Network recruitment new direction in the ascendant the urgent need to regulate

with the year of the horse, Chinese development also came to a new year, and this is inevitable for the development of economy brings new development direction, this is what the Internet is popular again, last year with the explosive growth of Internet banking, Internet related industry has also been booming Internet industry, the demand for talent also has a huge growth, as early as the representative of the pig Witkey groups, or just on the line last year to achieve the translation of Witkey groups, Internet employment is also gradually on the rise, people seem to have an irresistible force to get rid of the office.

yes, the employment development of the new combination of new configuration provides a new beacon, but also with the rise of online recruitment, will produce a series of problems, and these problems in unattended condition becomes more and more serious trend, this is the installation of a time bomb for the sustainable development of it the Internet industry, when not standardized and has increased people’s dissatisfaction, the bomb will explode at any time, in general, Internet recruitment will face the following problems.

network recruitment efficiency is low, not more people care about

relative to other problems, the problem is because the network recruitment is not It is often seen., face to face, so not only for the employer, even the candidates, their information authenticity is questionable, but no matter which side is the information problems, the final results of the work will have the adverse effects, and what is more, due to fraud opaque employer information caused, for workers not only bring economic losses. Relative to this kind of problem, the author thinks that an open and impartial third party platform is needed for both sides to identify and verify, so that the interests of both sides can be protected to some extent. Besides, people are talking about the so-called job innovation, ultimately is the pursuit of a symmetric information issue way, you get the message to be true, and I also want to pay the benchmark reliable everybody has finished all the process, the interview in a suspicion, this is a joke.

Have someone with a professional review of the final recruitment on

and before, this is a good idea, but there is no thought that the recruitment of third party for their own evaluation, the general site to form a professional team for examination and approval, the scope of professional reviews for also, it is the prosperity of professional comments conveyed in the recruitment efficiency is very low this is an indisputable fact.

The application scope of

industry is narrow and the development foundation is weak.

due to the network environment in China is not mature, in the recruitment process, it may be difficult to find suitable candidates, but due to the rise of many websites, for network engineers and artists demand more and more, which to a certain extent for recruitment to produce a lot of restrictions, often use the Internet or for people who are not familiar with computer software technology, the recruitment is difficult to play a role.

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