Talking about the survival and death of the website

Ma Yun said, "today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, and the day after tomorrow is wonderful.". But most people die tomorrow night." The original words are a little forgotten, perhaps that is to insist on the heart. As a webmaster, the survival of their own station, I would like to very good to verify this sentence. Network doorsill is low now, cost is little. Therefore, the establishment of the station has mushroomed, crazy growth. But how many stations can really survive and survive?. And what are the factors that lead to the survival and death of this moment:

one. Have good Idea business ideas, but do not adhere to the practice of paying

I used to communicate with a small number of webmaster or new webmaster. These webmasters often have a very good site planning. But most of these people have a bright future in mind. Feet still standing, hovering over there, and never really go to practice to dig deeper. It’s like a station is hard to build. The overall business thought is also very rich, but it is too lazy to promote it to operate —- every day or a few days to see their own station, and only pay attention to more than a few people every day. And standing as if it were isolated from the outside world. It’s impossible to go out at all. This coincidence, "three days of drying nets, two days fishing."". Do not have half an estimate, even have no confidence to do it. Because of this experience, so a friend called me and he is doing a car class exchange website, after listening to his good business plan, I often tell him the language center, now do you want to stick to it, like three days of the net type, the money we don’t go to waste. The station began operating in July. I hope that my friends and I can really adhere to, and this can also serve as a reference to everyone.

two. Follow the crowd, and you don’t know where to put your

and above only pay attention to business ideas, not pay attention to site promotion, instead. This kind of stationmaster often very diligent enthusiastic about traffic problem. In particular, pay attention to Baidu, Google search volume problems. It can be said that this kind of webmaster is also very hard. Every day busy with the exchange of friendship links, writing soft text, blog promotion, mail bulk, and so on. Some of the promotion methods, they have to promote. But when they get a certain PR, they sometimes feel that their station doesn’t seem to have any advantages, and the casual people can do exactly the same. There’s no such thing as a good profit model. So for a long time. This kind of station is not very optimistic either.

three. The survival of your station requires your patience, skills and communication,

I usually like to see some of the major Adsense station promotion skills and SEO skills. But this is really let me have some misunderstanding, at the end of June, when my friends and I set up the car site, my title page and a lot of keywords. The back feel very strange, why then also updated site content is rich, but always can not wait until Baidu search records. In the back I joined some better webmaster class, ask a person the question of this station

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