Yang Wenjian how to survive in the current situation of chaotic advertising alliances

is currently running an advertising alliance, looking for some senior experience in operations, but not search. So I want to record some experience of my advertising alliance and share it with my friends who want to operate advertising alliance later.

advertising alliance advertising forms are mainly CPS, CPC, CPM, CPA and CPV and so on. Operating CPS alliance, mainly by the company to grasp the advantages of products occupied, for example, there are tens of millions of Taobao, the owner of Taobao customers is the largest CPS alliance, a smaller number of Dangdang Union, where customers Union, etc.. These alliances are characterized by their own brand advantages, it is easy to attract Adsense to join the promotion. There are some CPS alliance is the first batch to enter the CPS alliance, to the advantage of preconceived ideas accumulated a large number of webmaster accumulation, to flow to attract advertisers. Several typical representatives is the result of network, and Yiqifa linktech.

if we are to operate a CPS alliance, a very important condition is that you have a network of well-known brands, then established himself in the major league Webmaster Platform a promotion can be attracted to the webmaster to do promotion, such as the dream bazaar women shopping alliance and customer alliance. They are the first brand, then the alliance, this is absolutely can not be reversed.

if you don’t have an Internet brand and want to run the CPS alliance, you can’t run it unless you have a strong network relationship. Ask: in comparison to Taobao customers tens of thousands of products, as long as the account number of money can be settled on the month, your CPS alliance what highlights to attract Adsense promotion?


‘s two largest advertising alliance in CPC is the Google adsensee and Baidu alliance. But the two alliances are not completely cover the stationmaster market, such as Google Adsense to $100 monthly settlement, in this process also need to receive the PIN code, the payment cycle is too long, advertising on the part of the site is prohibited. The Baidu alliance application threshold is high, only large and medium-sized websites can apply for Baidu union advertising.

this is an alliance that gives us a chance to run some daily or weekly payments. There are also some older advertising unions that dominate most of the market. For a small league just up, how to compete with them, the only way is to market segmentation, and then give the webmaster more convenient and quick settlement, more humane services. In the market segments, the alliance began to do only one form of advertising, for example, concentrate on promoting only one CPM ad, do the most focused pop league.


runs an advertising alliance, ask yourself a few questions:

what is the core competitiveness of an advertising alliance? If I am a webmaster, why should I put in this advertising alliance instead of putting it into another advertising alliance?.

in answer to this question is, we 58 ad alliance www.58ad.org role in the choice of the following replies.

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