Suitable for micro blog marketing industry in the city intermediary services

The city intermediary service

I mentioned here, refers to the localization of all kinds of information intermediary service agent or intermediary services based on general, specifically, information intermediary services can include personnel or intermediary services, housing rental intermediary, home service intermediary, marriage intermediary, study abroad intermediary, second-hand car trading intermediary and agency services the intermediary may include legal consultation, accounting firms, tax agents, property transactions, financial services insurance securities agency, intellectual property consulting and agency etc..

city intermediary services suitable for micro-blog marketing some factors

and the mass catering industry, intermediary services in localization, real-time, interactive and so on, are suitable for micro-blog marketing, in addition, the intermediary services are the following key factors for micro-blog marketing.


mediation itself is the information node.

we know that the value of intermediary services, mainly reflected in the two aspects of its supply and demand information, to make up for both sides of information asymmetry, it is a node of information. This is consistent with micro-blog’s information media properties. We know that micro-blog is a large range of information distribution center, when more and more people search information through micro-blog, intermediary undoubtedly can use its information advantage, publish information on micro-blog or micro-blog, through direct communication with customers, to attract customers, answer customer related problems.

intermediary itself or relationship bonds?.


intermediary is in the middle of the supply and demand sides. It serves as a bridge of communication and agreement between the two parties. We can see it as a bond. Micro-blog is a community and a place where people maintain or build relationships. From this point of view, intermediary services and micro-blog community attributes are also more in line. Intermediaries, on micro-blog, are likely to become key members of the community because they have some information advantages and become important ID (central nodes) that people are willing to meet. Some people may worry about the intermediary through micro-blog to do business, not to the supply and demand sides transparent, will be kicked off, there is not a real, intermediary for trade between the two sides guarantee role; second, micro-blog is more convenient to attract customers through direct communication with customers, answer customer inquiries. Most of the transactions or online, not directly on micro-blog. Intermediaries on micro-blog, obviously can play a better role in the link, and customers to maintain long-term, anytime, anywhere contact.

‘s bad reputation at the moment may be an opportunity.

domestic intermediary services industry, to tell the truth, word of mouth is not so good. But on the other hand, this situation can also be an opportunity. For those who really want to provide quality services to the intermediary companies, the business into micro-blog, micro-blog through direct display of customer comments, more likely to form a good reputation, to establish their own social service brand, and thus the distinction between themselves and those black intermediary, form their own core competitiveness. Because, dare to put themselves into micro-blog, indicating that the intermediary has the strength, emboldened, so that more access to customers

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