n less than a month the site PR increased from 0 to 2

December 8th, my weight loss station was established, has been quietly working today, new year’s Day holiday back as usual with the webmaster tools to check my station, snapshot is 30, included did not increase did not decrease, it is not so with the new holiday time snapshot also stopped, a little remorse, don’t let his stand no matter.

suddenly my eyes moving to PR, turned into 2, what I thought is the webmaster tools was out of the question, so I also use other tools to check, or 2, and let the foreign friends help me check, is still 2, I suddenly to surprise, my site really PR on the line less than a month rose to 2. Don’t think I’m talking big, you can use whois query domain name registration time: 2010/12/2, and then I bought a domain name to build up the station, line 8.

below to share with you, my station is how to rise to 2, summed up and found the following points:

1, this outside the chain I basically do very little, of course, this is not to say that the chain of ascension PR did not help, just say I haven’t enough time to do, but this domain name is registered, before it is a little outside the chain foundation.

The key

2, website content: original articles, for this station, I wanted to do, because I have the experience of collecting the pain, so when you decide to do this station I want to adhere to the original, from the site, home from work every night with the new 3 to 6 of the original article, this station the system is Dede, so I added the FAQ module, every day at noon to work the rest of the time I have to manually registered users, different username to ask and answer, is the original. Personally feel that the originality of the content in this PR update has a very, very, very important role.

3, within the chain, I think this is what I do better, because the article is original, so every article I released will add two to three words, and sit on the link, bold, internal optimization is useful.

4, links, I only exchange two, and one snapshot is not with the new, and then I was removed, and then I was new station, the beginning of the collection of very few, no one with me change links ah.

5, luck. In fact, I think this time I PR most of the promotion or rely on luck, just when I tried to original for more than half a month, and just catch up with PR with the new, so in the extreme friendly state, naturally promoted to me, ha ha.

general besides luck, the main reason of this is that I PR always adhere to the original, the original 2011, really awesome Oh (PS: in the middle of the 8 Sina acquisition I stole the articles not included, tragedy ah, it seems to stick to the original Kazakhstan). Although PR is not important now, but PR has risen, I am still a little happy, at least for my last half month efforts to originality of a certain, I 2011 >

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