Talking about successful website optimization is the accumulation process of resources from quantita

In the case of

Many a little make a mickle. in reality this meet the eye everywhere, the accumulation of words from childhood has been with me, my mother told me when I was young to accumulate funds to buy a toy car, junior high school, my mother told me to accumulate knowledge and test a good high school, high school my mother told me to accumulate cultural study of a famous university, university my mother told me to get out and make a lot of money accumulated experience. Today, I have achieved the desire to succeed in several websites through my efforts in the past two years. I want to tell you that learning to "accumulate" is also a key element in the success of website optimization.

whether parents’s sermon or site struggling, in fact is the same reason, a person to rely on the accumulation of a website or accumulation from weak to strong by. The website needs to accumulate weight, accumulation, accumulation, the accumulation of user link time, stability and so on, these are based on the accumulation can be achieved, we are more familiar with the Admin5 site, at the beginning of this website is also an unknown to the public station, and finally through the accumulation of development up to now know that the webmaster webmaster brand website this is not, by accumulation? I to use the accumulated about the.

accumulation weight

when a website at the beginning of the line weight is certainly not too high, but with the continuous development of the website, the web site of the original content increasing, the website traffic is increasing, which has caused the attention of the search engine in the long time, days and months multiplying accumulate search engine has formed the habit of every day several times website capture content, search engines have become accustomed to your website ranking, search engine has been used to bring more traffic to your website. This is the accumulation of Web site weight, we play in this operation stage, be willing to devote energy and money, this is the basis of accumulation.

accumulation link


link is on the 10 year post machine days and months multiplying, popular is because they do not understand the accumulation caused a lot of website search engine K off, you know the website link is not a day can be successful, it depends on the accumulation, I establish websites have a feature of every day for increasing external website the link is no more than 10, a year down the chain throughout the site up to only more than 1000, we do not just look at the number of my site outside the chain, we should pay more attention to quality, you know my more than 1000 chain all the chain is stable, no one outside the chain is to send through the machine.

accumulates user

if you are a Taobao seller, you should be more able to understand this, as a seller, we not only need to dig more new customers, we also need to spend a lot of time to keep old customers. If you opened a cafe in a county, you do not know how the accumulation of customers, each home coffee customers are not glad to go, ask your coffee shop also to be able to develop? The Internet website is the same reason, we must know how to stay.

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