Jia Zheng talk about the big trouble nternet Co

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Internet is a very impetuous industry, people who are able to work patiently or companies are relatively rare, especially those who have got venture capital companies, and many things that have been done are not as good as grass roots. This is not to say that the company has no strength, but is often greedy, excessive, do not know self-control, what all want, and the result is what can not get. Here are a few of the common faults of these companies. Like the official war, not the people’s war,

relies too much on alliances to promote

Chairman Mao’s army is invincible, after all is the public support and take part in the revolution. For the Internet, the user is the people, the closer to the user, the closer it is to success. But there is a phenomenon, is a lot of Internet Co, on the official line in the promotion of the time, the company is mostly around the official outreach, special needs or requirements carried out, or do to please the official, its activities, conferences and other related units involved in the most inviting, and invite users to participate in.

to know that the official non users, the development of the site is up to the user, many companies on the "user is God" concept or lack of knowledge. For example: the user is to send gifts, the school posted ads, people have to pull, if relying on what "protection forest refuse disposable chopsticks" activities can be pulled to the user, the backstage hard Internet Co too strong.

features: first talk about the alliance coalition has brought a lot of CPC and CPM are garbage flows, many users are being cheated click advertising alliance, is also from the union of the past the overwhelming majority of users without purpose, pop-up ads website and not his expectations. The result is that users go out at most, or they don’t come in regularly unless the site is really attractive. The unit cost of the alliance is not high in terms of traffic, but the effect is very low in terms of effectiveness. The result of relying too much on the alliance to give up or weaken other promotion methods is that the company spends a lot of money and brings a little traffic, but in the end it does not retain users.

impetuous, unfocused, impatient and long-term vision,

the interests of investors is heavy, investors every day thinking about how to make money out of a good cross, or forced manufacturing flow, site doesn’t have the patience to do, just out of the semi-finished products, details not modify, anxious to do more quickly on new projects. Users have not retained, it is urgent advertising, and other people can make money projects. Completely impatient to wait for the user’s cumulative and explosive process.

there are two successful websites in every segment of the Internet today, but there are many people in these sites

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