3 strokes farmhouse experience sharing so that farm orders worry free

The general will search on the web farm as the rest of the journey

tourist trip before, usually pay attention to what the details of it, if the proper demonstration farm. These details must be able to attract tourists, increase farm benefits. Here’s a simple analysis:

1, farm web data show: tourists in the search, the first priority is to solve 4 major problems: the transportation, accommodation, meals, tickets, so the farmer should be in promoting his farmhouse first show, we are arranged in order of importance:

A, B phone, farmhouse restaurant, C provides D, farmhouse location, accommodation, restaurant, Restroom pictures and add comments to the farm, E traffic (to be detailed, or will indicate to the village of F, near the ground) to provide preferential ticket, with the real and rich information, why tourists do not choose you, according to the Chinese farmhouse tourists network access that tourists choose the most important impression of farm farm facilities: look at the 1 pictures, 2 look at the price, 3 see traffic from the spot distance, 4 telephone booking, the farmhouse picture is quite important for tourists.

2, website traffic access: now 80% farm sites are half-dead state, when the first interest to borrow on their own business website, but I spent energy but also as in the blog posting, why? We’re going to talk about how the site production order:

visitors first in the online search, "West Zhejiang Grand Canyon farmhouse" as an example, most tourists search is certainly "western Zhejiang Grand Canyon farmhouse", but the promotion of Baidu keywords, and high cost, even if the natural ranking high, it is of no avail, because that is the natural first, there are 10 promotion no effect. So what’s the way out? Please look carefully at the analysis:

A, visitors may search for "Best Western Zhejiang Grand Canyon" farmhouse farmhouse near Zhelin waterfall "Zhejiang Grand Canyon Scenic farm", the word spread in Baidu almost no competition, and small, according to the survey, search for "West Zhejiang Grand Canyon farmhouse" the probability is 30%, while the search "western Zhejiang Grand Canyon XXXX" farmhouse information flow is 70%, so we can easily get the other way, flow, and long-term stability, but only to build their own website, is not a sure card, see below; Chinese…… farmhouse net source address: http://s.***.cn/bbs/thread-4-1-1.html

3, the use of Blog: a lot of farmhouse in the major portals (such as Sina, Baidu, NetEase 163) advertising information released their own farmhouse, admittedly, it does have a certain effect, but it is not the best, some master asked, spoke in front of their network station is not a sure card, now built the blog is not the best, then how do


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