Ali’s mother finally allowed my website to display click ads

landing site today surprised to find that Ali’s mother finally allowed my website to display click ads. My website is Pingguo County aluminum net (, since October 2007 since the establishment of the domain name for almost 6 months, 6 months, I kept asking Ali mother audit my display, click advertising, she is not through the review. My heart is broken, I want to cry without tears.

for 6 months, I have only continuously increased the amount of information, constantly collect information about Pingguo aluminum, and constantly collect Guangxi, Baise aluminum industry – this aluminum industry information. Every day I stay up until 1 in the morning a few days every month, finally in exchange for Ali mother’s moved". I’m so happy today. I’m so happy,

although advertising hits very little, it’s good to just click on it.

two days before, I did not think of the site received the first time since the establishment of the ad, did not think that advertisers were Admin5, the famous link trading stationmaster net exchange center. Even though it’s only 0.39 yuan a week. But this 0.39 yuan has greatly inspired my morale, and encouraged me to continue to follow the road set by myself.

then, Ali, mom finally allowed my website to click,


finally AD yourself to create a regional website: website, the direction of our efforts to "Chinese Pingguo aluminum (cnpgl) as the dots," Al "and" Southern Aluminum "for the construction of the local community, compass information network! Our service direction: with aluminum as the center, the radiation surrounding counties." "Pingguo aluminum must do it!" – Pingguo aluminum net comes from this,


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