The process of building a website the experience of buying space

today, followed by the last article, funny, bizarre, painful site building process (a) to write. Today I want to talk about the purchase of space. I’m a new hand. I was greedy when I started buying space.

remember when I first bought space, I bought junk space. At the beginning of the pursuit of cheap, remember that time the price of space is 30 yuan, seems to be 1G space. Because I am a novice, I do not know where the site space is important to the site, and then I want to use a free. It’s better not to use free and garbage space. I didn’t know where to find some good space just now. All feel too expensive. Believe it well, I’ll use Baidu again. At that time, I found several virtual hosts in Baidu (qq350032389, who wanted to contact me at my website), where I found a fairly good space. Now that space is available, domain names are also available. The third question was finally settled.

now, there’s space, too. The next step is to put our website programs into space. The first time I use space, I upload my website to space. When I first bought it, I felt I could make it myself. 30, you can quickly buy space, 60 yuan can do a web site. Heart is also very high heart, and later found that the garbage space, upload a 5M did not go to the program, actually 8 hours, coupled with their own network speed is slow, he fainted for a long time, immediately regretted. I am crazy about space business, and later can not help. Just use it. But I also thank him. Without him, how can I know that there are so many swindlers on the Internet? Finally, 8 hours passed. The program has been uploaded. Guess what happened at this time?. My website program can not be installed. I’ve been wondering for 3 days. Also is not unexpected a novice, in the station when actually had so many problems. Hey: don’t mention it. Keep on mourning for 3 days. In the next 3 days, I almost lost the Baidu search. Found the virtual host evaluation network, but also acid can.

himself chose the North South interconnection for the second time. Basically can OK. Later, the program passed up and installed. The space dealer gave a three level domain name. At the beginning, I didn’t know why my domain name was empty or could not use the domain name to open the website. I was angry to ask the business space. This is why, they say your domain name did not resolve, when this time finally found is a pig, hey, even the domain name need to resolve, do not know. Later on for a long time, or space business to help me to resolve. You can finally use the to access their movie network. Kiki psychological is very high heart. I actually built the website. I send the website to my classmates and friends. They also said yes, keep trying. I’m happy inside myself. Ha-ha。 Am I a genius?. After a few days of calm. Suddenly one morning, I got up, how can I not open the site?.

I was angry to find space to theory. Later, I learned that the websites in China need to be filed, and "no, you don’t use China"

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