The heart of rock the three risks of e commerce in local community websites

, "Shenzhen has more than 50 e-commerce websites closed this year" news in the Internet industry caused widespread concern. There is a man psychological very depressed, he has a local forum, want to engage in electronic commerce, personnel in place, everything is money, but this is not the end of the psychological brothers. Ask me what to do. I told him some of my personal opinions, and recently many webmaster have consulted me about the feasibility and steps of their local community website.

to tell you the truth, micro-blog and SNS are hot now, and have a great impact on local community, BBS and local portals. Many webmasters consider implanting e-commerce in the local community portal. On the one hand, they are catching up with the upsurge of e-commerce. Besides, they can obtain other revenue besides advertising.

e-commerce may bring another profit model to the community, which is more growth and imagination than the many communities that are still profitable in the traditional advertising model. But personally, I think there is still a lot of risk for local communities to engage in e-commerce.

is as follows:

first, e-commerce isn’t as simple as making a shopping website. The webmaster for cognitive electronic commerce also has a serious misunderstanding, they think that e-commerce is to engage in a similar Taobao shopping site, is a module of a program, as long as to build a Jingdong like Taobao, the mall like shopping site, can bring the trading volume.

in fact, if e-commerce is really so simple, there won’t be a lot of B2C websites shut down in 2010. Such as Jingdong mall, Dangdang, such a large B2C site has so far been a loss, Mcglaughlin has been listed has not really profitable, so e-commerce is not a shopping site is so simple.

second, the electronic commerce credit system is not in a day. At present, free shopping website procedures are also available everywhere, any enterprise and individual is very easy to create a shopping site, but there are few successful people, they did not use the flow to bring profits. The reason is simple, we buy things will go to well-known online shopping platform, choose a real name authentication, and good credit rating sellers shopping, so that there is security.

is famous degree, credit system, sellers online shopping platform of the real name authentication is not in a day. Online shopping fraud cases abound, a lack of visibility and credit system of local community shopping platform, who knows what you bought things fly, do not fly,


third, the threshold of e-commerce has become higher and higher. Liu Qiangdong and Li Guoqing both said they had no billions of dollars, so they didn’t want to play electronic commerce. In my opinion, "website" e-commerce accounted for only 5%, the 95% is to determine the success or failure of capital, manpower, technology, industry chain of the non cyber source control ability, logistics warehousing system, and these need to invest a lot of money.

and the local community is engaged in electronic business

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