The website needs to have a business card of its own

just passed the painful thought yesterday, or changed the title of his website, this is the third time to change the title, and the website template has changed two times. Your contact website, contact SEO, in fact, almost a year’s time, also know the big SEO is less dynamic website title, but does not change what can you do, the ranking has been not to go, from the original dozen to more than 70 now, has been hovering, two months time, pain ah.

do is lose weight station, we all know that, now is the overwhelming weight, large and small station, the number of Oh, too many to count, the river’s carp heard…….

this time I have been on, he is not into a misunderstanding, is called the title of the website is not necessarily to use what related keywords like SEO, do nothing, the keyword is the flow, whose keywords is good, who are on the front line, the traffic is crashed drops. For example, the original site title of my station is what medicine reducing weight, what kind of diet pills, diet pills best. Some people put malicious not related the fire all written on the website keywords in the title, and so too much similar as what medicine reducing weight is good, the best medicine reducing weight, diet pills like Taobao best similar title overwhelming, use Baidu Search, obediently almost a mold carved out of the sub, and these stations may consider Baidu temper, so, you Changba me play, the rest of the day after tomorrow you cycle tomorrow he guard almost staged a day……

is now in the fierce competition, people too much, no matter what you do, there is always someone better than you, but, for other promotional methods, the results actually do not know how to promote your site, let people search "what a good diet pill", results are the people, and found these words also, people not to search, let themselves in a very awkward position.

‘ve seen some older articles, they also said that the site of long-term development or rely on good customer experience and website brand, but my understanding is very simple, the brand is equivalent to their own website this is the one and only your name card, name card, such as 39 reduction of fertilizer, mint thin net, perhaps most people don’t know their name, but Baidu search their names, their website is in the first row, it is not hard to understand why some sites advertise when do not need to put the web site. This point for small webmaster and new webmaster, and SEO general webmaster is very important.

wrote the article for the first time. It’s too messy. Everybody will see it. As the station is a gradual process, some of the things you don’t experience, is not impressive, I also believe that with the accumulation of experience, our small rookie will slowly grow up, well, later will continue to share with you. This article is written by "7997 weight loss net" Please retain the source and articles

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