenment of proficiency in a particular line webmaster, webmaster than do not understand the technology more easily succeed. Super webmaster Robin Li, Yang Zhiyuan, Bill Gates, Wang Xing and other people’s deeds can explain some problems. Fortunately, the students also engage in technical, understand java/php/js/flex, there are some ideas can be achieved through the technology soon.

revelation six: see Huang Qunyou’s post must be replies, oh, a joke.

attached: "Guo Jijun used" QQ expression "for 3 million yuan"

Those who use

QQ to chat the people know, as long as the other to send you a QQ expression, you can put it on there own computer. But what more people don’t know is that every time you click the mouse and send a QQ expression, it means that your click indirectly creates wealth for the site. Chongqing’s Guo Jijun, that is, by creating QQ facial expression, earned 3 million yuan in two years!


for Guo Jijun’s success, many friends think he chose a less competitive industry. In fact, in the business of Guo Jijun in the course of business ideas, from here is the real secret of his success.

makes QQ pictures for Teng Xun, transforming from interest into business opportunity

talking about Guo Jijun’s entrepreneurial mind, have to mention that offer a humble apology after. There is a Jijun Guo and girlfriend on QQ.

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