Webmaster experience personal Adsense profit model of my view

has recently been on the internet. Research in the present situation, what kind of website can make profit?. Like some webmaster said, now do a web site does not need how much technology, lack of originality. Also, now open source, (not to say that open source, it is not the real source, Laogui blog article introduced) anyway, that is to let the webmaster for peace of mind, no matter whether he is really free. A CMS can make it easy for you to build a website, but now the site is constantly copying, collecting. Rarely seen original content, users do not like, the collection does not like the engine, so it is difficult for webmasters to make a profit. Some people have proposed e-commerce, which is a good way, but how to do it? No plan.

not long ago, I began to give up the station, but I don’t want to leave the webmaster industry, because the webmaster industry, many things are very interesting. Well, has been considered to be a full English website for Google, but there has been no good, tried during the new cloud, dream weaving program, I also changed some of its own source code to achieve the original English. But I still don’t feel good. Not long ago in the Admin5 forum to see a full English station who sold you 50 yuan, generally get really not how, it should be OK, 50 yuan is not what. Huh, huh?

English station although the Google price is high, but everyone knows that no Chinese export bandwidth, we like these small owners do not have the money, the space is not good, people visit are still a problem, let alone foreigners ah. So I want to see a foreigner that is nonsense. The two option is to buy foreign space, or else do not give foreigners to see. How many people in China have access to all English websites? I guess very little, so I thought about giving up the choice. But think again, I’m not doing the money I want to earn, my English is still to be improved, I might be able to use it after graduation. So began to pay attention to foreign procedures. I’ve been doing it these days, and it’s pretty much the same.

there is a Admin5 webmaster said good, do you have no education website, teacher, not the video, how to do? Cooperation, New Oriental, Global IELTS, these are the website alliance, you go to sell them, put it on your website, the Commission is 40% plus, the income of GoogleAdSense, so as to realize income diversification, but also enrich their site.

taking into account this, I went to see, decided to do New Oriental promotion, in line with the English station promotion project. And as soon as I get the template, I try to get the size of the Google ads together so that the page looks harmonious.

after two days of hard work, now the site has formed, Baidu has not included, but I site looked at Google, collected 85 pages, this let me very surprised, today noon article published, >

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