Marketing is like love one using love’s thinking to do nternet Marketing

What is

marketing? What’s the difference between marketing and sales? Maybe a lot of professionals will write you a paper from different angles and levels, and tell you the difference between the three. But these answers don’t make any difference to what you solve. I prefer expressions that are more straightforward and easy to understand. Whether selling, sales or marketing, its core or essence is to sell things, no matter what this concept, what did not sell mode, is the last thing in vain. If they must be separated, marketing is active, go out to find customers to sell things, sales are open shop door, waiting for customers to buy things, both of which are generic sales of ready-made products. Marketing is not only to sell things, more important is the study of what, to whom to sell, how to sell the price competition, what, through what channels to sell, how to let customers repeat? So marketing is more system to sell things.

since their core is selling things, then how to sell things better is the most concern of marketing. As the saying goes, marketing is love. So what is love? Love is to find the object of your affection, then all the way to let her (him) about you, understand you, love you, trust you, finally embrace love to harvest the perfect love. This process is actually to sell you your lover, let them know you and accept you, this is not what we do marketing? You find your potential customers (lover), let him pay attention to you, know you, trust you, finally buy a home. Sweet love to give our sincere, loving, caring, can soulmate, similarly, the successful sales need to pay our sincere, enthusiastic and considerate, can to the satisfaction of all. So some people say that marketing is the first person, people do well, sales will be ripe.

in the world, whether you are a white Formica, or dwarf dwarfish poor, there will be a he (she) waiting for you, some people love white Formica elegant and rich, some people love dwarf dwarfish poor honesty sureness, people love Lolita small cute, some people love warm the man is peace of mind. Each product has its characteristics, the key is whether you can find the group you like. Falling in love is talking to a person, selling a product and talking to a group of people with common characteristics. The key to a harmonious love and perfect business is finding your niche. If you are really worthless, worthless garbage products, I can only regret to tell you, hurry up and upgrade it. If you don’t want to change, you have to pack and pretend, then I have no way, only curse you. Just as many companies in the backdoor listing, listing as a garbage companies put on a high-tech coat, engage in a new theme, or to fudge investors, a waste product packaging is a high-tech product concept, what biological technology, gene technology, and so on, the imperial palace. "That terminology, with heaps of the legendary history of a condom to flicker, that is my most hated.

marketing is love, love everyone will do, >

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