School network code station where is your way

a station fire, often followed by the products it attached will also fire a number of sites. The campus network up ~ " campus network code station " mushroomed in the Baidu appeared on the ~


, QQ and QQ open space Tencent, a series of space station also swarmed, began a territory of their own in the network. But, we say, some things can last, and some things are often just temporary, and the fire has cooled down with the time, ~

maybe even one day those webmasters in the vast network of sea really struggle down will choose to give up, and those who have a website all-powerful also disappeared. Recently heard rumors which QQ space station to how much money transfer online, how much money was acquired by the truth ~ ~ ~ I really admire those people. After all do a website is not easy, and being optimistic is a difficult thing. So what I want to say is that ~ QQ space station survived ~ and the school network code station is different. After all, these two kinds of Web sites are facing different crowds.

users to access the QQ space station is generally under the age of 18 Internet users, they love to follow suit, love will catch up with the trend, love their own space, dressed in fancy ~ very non mainstream, even make people feel it as "not fit to be seen" realm, but they love ~ because they want is that effect. So they need a long time to put their own space for a look, in order to attract popularity, let others feel the space character ~ because of these reasons, the space of the QQ template, non mainstream sites like China attracted tens of thousands of small users.

campus network station code is not the same, maybe once a fire, after all people of every new thing has a strong sense of fresh, once in 2006, 2007, during that period, the campus network in Colleges and universities is the campus network and the popularity of a whoop and a holler increasingly popular that every two years. Just registered members of the students to their campus space to get, get the same space with the QQ, as well as their own blog, some got so loud that the picture too horrible to look at ~, even in all can not find where to sign the message, though. But at that time all the time spend time on that play the campus space, as time migration, all the past is also quietly changing, it is not to the campus network or campus network, campus network station is the code Popularity is worse than once.

Where is

?? in front of not saying it. After all these two kinds of code for the station is two different crowd in front of the children under the age of 18, and behind it but basically is compared to the 18 to 28 year olds and in front of the people, they seem to be more rational, so they were over a period of time when prompted by a sudden impulse will not be so high, enthusiasm, not all the time.

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