Baidu encouraged me to continue

wrote the first soft text is not good, please give us a lot of advice. In early 08, began to contact the site, and at the very beginning nothing will find a grid network procedures, their own exploration. Station ready, but no traffic, I went to each forum to send some articles, and finally add a connection, after several days of effort, daily traffic reached 500. Then the feeling of lattice not for a web site navigation program (see for a keyword web site navigation site do so) O (a _ U) O

after a month of struggle and I do that station keywords home third, unfortunately, only a few hundred IP poor statistics shows that word appears in the Baidu index more than 8000 is allowed and later changed several procedures but fortunately my domain name Baidu K but not the weight quite high true don’t understand at last always think so for not going to find a Marx to start a movie station. In order to get a good ranking of Baidu, I basically manually update the effort, conscientious, and my efforts are not in vain. 1 months time in Baidu TV series has been ranked in the top two pages, two pages of light before I can meet? The answer is of course not, I began to sprint home but the word count on the popular word (at least in my eyes). As the saying goes in. In potatoes network, TV home website, I have one by one analysis, found that they are even a lot of outside, and are above pr2.

so, I went to webmaster nets to find the relevant website to do connection. Two days I do have 20 connections included are good and in more than PR2 (my domain name PR3 are included in the 3000+ so that the connection is still relatively easy) even almost I began to optimize some dead links within the website code (even, I am also a novice is not to say) are good after waiting for Baidu to update a few days later Baidu spider come every day, included more slowly, as I was happy when a friend said I site was K. I thought he was making fun of me, because I had seen it in the morning, and in the afternoon he told me he was K. I took a look at the site (when the thought is not to the home page) it does not matter I almost fainted (a bit exaggerated but really uncomfortable feeling with the heavens, Children’s Day Baidu gave me such a big gift) own so many days of hard work into the East imagination is not the taste….

K I was after several days did not manage site really is in no mood ah hard to do the station K Baidu said K (although we do not let Baidu look but not Baidu very hard ah) somehow by Baidu K feel very relaxed no longer updated every day to kill CS (no flow o (a _ u) O… I too just nothing) to pass the time. A few days did not look at the statistics management site to see Baidu over 1000IP easily point under there. Did not expect another domain name included in Baidu I and TV and other related words are in the top > today

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